Chapter 2:

All Out

Wreaking Vengeance

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- Louie: Was that person from generation Laila?! From the way his chest was shaped, he looked like a man. He also had a thin moustache connected to his light beard. How come he had three triangles? Is that some sort of time travel? Or maybe I have mistaken the number of the triangles. Bookmark here

Louie was in shock of what he saw in his sleep. He wasn’t sure if it was a dream or some kind of a memory that he started recalling, or maybe it was a prophecy of some sort of fate. Regardless, Louie went back to sleep for the rest of the night. Bookmark here

The next day, Louie’s friends were summoned. The doctor asked them for clues on what seems to be triggered his nervous breakdown. Bookmark here

- Elizabeth while in tears: I…I am not sure what caused him to have this breakdown. He only held the newspaper, and soon after, he collapsed. Bookmark here

- Garen: yes, I was the one who gave him the newspaper. Bookmark here

- Doctor: do you still have this newspaper with you, Garen?Bookmark here

- Garen: not anymore; I dumped it in the trash can on my way home yesterday.Bookmark here

- Doctor: Did the newspaper have any kind of information that may be triggering to Louie?Bookmark here

- Garen: I... I don’t know. It was an advertisement for the newest upcoming phone that will be released this yearBookmark here

- Doctor: Mmmm… I can’t comprehend why Louie would have a reaction to this sort of advertisement. As for now, Louie, I don’t want you to look at that specific newspaper or that advertisement at all.Bookmark here

- Louie’s mom: Doctor, will my son be fine? Bookmark here

- Doctor: The information we have right now is very little and vague. I cannot guarantee whether he will have another episode of breakdown or not. The best thing he can do is to avoid any interaction/behaviour that was different that day. This includes the newspaper he readBookmark here

- Louie’s mom: thank you, doctorBookmark here

- Doctor: You are most welcome! And Louie, feel free to come to my clinic anytime if you need someone to talk to. Bookmark here

- Louie: yes, doctorBookmark here

Louie was discharged from the hospital that day. He took a three days vacation from school. Meanwhile, his friends, Elizabeth and Garen, visited him and brought him snacks and gifts. Another friend also visited Louie. Her name is Sierra, Sierra Nelson. Sierra is another adopted child. She is a year older than Louie and attends the same school. Louie and Sierra knew each other ever since childhood through their parents. Their parents met each other in a parenting meeting 15 years ago. Her parents died in a car crash four years ago, and she is currently living alone in their house. Although they have known each other for a long time, Sierra and Louie had very limited interaction, as Sierra was known to be very introverted and very calm. She has been known at school as the “Lonely Girl”. Regardless of that, Louie used to greet Sierra whenever the opportunity happened. When Sierra visited Louie, both Elizabeth and Garen were there.Bookmark here

- Louie’s mom: Louie! Ellie! Garen! Look who is here Bookmark here

- Louie: who is it mom?Bookmark here

- Louie’s mom: It’s Sierra honeyBookmark here

- Garen: Sierra?! What does she want?Bookmark here

- Louie: I don’t know, it has been a long time since I talked to herBookmark here

- Sierra: Hello, How are you, Louie?Bookmark here

- Louie: Hi Sierra, other than collapsing in the middle of the streets, I am good. Bookmark here

- Sierra: how did that happen?Bookmark here

- Louie: I don’t know. I just read this magazine that had a phone advertisement on it, then felt my heart racing and collapsedBookmark here

- Sierra’s expression changed, she whispered with a questioning expression and while looking away from Louie: A newspaper with a phone advertisement…Bookmark here

- Elizabeth: How is school Sierra? I hear 2nd year is much tougher than the first yearBookmark here

- Sierra: School is goodBookmark here

- Garen: Do you have any preparation for the sports day Sierra? Bookmark here

- Sierra: No, I will pass this yearBookmark here

- Louie: what’s wrong Sierra? You are so quiteBookmark here

- Sierra: Nothing…I better go nowBookmark here

Sierra left Louie a gift and went her way Bookmark here

- Garen: Dude, what’s wrong with her?Bookmark here

- Louie: she has always been like this ever since I met her. She is always calm, collected and never showed any signs of anger. Bookmark here

