Chapter 12:

Reina Vengeance

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

When Chairman Ryochi finished reading the diary and found that there were no pages left after that. But still he did not get the answer he wanted, so he left from his secret room, wrote a letter and left it on his desk for Rasya. Then something happened on the train.Bookmark here

When Jon and his friends find an unconscious girl lying in the entrance of the sixteen compartment, Germon carries her on his back and they go inside.Bookmark here

They were trying to wake her up. But nothing worked.Bookmark here

Kyora stammered and said in horror, "Why isn't she awake?"Bookmark here

In it Ashya says, "Don't panic, Kyora-sister. She will wake up."Bookmark here

"But what happened to her means how did she get into this condition?" she saysBookmark here

Jon disrespectfully replies, "How would we know?"Bookmark here

Ashya looked at him with terrified eyes and said, "Stop talking to Kyora-sister like this."Bookmark here

"Who the hell is she?" Zhu asks inside Germon's mind.Bookmark here

He droned,"Hell I know." Then he slowly asked,"What about you? Do you know?"Bookmark here

"Nope! By the way, I forgot to tell you something."she says.Bookmark here

Germon asked,"What?"Bookmark here

"That I'm going to sleep. so don't disturb me."Zhu answersBookmark here

He ignores it and That girl was on the lap of Germon unconscious, by looking like a princess with moonlight around her. Her long blonde hair was up to her knees, which was very beautiful with a nice bracelet on her hand and a crimson crystal inside it, which color was fading. Then Germon saw her eyes blink, and says,"You two shut the fuck up, looks like she awaking."Bookmark here

When she awoke, she looked here and there. She saw Germon's face and found her head was on his lap, so she reacted strangely, stood and said,"Don't ever try to touch me, you lowly man."Bookmark here

Everyone gets shocked seeing her like this. Jon was like putting his finger on his lips and Ashya asks, "What happened? Why are you reacting like this?"Bookmark here

She turns her face and says, "I won't talk to anyone who is below me. I'm the princess and you're all my slaves. That's all I know."Bookmark here

Jon interrupted, "You can make Ashya your slave, she's too ambitious about anything."Bookmark here

Ashya hit Jon with her elbow and said, "You shut up!"Bookmark here

Kyora was such that I should be like a rock, neither saying nor moving. Then Germon stepped forward, put his hand on her shoulder so that he could talk to her. But she reacts and kicks him in the face.Bookmark here

She turns her face again, Jon comes to see Germon's face to see if it's okay or not. Then she says, "If again someone tries to talk to me or ask me questions. I'll use my attack - the princess round kick."Bookmark here

Jon becomes so moved by that word, he kneels and bows down, saying, "Please take care of us, Princess. We will do our best in serving you."Bookmark here

Ashya became irritated, she came and bent down, she grabbed his hair, pulled up and asked, "What the hell are you doing?"Bookmark here

He replies, groaning in pain, "According to my anime tenfold rules, when your opponent has the technique and also has a name, you should bow down and show your respect."Bookmark here

She let go of his hair and said, "Whatever! Do whatever you want. Saying something to you is a waste of time."Bookmark here

Germon also responds after feeling better, "It's been a while, hearing about your anime tenfold rule."Bookmark here

"What is that?" Kyora stammers.Bookmark here

"It's a waste of thoughts from his mind." Ashya saysBookmark here

When Jon heard this, he stood up and exclaimed excitedly, "I will tell you, Kyora-sister. You Ashya, stay out of it."Bookmark here

Jon then begins to explain his anime tenfold rule, which he created by watching anime. Kyora gets really bored hearing this. Then she tells him to stop this. Jon also says ok and gets into depression that no one in this world likes his creation.Bookmark here

"Hmph! You're all just lowly people, talking about bullshit and nothing more. Do you really think I'd talk to people like you? None of you deserve to talk to me or do you."Bookmark here

Ashya asked, "Then whom will you talk to, there is no one here except us. At least tell us your name."Bookmark here

The girl tries to remember her name but she can't remember it then she says, "I don't want to tell you."Bookmark here

"Whatever! But never try to hurt any of my friends. He was just trying to communicate." Ashya warned.Bookmark here

Germon interrupted, "Stop it, Ashya. And you princess, No one is mean and crap in this world, if you're saying just by looking at their outer shell. We all would have had a face that could make someone's mind turn the tide about ourselves. Then all would like to stay and talk with us. That is What I've learned from my past mistakes."Bookmark here

"I don't want to hear anything like that from you or anyone." She says. Suddenly there is a rumble in the compartment as if there was an earthquake or something is coming out of the surface. When it came out, it was an iron cage, which had imprisoned everyone in it but the Germon slightly saw it coming, so he was able to get out of it and otherwise everyone else was in that cage.Bookmark here

"What happened?" Germon says.Bookmark here

Then he saw that there was a cage next to him, all the people were in it.Bookmark here

Ashya says, “What is this?”Bookmark here

"Maybe! The host of the game did it." Jon answers.Bookmark here

"But where is he/she?" Kyora asks.Bookmark here

The princess was in the corner of the cage, apart from everyone and said, Bookmark here

"Whoever did this. I'll wipe you out of this world."Bookmark here

An audible voice was heard from afar, she said, "Welcome again, this time I made this game and I'll take revenge on you, midi hair-girl."Bookmark here

She saw a boy standing outside the cage and asked in surprise, "When did you turn into a boy, Ashya?"Bookmark here

Ashya hears this, feels insulted and says, "Here I am, Dumbass! Who are you?"Bookmark here

