Chapter 11:

I'll Always Protect You

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

"W-What are you doing h-here?"

"You know what day it is don't you Sakuri-me?"

Sakuri stays silent and starts to shake.

"Don't tell me that you thought that boy scared me off. Now, it's payday." Futaba put her hand out expecting Sakuri to give her money.

Sakuri begins to cry and still is shaking not knowing what to do and then someone enters.

"It's you again. Futaba-san was it?"

"H-Haku-san?" Sakuri looked to see who was talking and it was none other than Makoto.

"Tch, you again." Futaba stared annoyed looking at Makoto.

"You're not expecting Sakuri-san to hand over her money are you?"

"And so what if I do?!"

"I'll have to do something about it." Makoto began to get serious and was not playing around with Futaba.

Futaba felt the intimidating aura that Makoto was exerting and started to back down.

"Yeah right, you won't do anything."

Makoto walks up to her face and looks down at her with a mean look. Futaba starts to sweat nervously.

"Do you believe me now? If so then leave Sakuri-san alone."


Futaba leaves without Sakuri's money again. As she leaves Makoto goes up to Sakuri to console her.

"It's okay Sakuri-san. Whenever you need someone to protect you I'll always be there by your side." Makoto says as he is smiling.

"T-Thank you H-Haku-san." Sakuri has to look down in order to hide her red face from Makoto. But she accepts it and looks up so she can see Makoto's face and smiles. They stand there looking at each other for a while and Makoto begins to notice something about Sakuri. She looks cute.

"Are we interrupting something?" Aoki said in a teasing way.

"A-Aoki-san?!" They had both been drawn out from their deep thought and saw that Aoki and Kota had come back with the cleaning supplies.

Kota and Aoki then gave Makoto and Sakuri a mop and some cleaner. Aoki goes to Sakuri's side to tease her.

"So Sakuri-senpai what were you guys doing when we weren't here?"

"Eh!? N-Nothing."

"Hmmm? Are you lying? You both were just standing there looking at each other a certain way."

"I-I said we didn't do a-anything."

"Is that true Haku-senpai?"

Makoto goes to speak before getting cut off by Kota.

"Enough with the teasing we have to clean this up."

With that the four of them cleaned up the club room floor as best as they could.