Chapter 11:

ETSUCHI - Another world connected to Earth By well

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

Etsuchi - Another world connected to Earth by Well. When Eiji and Sakichi fall into the well, they are transported to this other world by some blue light, which falled from the sky on them after answering some riddle. When they entered that world,they were then immediately captured by the Guards of the Palace because of that Bitch. Now they are going to be punished by his majesty and why or it is going to be something else. Let's see.Bookmark here

His Majesty seemed to live longer and,his magnificence with a crimson crystal on his crown, was illuminating. He had a dragon staff in his hand and had a fiery but calm personality. Mostly his blue eyes were like a show of passion but he might be soft on the inside, we were praying for that. He called himself Beryuu.Bookmark here

On the right, he had a loyal minister. His long luscious hair was showing his love for Nature as there were vines all around him - from shoulder to all over arm. He called himself Budoshi. He had one blossom flower on his left shoulder which was worth watchable.Bookmark here

After that His Majesty ordered the guard to open our mouths. Then he says, "Welcome, You Humans. It may have taken you a long time to come this time. It's been one and a half years."Bookmark here

We were confused as to what he was talking about.Then he said, "The last time Rai Akiyama came here, no one came here after that."Bookmark here

As soon as Eiji heard the name he asked, "Why did he come here, does that mean he knew about this?"Bookmark here

His Majesty explains, "The Akiyama clans and I have made this well that can connect this world with their world. We had a deal also - A peaceful."Bookmark here

Sakichi explains, "Before telling us this big truth, tell us what kind of world it is and what kind of people you all are? Meaning before I saw women taking out wood from their hands.This minister of yours also has vines all around his arm.Bookmark here

Budoshi asked, "Can I take it from here, Your Excellency?"Bookmark here

He allows it then Budoshi then explains, "This world is the same as yours if you look at it from space but it is very different in the atmosphere. From creature to plant and water everything is different. It's up to two suns here.We are also human beings like you but the only difference is that we have flawed powers."Bookmark here

Sakichi interrupted, "What do you mean by flawed powers?"Bookmark here

He further adds, "Means our power can manifest only when we are surrounded by this crystal. Which is found only here but now they are extinct. If it is removed then we can still live human life here but if we get out from here, trying to go to another dimension. If we try, our mind will be shattered and we will die. So we made a deal with humans for that."Bookmark here

"Don't tell me the deal was a supply of the human brain?" Eiji suspects.Bookmark here

His Majesty laughs. And Budoshi replied, "No! No! No! You're thinking wrong!"Bookmark here

"Let me speak from here, Budoshi," says His Excellency.Bookmark here

Budoshi says, "Yes, Your Majesty!"Bookmark here

His majesty explains, "We don't need a human brain to grow this crystal. When this crystal starts to disappear, my scientists start making artificial ones but it didn't work that way. They found that crystals grow from human brain energy. When they are put in a pinch position, they use the brain to resolve it and then it releases some energy which our scientists called it - rown. That's what we need. So our deal was that once a year, we would occupy a building or a place where there were some humans. We would get them to play games so that they could use their brains. Akiyama was known as a hotspot if they were in that place. We can easily occupy that place."Bookmark here

"That's why Rai always changed his job once a year." Eiji saysBookmark here

Sakichi asks, "What about the people who played the game, what would happen to them if they failed to complete the stage?"Bookmark here

His Majesty replies, "Don't worry about it. Whenever we're making games, I first send them to the Akiyama clan person. They pick the right people and gather them in one place. Who can solve it?. It is necessary to complete the game. After that, when they clarify the game, their memories are erased."Bookmark here

"Understood! Sorry for asking like this." Sakichi says and apologizes.Bookmark here

Then His Majesty asks, "What happened to Rai, suddenly he stopped coming."Bookmark here

"He's dead!" Eiji saysBookmark here

"Oh! That's sad. He doesn't have a family." Your Excellency again asks.Bookmark here

Eiji replied, "I am his father-in-law. He also has a son."Bookmark here

"Oh! He'll work. If he chooses to inherit his father," Budoshi says.Bookmark here

