Chapter 12:

Art Practice

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

The club room floor has now been cleaned and it's time for some club activities.

"Phew, finally we're done." Makoto says with a sigh of relief.

"Okay we've wasted enough time cleaning we need to get to some painting." Aoki called for everyone to paint.

"So will you help me out Sakuri-san?" Makoto turns to Sakuri with a smile.


Aoki motions Kota to come over to her area so she could watch over his painting and Makoto starts to paint with Sakuri overseeing him too. Sakuri starts off with an easy item for Makoto to draw; an apple.

"W-Wow Haku-san you're doing g-great!" Sakuri was astonished by how well Makoto was able to sketch.

"Really? You think so?" Makoto has a questioning face undermining his own skills.

"O-Of course."

Makoto and Sakuri are having a good time. Sakuri is still nervous and can't look at Makoto's face for a long period but is enjoying herself with him. On the other hand looking at Kota and Aoki.

"Eh?" Aoki is stunned to see what Kota is sketching. She assigned him to sketch grapes but Kota decided to do something different.

"What's wrong Aoki-san?" Makoto looks over his canvas to see what happened and Aoki turns around Kota's canvas.

"What the...!" Makoto was shocked.

Kota had perfectly sketched a fight scene that could have easily passed for a manga panel with almost no mess up lines.

" are you so good at art?" Makoto could not believe it. It seemed that Kota had a natural talent at drawing.

"I don't know. I just went for it hehe. Why are you jealous or something Makoto?" Kota was teasing Makoto because he knew that Makoto wanted to impress everyone.

"H-Haku-san I still t-think you are g-great in your own way." Sakuri held up her fists with confidence in her statement.

"Are you trying to say something about Haku-senpai, Sakuri-senpai?" Aoki say her chance to tease Sakuri by making it seem that Sakuri was "flirting" with Makoto.

"W-What?! I-I was j-just talking a-about his drawing a-ability."

Aoki started to laugh seeing how funny Sakuri was acting and Kota began to understand what Aoki kept on insinuating so he began to chuckle a little bit.

"Don't sweat it Sakuri-san I get what you mean." Makoto instead of laughing he wanted to defuse the situation by reassuring Sakuri.

Makoto was still looking at his apple drawing and was in deep thought until he spoke again to Sakuri moments later.

"Thank you Sakuri-san. That's a good trait of yours that I learned today. Even though Kota's drawing was better than mine you still gave mine props. I like that about you."

Makoto stared up at Sakuri with a smile which caused Sakuri to blush and get really red plus with his last statement. And so time has passed and now everyone has to go their separate ways. Except for Sakuri.

"Oh no I forgot I have to go to the convenience store. But it's getting late. What should I do?" Sakuri whispered to herself.

"I can accompany you if you want." Makoto was able to hear her even though she whispered.

'I-It's fine y-you don't n-need to burden yourself with me." 

"We could all go if it's better." Makoto suggested which caused Aoki to react fast to the situation.

"We can't! I mean I have to do something. You too right Kota." Aoki nudged Kota giving him a signal.

"Right! Sorry Makoto."

Both Kota and Aoki head off leaving Makoto and Sakuri behind.