Chapter 30:

Prisoners Of War


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I feel warm. Like I'm in somebody's arm. I'm being fed water. I drink happily. Bookmark here

Was all that some bad dream? Was I back at camp? Bookmark here

Nope.Bookmark here

I open my eyes to see a massive man giving me water through a bowl. "You're awake!" He says. The man had a deep voice. He had bronze-colored skin and long, disheveled gray hair with his long unkempt beard. He had wrinkles on his face, showing his age. "There, There. You'll be ok." Bookmark here

A woman who was on the other side of me was also staring at me. She was a redhead who's constantly frowning. She had her hair in a ponytail and taped on glasses on her face. She sports a deep cut on her cheek. "He's not five, Carter. He could be some killer or..."Bookmark here

Carter continues to rock me slowly. "He's just some poor soul. Look at him, he couldn't hurt a fly, right, stranger."Bookmark here

I finish drinking and look back at him. "Why am I in your arms...?"Bookmark here

He shrugged. "Genny says it's more comfortable than the beds they give us-"Bookmark here

"Stop!" Genny yells. she scoffs and sits on the floor. Bookmark here

Carter laughs as I move to get up on my own. To be fair, it was comfortable. I feel a little better after that water. I was just hungry. I saw some stale bread on a plate so I picked it up to slowly ate it. I looked down to see my attire. It was a gray jumpsuit, marked with certain numbers to identify us. I'm 1717, Carter is 2002, and Genny is 7025.  I sit and ate, watching the two people bicker. Eventually, Genny turns to me. "And who are you, stranger?" She had a bit of a Spanish accent. Bookmark here

"I go by Dopeman. Nice to meet you, Genny is it?"Bookmark here

She chuckles. "Dopeman? That's kind of a stupid name."Bookmark here

Carter playfully kicks her. "Gen, that's rude."Bookmark here

She shrugs. "What? It's not a real name."Bookmark here

I finish the bread and laugh. "It's cool, It's cool.  I just can't remember my real name?"Bookmark here

"Then why don't you make a new one?" Carter asked. Bookmark here

I looked down slightly, not knowing the answer. "Maybe when I retire from my job."Bookmark here

Genny looks surprised. "You worked? There's like a community out there?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. I work as a courier. How long have you two been in here?"Bookmark here

They both frown at the same time.  Eventually, Carter speaks up. "Nine years. The rest of the prisoners have been in here for about seven or six." Bookmark here

"You've been here since what, the Intro Wars?" Bookmark here

They both nod.Bookmark here

I felt bad. "Geez..."Bookmark here

Carter moves to pat me on the back. "It's quite alright. We've kind of accepted this, ya know?"Bookmark here

"Aw come on, you haven't thought of escape?"Bookmark here

Genny rolls her eyes. "Of course we have. We just don't know where to go. Hell, we didn't even know that there were towns that were up. We just stuck to what was safe."Bookmark here

As I was starting to reply, Godhand walks next to the cell. he kneels, laughing. "Deh a nuh civilization. Only war. death. and I have di power to stop it. How does it feel, Dopeman? How does it feel stopping di path ah freedom?"Bookmark here

"Piss off." I simply say back.Bookmark here

"Uh-huh." Godhand stands up, smirking. "Hab fun a si yuh fren dem parish, Dopeman." He walks away. I stood up and lean on the bars, looking at him angrily.Bookmark here

"We're getting out of here," I mumble. Bookmark here

Carter and Genny look at me, confused. Bookmark here

"I promise, you'll see freedom when I'm done here."Bookmark here

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