"No! No! I'll do that for you. Don't use him in this, he's still nine months old." Eiji says.Bookmark here

Sakichi agreed, "Yeah! We'll help you! Don't bring him into it."Bookmark here

"But we need someone from the Akiyama clan, not trash like you." Reina Interrupts.Bookmark here

Zel looks at her and says, "Keep calm! His majesty has not allowed you to open your mouth."Bookmark here

She apologized. His Majesty says, "Don't worry about it, Reina. Our scientist has found another way to create a hotspot. A machine that has Akiyama blood will probably do."Bookmark here

"It will work." Eiji saysBookmark here

Sakichi interrupts, "So let me be the hotspot, Eiji."Bookmark here

Eiji, "Huh! Why?"Bookmark here

"That's an interesting one, man." Sakichi says.Bookmark here

"Just for that?" Eiji askBookmark here

Sakichi says, "Yeah! Just for that."Bookmark here

His Majesty laughs, "You are both an interesting person! Now let me introduce you to some of my people."Bookmark here

"To the right of you, they are Zel and Reina. The hosts and makers of the game. There are certainly more. Whoever happens to be the hotspot will be able to see them at the game venue - whichever you choose." He introduced his people.Bookmark here

Zel says, "Yo! Looking forward to working with you." Reina didn't say anything and turned her back.Bookmark here

Then he continues, "On your left, first that man and child. That girl is my only daughter, her power is still unknown. She is afraid of people as you can see. That butler is our most trusted person.His name is Trono. Next to him, she is neither a human nor we."Bookmark here

"What do you mean? What is that?"asks Sakichi.Bookmark here

He continues, "She is a life particle because of some power resonance, she was born and now she can take any form. Presently she has taken the form of a maidservant of mine. Her power is very rare."Bookmark here

Eiji came up with a question, "If we're human, what do you call yourself?"Bookmark here

"Oh! That, we're Flawns." Budoshi repliesBookmark here

"Oh! That is a good name." Sakichi says.Bookmark here

After this he asks everyone to go to their respective work. He then orders Budoshi to take us to a room to refresh as it will take some time to go back to our world. His fellow scientists also came there with that machine. He put it on the table, then Budoshi made us drink tea. And also to Your Majesty.Bookmark here

I proposed to His Majesty one thing that I thought about when we were coming to the palace.Bookmark here

After finishing the tea, Sakichi says, "By the way, sir. Have you used the powers for transportation as well?"Bookmark here

"Yes! Exactly. But because of our scientific help, we were able to build some transportation facilities." Your Excellency Answer.Bookmark here

"I can help you with this. I'm the chairman of the East Japan Railway Company. If you want, I can help you build a rail line and a train." Sakichi says.Bookmark here

His Majesty was shocked, "Oh! That would be the biggest help. Our scientists and engineers were actually trying to build this but were always failing."Bookmark here

Then Budoshi, "Of course! Your help would be nice."Bookmark here

Eiji interrupts, "Well and what about your plan, Sakichi?"Bookmark here

To that Sakichi replies, "First we can't remove the well, secondly getting a chance to see such a scenario is once in a lifetime."Bookmark here

"I can't say anything about that," Eiji laughs.Bookmark here

Then I made another deal with His Excellency - Beryuu. He said one thing that if we don't let people play the game, he might release a dragon to destroy the earth. That was sealed in the staff in his hand. It was scary, but we knew he wouldn't do it if we acted properly. He thanked us and we went to the place from where we could return to the earth.Bookmark here

Our trip was not long. But I had fun. I got a chance to build rail lines and trains in another world. When we came back I immediately canceled the project. After that me and Eiji got the map of Etsuchi and got the machine. As we started going again, I was able to convince a few people and Tsukasa as well. But I didn't tell Rongi. They were all shocked but accepted it. We just started our project of building rail lines in another world. but….Bookmark here

Chairman Ryochi noticed that there was no page left after that.Bookmark here

He was confused as to where the other pages were. He wondered where it might be. Then he saw the time, it was seven o'clock in the morning. So he came out and wrote a letter for Rasya and left it on the table and went home.Bookmark here

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