Chapter 1:


Wreaking Vengeance

“People always question what happens in the afterlife, will the world end in chaos? how evolutionized will the human race ever be? Are heaven and hell waiting for us the afterlife? But most importantly, Does God exist?” These were the heading questions of Louie’s project in his first-year of high-school. He will be graduating in three year as part of the class of 2000. Louie Elmor, a 16-year-old boy who lives with his foster parents, James and Yara Elmor. According to Elmor’s parents, Louie was found an infant on their front door on a rainy day in September 1983. Given that the family could not bear children, they decided to adopt Louie and granted him their last name.

“When humans turn exactly 18 years old, from the time of their sperm and egg fertilize, a 5-triangle mark (/\/\/\/\/\) starts into taking shape on their upper chests, right upon their hearts,” said Dr Henry, a clinical embryologist on the radio.

- Louie: Hey mom, I can’t wait to know my exact birthday

- She patted his head and hugged him with a tearing smile: yes, baby, you grew up so fast.

- Louie: Don’t worry mom, no matter how old I get, I will always visit and ask for your delicious pasta.

Louie ‘s project’s presentation day arrived. He pulled an all-nighter for preparation. He then had a refreshing shower, dressed up smart, tucked his fine suit and went to school. As he was passing down the street, he sensed a shadow that seemed to be following him. He turned his head to find nothing but an empty street. “I guess I am tired after all yesterday’s preparation” Louie thought

- Elizabeth: Hey Louie ‼.

- Louie: Good morning Elizabeth, how are you doing?

- Elizabeth smiled and said: Couldn’t be better. How is your presentation going on?

- Louie: Well, I am not sure, to be honest. I pulled an all-nighter yesterday preparing. I hope that doesn’t affect my performance today.

- Elizabeth: Don’t worry, Louie, you are a straight-A student with perfect scores on all your subject, I trust you will do well.

- Louie: Thank you, Akasuki, you’ve always been cheering me up ever since we were in grade school, I hope I always live up to your expectations.”

“For the longest time, humans were evolving both physically and mentally. We either lost parts of our bodies that were deemed unnecessary by natural selection or became more intellectually developed in terms of our politics and legalities. With all our advances in society, we still have not acknowledged the afterlife.” Louie concluded his presentation elegantly and received a big applaud from his class and teacher. “

- Elizabeth: That was a great presentation, Louie

- Garen: Hey Louie, you have been amazing. Still, I bet my project is going to surpass yours easily

Once again Garen has lost to Louie. Louie’s best friends were Elizabeth and Garen. Louie knew Elizabeth ever since third grade; she is known for being kind, altruistic and supportive. Garen was Louie’s rival and his trusting friend. They have always competed in everything and anything, from sports to grades; however, Louie used to always win and surpass Garen. In fact, Louie never lost to Garen or to the rest of his class in any kind of competition.

Louie’s classes ended, and they left school with Elizabeth and Garen, as usual. Another shiver went down upon Louie's spine, followed by a loud sneeze.

- Garen: ARE YOU OKAY?”

- Louie: I am fine. I didn’t sleep well yesterday.

- Garen: well, I guess you can get sick as the rest of us after all

Louie then arrived home

- Louie: I am home.

- Mom Yara: Louie, the dinner is ready.

The family sat down and started eating their dinner, pasta with meatballs.

- Dad James: how was your day at school, Louie?

- Louie: It was a good dad. I aced my project as usual and got an effortless A.

- Dad: Well, done, Louie, I trust you will make it as valedictorian this year again.

- Louie: Hopefully, dad

- Mom: You seem to be enjoying the food Louie.

- Louie: Yes mom, Can I have another plate?

- Mom: No darling, this is your fifth dish, and you need to stop eating a lot. It’s unhealthy.

- Louie: But mom, I am still hungry, also I never gain weight or showed any sign of obesity before, please one final plate.

- Dad: Honey, give him this one last dish.

- Mom: Alright, that will be your final dish, then you will go to sleep”

- Louie: Thank you, mom, and dad.

Louie was done eating; he brushed his teeth and went to bed.

- Mom: Good evening Louie.

- Louie: Good evening, Mom

- Louie: Mom…. Can I ask you a question?

- Mom: yes, darling

- Louie: when do you think my birthmark will appear?

- Mom: I don’t know Louie, but definitely this year.

- Louie: What if it doesn’t?

- Mom: Well, that’s impossible, darling. This birthmark represents your generation. Each tip of the triangle represents one generation, and as we evolve, another triangle comes in the shape.