"Huh! Looks like you don't recognise me but I think Fuya may have mentioned me." she says.Bookmark here

Jon thought and said, "Oh! You're the other bitch."Bookmark here

"Whatever! I'm Reina, do you remember the name?" she says.Bookmark here

Ashya remembered, "Oh! That Morse code game girl. I remember you."Bookmark here

The princess faints again. When Kyora saw it, she went there and caught her before she fell down.Bookmark here

"What happened to her?" Jon askedBookmark here

"Looks like She seems to have fainted again," Kyora replied. Bookmark here

Kyora heard the sound of snoozing, then she looked carefully and found, "The princess was sleeping."Bookmark here

She informs us, "Don't worry! She's sleeping, guys."Bookmark here

Reina shouts, "You all stop your ruckus and listen carefully to me or else I will start speaking the rules of the game."Bookmark here

Everyone pays their attention to her.She says, "I wanted Ashya to play this game but now she is trapped in a cage that is going to open only when this game is over. So the one who is going to play this game is you - Pompadour Boy."Bookmark here

He interrupts, "Remember I'm Germon."Bookmark here

Jon asked, "Why Ashya? means she's not that good, trust me."Bookmark here

"You shut up! I want my revenge. That's why I wanted her to play this game. Which I made this time for revenge. It's name is - Revenge through Morse." She answers.Bookmark here

"Yuck! That name sucks." Ashya says."Bookmark here

"Yes, you are right." Jon also agreed with Ashya. Which rarely happens between them.Bookmark here

"Which means I have to play this game now, right?" Germon says.Bookmark here

Reina replies, "Of course! There is no one else outside the cage except you."Bookmark here

"So what's the game like?" Germon asked.Bookmark here

Reina begins but before she gets a chance to explain, seven circles appear on the screen, all the seven circles were connected with a single circle which was huge, then she begins, "As you can see there are seven circles, Each circle will have an image inside them. Whenever a sound is played, that image will appear for a minute, randomly but at the same time it may be one or two. Not more than two. After that you get the image. You have to remember and tell what it is, as soon as one minute is up, on the spot. There will be only ten chances, which means I will only play sounds ten times, so even if you haven't answered before, you'll still have many chances."Bookmark here

In between, Ashya asks Jon "Isn't that strange?"Bookmark here

Jon also asks, "What?""Bookmark here

This time, that host is telling the rules correctly and I guess she's not even hiding. But why?" she says.Bookmark here

Jon thought and replied, "Possibly because of her vengeance on you, that she wanted to defeat you fair and square."Bookmark here

"Hmm! But how can you tell that?" She askedBookmark here

He replies, "Because of watching anime. I love this kind of situation."Bookmark here

Suddenly Reina says, "If you two don't stop talking, I won't say anything more about the game."Bookmark here

After that they stopped talking and Reina continued, "After you have answered that part by examining the image. Then a Morse code will appear, which is the important answer of that circle. By helping with that, you will be able to figure out the answer of that big circle. Which has neither image nor morse. You have to answer this big circle by getting all the important answers in seven circles . But you would answer that big circle in morse code pattern. So whenever you are in any of the seven circles and you answer it correctly. You will get the option to buy dots and dashes, for example if you clear the first one, you have to choose between - five dots, or three dashes or three dots and one dash."Bookmark here

Germon says, "Interesting! Something else you're forgetting."Bookmark here

Reina laughs and continues, "One more thing when figuring out the answer of that image part is done and morse code will appear. Next sound won't play until you answer the morse code part. So the dots and dashes are limited, there should only be as dots and dashes as there will be in the answer. If you have even one left or you have one extra, you are a failure. So buy a dot and dash carefully. Otherwise you have a period of two and a half hours."Bookmark here

"Okay! So let's get started." He says.Bookmark here

"It's quite an interesting game, isn't it, Jon." Ashya said,Bookmark here

Jon replies, "Yeah! Looks like Germon is going to have fun."Bookmark here

Then both of them cheered him on and the games started. The first sound is played, images appear on two circles -In the third and fourth circles. Germon watches it carefully but he was just looking at them, forgetting he has to figure out what the image is and a minute passed. The image disappeared. He wasn't able to get it, so he didn't have an answer. Reina asks, "Do you get any answers?"Bookmark here

He replies, "No!" And then she plays the sound a second time. The image appears on the seventh circle but again Germon had difficulty examining them and the minute passed. Then Reina asked him the answer and he said that he does not know. She then played the third sound and an image appeared on the fifth circle, this time the Germon saw it clearly and when a minute passed, he knew the answer.Bookmark here

Reina asked, "So did you get the answer?Bookmark here

"Yeah! The image was a thermometer, so the answer is temperature." He answers.Bookmark here

When he answered the temperature, it was correct. Then a Morse code appears in that circle. he saw. Which was - dash dot dash dot dot dash dot dot dot dot dot dash dot dot dash dot.Bookmark here

He tries to memorize the Morse code alphabet to get the answer. Then he says, "Kelvin, Right?"Bookmark here

Which was correct, then two options appeared: one was three dots and second was two dashes. So Germon says,"I have to choose wisely." Then he selects the second option.After that, the Circle changed into a thermometer with a Kelvin written on it.Bookmark here

Reina plays the fourth sound and the image appears in two circles - in the first and sixth. He must have been looking at them and was trying to figure out but it seemed that he was also trembling on the other side. So he could not remember them. When Reina asked him whether he knew the answer or not. He straight away says no.Bookmark here

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