- Garen: she really is a lonely girl.Bookmark here

- Louie: I wouldn’t call her lonely. Being lonely is something that you perceive of yourself. I don’t think she perceives herself as a lonely though, nor that I know how she perceives herself in the first place. I think she has her own problems to deal with.Bookmark here

- Elizabeth: I guess we shouldn’t talk about her in her absence, so let’s change the topic. What are your preparations for the sports day guys?Bookmark here

- Garen: Me, Louie, and the Jack twins were practicing for the relay race for the past month. We are hoping that Louie will be fully recovered by the end of this week.Bookmark here

- Louie: The event will take place next Monday, I will probably be ready by then. What about you Elizabeth?Bookmark here

- Elizabeth: I will be part of the cheerleading team. We were practicing our school’s team dance and we have another special dance, in case our school wins most medals this year.Bookmark here

- Garen: Ellie, I want you to perform a dance in case me and Louie won the first place on the relay race.Bookmark here

- Elizabeth: Of course, I have considered that don’t worry. I will cheer my heart out for you guys. Bookmark here

Louie, Garen and Elizabeth were excited for the upcoming sports day. It will be hosted in their highschool. “Luveg’s Highschool Sports Day”, that’s what the people of the town of Loveg used to call it. It will gather all the high-school teams of the country of Iyera. Considering the enormous number of teams participating in this event, many newspapers reporters and media have gathered to film this epic event. Bookmark here

The sports day arrived and Louie was recovered. As for the past 4 days, he haven’t had those nightmares. He showered, brushed his teeth, and put on his shiny white/red tracksuit. Then he went his way to school. On his way, he met Elizabeth and Garen, and continued their way. Suddenly, Louie sensed a malice feeling behind his back. He stopped walking in fear and turned his head back to find Sierra.Bookmark here

- Louie: Go…good morning Sierra. I haven’t felt you behind me…he he Bookmark here

- Sierra: Hey.Bookmark here

- Garen: Hey Sierra, Will you watch the event today?Bookmark here

- Sierra: I will passBookmark here

- Garen: Eh…well…alright then, good luck.Bookmark here

- Sierra calmly: Louie, you better not stand out today.Bookmark here

- Louie: what? What do you mean?Bookmark here

Sierra didn’t respond, and walked down her path.Bookmark here

- Garen: I really hate her. She pretends as she is some next level VIP persona or whatever. Who does she thinks herself to treat us that way?Bookmark here

- Louie: Calm down Garen. She always had this attitude, wouldn’t except less. Let’s continue our way to school. I wonder what she meant by me not standing out. Bookmark here

The group of friends continued their way to school to find a massive load of people from all ages, students, reporters, teachers, organizers and commentators. Bookmark here

- Elizabeth: Alright guys, I will leave you now to join the cheerleading team.Bookmark here

- Garen: Alright elizabth good luck!Bookmark here

- Louie: Good Luck Elizabeth!Bookmark here

Garen and Louie walked then towards the Sports Hall to prepare themselves to the initiation ceremony. They went to the locker room, changed their clothes, joined their school set of teams. Then, they walked a path towards the school’s pitch, of which they sang the country’s anthem and the sports day event startedBookmark here

- Commentator: Welcome, ladies and gentleman. Today marks the 657th edition of Luveg’s highschool sports day. In this event, teams from more than 50 highschools across Iyera will gather to compete in 3 sports, 100 meter sprinting, 4X100m relay race, and the long jump. These events will happen in order and each 50 teams for each sport will compete in getting the gold, silver and bronze medal. There is also a trophy for the school with the highest number of medals. I am Ken Arthur and I will be your commentator for today. Enjoy your time as much as you can!Bookmark here

The event started, and everyone in the crowds started cheering, shouting and applauding. Louie had a bit of a butterfly in his stomach as the event began, but he trusted his physical strength to aid him in gaining that gold medal.Bookmark here