- Louie: Mmm, when does the next triangle appear?

- Mom: A Triangle appears every 2000 years, darling, and with the first child that is born with the sixth triangle, a new generation begins, and the calendar resets to year 0 with the generation named after that first child.

- Louie: Does that mean the year will reset within three year?

- Mom: Yes, and the calendar will reset after.

- Louie: Mmmm, what are the names of the previous generations, mom?

- Mom: Generation Adam, Generation Noah, Generation Laila, Generation Haruto and our current generation, Generation Melissa, and that’s in order.

- Louie: Interesting. Do you think my child will acquire the sixth triangle?

- Mom jokingly said with a laugh: are you planning to get married after three year?

- Louie: maybe

- Mom: Well. It is getting late…so good night

- Louie: Good night

As Louie was going to sleep, he sensed a shadow watching through the window. He nervously ran to open the window “is anyone here?!”. No one replied, so Louie went back to his bed and slept

Upcoming scene is a set of slide shows

POV: ~picture of lava everywhere~ eyes closed ~ an intense light is directed at your face ~

Louie: what is this intense light‼


Female panting voice: we need to hurry! We don’t have much time

POV: ~Being carried by someone, their face is so blurry, the person is running~

Louie: what? Who is this?

POV: ~ Knife being stabbed into someone ~ eyes closed ~ Blue intense explosion, dust everywhere ~

Louie woke up panting, panicking, and vomiting

Louie: it’s the same exact dream, again and again

Louie started his next day. He showered, brushed his teeth, ate breakfast, and went to school. On his way, he met Elizabeth.

- Elizabeth: Louie why do you seem so pale?

- Louie: I have had this nightmare over and over again.

- Elizabeth: Nightmare? What nightmare?

- Louie: I don’t know, Lava, Blue explosions, an intense light, and murder...

- Elizabeth smiles: Ohhh Louie, you need to grab a blanket or something; you must be cold to have these nightmares….

As they were walking to school, Garen appeared...

- Garen: Hey guys‼ did you see the newspaper! They are releasing a phone with a camera that takes high-quality pictures. Not to mention, you can call anyone from anywhere as well.

- Elizabeth: Ohh this is so cool.

- Louie: let me read the newspaper.

Garen handed the newspaper to Louie. As Louie turned his eye upon the advertisement, “a portable phone that can take high-quality pictures. You can also call from any part of the world”, suddenly, Lui’s heart started racing. He clenched his chest and began vomiting and panting.

- Garen: Louie‼ ARE YOU OK ‼‼‼‼


Louie was then taken to the hospital. He woke up and found himself in a bad in front of his mom and a doctor

- Mom panicking: Please, doctor, what happened to Lui?

- Doctor: apparently, he suffered from a nervous breakdown

- Mom: But why?

- Doctor: we need to look up the triggers of this nervous breakdown…. Oh, Lui, you woke up; how are you doing?

- Louie: I…am ….. so tired…. where …I am?

- Doctor: you are in a hospital; you had a nervous breakdown. Do you remember the last thing you saw?

- Louie: The…The newspaper

- Doctor: The newspaper?

The doctor leaned to the couch beside the bed to grab a newspaper there

- Doctor: Do you mean this?

- Louie: yes

- Doctor: Mmmmm, I can’t see any kind of reaction or trigger. Do you remember what you did before that or after that

- Lui: I… I don’t remember

- Doctor: Alright, Mrs. Elmor, we need to hear more from his friends who were there with him. As for now Lui, I want you to rest; you will spend your night here in the hospital

- Lui: Mom… I alright?

- Mom held his hands and pet his head in tears: yes, sweetie, don’t worry, the doctors will take good care of you.

At night as Louie is about to sleep, again, he senses a dark shadow watching through the ward’s window

- Louie screaming in bed: LEAVE ME ALONE!

Louie then goes to sleep

Upcoming scene is a set of slide shows

POV: ~picture of lava everywhere~ eyes closed ~ an intense light is directed at your face ~

Louie: what is this intense light‼ STOP IT‼ I HATE THIS DREAM


Female panting voice: We need to hurry! We don’t have much time.

POV: ~Being carried, the face is so blurry, the person is running,~ you notice a three-triangle mark on their upper chest~

Louie: what? Who is this?

POV: ~ Knife being stabbed into someone ~ eyes closed ~ Blue intense explosion, dust everywhere ~

Louie woke up panting, panicking, and vomiting

Louie: was that…. generation Laila? ‼ 4000 to 6000 years ago? ‼

To be continued....