The first sport was a 100 meter sprinting, and each 5 runners from each school were competing each round. The winner in each round competed against the winners from other rounds in 5 as well. The final 5 runners competed again and the top three runners were announced with the 3rd being from Louie’s highschool, Luveg. The next sport was the 4X100m relay race. This time, each team will run a 4X100m relay race, and the top three teams with top three with the fastest time record will win the medals. Louie’s team was assigned in the 23rd roundBookmark here

- Garen shakingly: Hey Louie, we are going to do well right?Bookmark here

- Luoie: well, we have to give our bestBookmark here

- The jack twin saying it with sync: Don’t worry guys, we will slay this competition. As long as we got Louie in our side, everything will be perfect.Bookmark here

Louie has been known for his superior strength and stamina. He always managed to run at least 1.3 times faster of any of his teammate. In fact, Louie have always known that he can run even faster, but he never ran at full speed in an attempt to sync with his teammates. Truth is, Louie never attempted to go full power.Bookmark here

- Garen: Alright, Louie, Jack twins, this is our turn let’s go.Bookmark here

- Commentator: Now ladies and gentlemen, starts the 23rd round of the 4X100m relay race. In this round, the Luveg school competes with its four members, Louie Elmor, Garen Lovren and the twins, Raynold and Kane Jack. Wish you all the best luck.Bookmark here

The referee blew the whistle and team started running. It started with Raynold for the first 100 meters, followed by Kane, then Garen and finally Louie. Louie wanted to break a really high record of 32 seconds in an attempt to psychologically wound other teams’ spirits. Everything was according to plan until Kane slipped.Bookmark here

- Commentator: Ooooooo and here Kane slips, is that the team’s loss sign?!Bookmark here

- Louie: It’s already been 26 seconds and Garen is about 50 meters in, I have to make it to 32 seconds no matter what. I never lost in kind of activity in my life, academic or else. Bookmark here

~ flashback~ Sierra: you better not stand out today ~ Bookmark here

- Louie: well, sorry Sierra, I never accept losing, I will go all out.Bookmark here

Louie grabbed a tension in his nerves, made a fist with his right hand, and let his left hand behind his back to receive the stick from Garen. His feet were crushed upon the ground, and he felt the energy running through his veins. He had his eyes lasered at his target, the end red flag. He was mentally unstoppable. As Garen was about to give the stick to Louie, he was…..scared. Scared of Louie as he was approaching. Louie was glowing from his finger nails, his hair was flying away towards the sky, and the grounds were shaking around his feet. He couldn’t see Louie’s eyes. Garen felt an intense heat the more he came closer to Louie. His skin was turning red as he was approaching, but he couldn’t feel the pain due to the adrenaline rush in his body. Once Louie held the stick, an intense cyan flow of energy rushed through the stick to Garen’s hands, through his veins into his heart and entire body. Garen tried to scream…..but he couldn’t. Once Louie held the stick, he set his mass on the ground, and created a circle of cyan aura of destruction around him. As his first step landed upon the ground, an explosion occurred. It was a split of a second, and another explosion occurred at the end red flag. A supersonic wave was carried out right after, and it carried an intense storm of dust and sand towards the whole crowd.Bookmark here

- Louie panting: I…I…I did it guys, I wonBookmark here

Louie was unconscious of his surroundings. He soon realized that dust was everywhere and that he couldn’t see the crowd. He turned his head behind his back to look for Garen, but the scene was foggy and dusty. Soon after, he was able to see a lying body on the ground, and beside it a person performing chest compressions.Bookmark here

- Louie shaking: G…Gaa.. IS THAT GAREN‼‼‼Bookmark here

- A strange calm female voice appeared: I told not to stand out today….idot. The whole media is here, and your footage will soon be everywhere. We have to get out of here while we have the chance.Bookmark here

She then held his hands and pulled his body Bookmark here

- Louie: SIERRA?! NO..NO….WHAT ABOUT GAREN‼ ..GAREEEEN‼‼‼ Bookmark here

To be continuedBookmark here

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