Chapter 13:

Certain Feelings Developing?

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

"What was that about? Anyways if you want I could still go with you to help with your shopping." Bookmark here

Makoto was being thoughtful toward Sakuri because she was planning on buying a lot of groceries so he wanted to help her out with carrying it.Bookmark here

"O-Ok then."Bookmark here

-timeskip to inside the supermarket-Bookmark here

"Sakuri-san what is it you're buying?"Bookmark here

"I'm b-buying some groceries for t-this week."Bookmark here

"If you need any help let me know and I'll go grab it."Bookmark here

Sakuri cuts half of the list she has of groceries and hands it to Makoto. They spend their time finding the groceries carefully picking out the best of the products. Bookmark here

"I've got everything you asked." Makoto holds up the basket filled with the items that were on the list.Bookmark here

"S-So do I. L-Let's get in line."Bookmark here

As Makoto and Sakuri are walking to the line to pay there are some ladies talking with each other and looking at them both.Bookmark here

"What a cute couple." The woman said to her friend.Bookmark here

"They really are. They're even shopping together; oh what it was to be young."Bookmark here

Unbeknownst to the ladies Makoto and Sakuri heard them which caused Sakuri to get red in the face and even made Makoto blush. Now the both of them have arrived to the cashier and pay. Since Makoto is helping with the groceries he still has to travel to Sakuri's house.Bookmark here

"Good thing I came. You really had to buy a lot."Bookmark here

Sakuri just nods which makes Makoto confused but then he remembers the ladies in the supermarket and what they said. To arrive at Sakuri's house they have to take the subway train. Throughout this time it has been completely silent between these two.Bookmark here

'Is she really still thinking about that. What should I do?' Makoto thought to himself.Bookmark here

As they are walking toward their house Makoto decides to say something.Bookmark here

"Um...Sakuri-san is there something bothering you?"Bookmark here

"Eh n-no it's just..."Bookmark here

"Don't think about it anymore, you don't have to tell me."Bookmark here

They continue to walk until they eventually arrive at Sakuri's house.Bookmark here

"Is this it?" Makoto asks Sakuri since he didn't know where she lived.Bookmark here

"Y-Yes."Bookmark here

Makoto follows her inside to drop of the bags he is holding. Sakuri's mom appears from the corner and is shocked to see her daughter with a boy.Bookmark here

"I'm back with the groceries mother."Bookmark here

"I see that. So, is that your boyfriend?" Her mom said in a jokingly manner.Bookmark here

Sakuri's face explodes with redness and steam even comes out of her face from embarrassment. Makoto just stays standing there.Bookmark here

"Ahh...m-m-m-mom!"Bookmark here

Her mother just starts laughing from seeing her daughter getting embarrassed.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry Yasu. I'm just messing with you."Bookmark here

Makoto sees that it's now time for him to leave so he goes to head out until Sakuri's mom stops him.Bookmark here

"You don't want to stay for dinner?"Bookmark here

"I wouldn't want to disturb you guys." Makoto replies back.Bookmark here

"That's fine. Come on stay for dinner as a reward for being a good friend for my daughter."Bookmark here

Makoto stares back with confusion.Bookmark here

"Wait how do you know I'm friends with her?"Bookmark here

"She's talked to me about a boy who is always helpful to her and I believe that's you right."Bookmark here

"I guess so." Makoto also thought, 'Does she really talk about me?'Bookmark here

"Anyways sit on down on the table. I'll prepare the dinner in no time."Bookmark here

As Sakuri's mother is making dinner Makoto and Sakuri are sitting quietly. Her mother is occasionally looking back to watch them because of curiosity. Makoto decides to start a conversation.Bookmark here

"So Sakuri-san where is your father?"Bookmark here

This causes Sakuri and her mother to stay still. Makoto is stumped not knowing what he said was bad. But surprisingly Sakuri responds back to Makoto.Bookmark here

"He's no longer with us..."Bookmark here

Makoto realizing what he said was bad he immediately goes to apologize.Bookmark here

"I-I'm really sorry. I should have known better than to go into your personal business."Bookmark here

It's okay that was a long time ago. You didn't know so you don't have to worry about it." Sakuri's mother reassured Makoto.Bookmark here

Some time later the food is ready and they get to eat.Bookmark here

"Thank you for the food." They say in unison.Bookmark here

Everyone seems to enjoy themselves at the table while eating and Sakuri is even smiling like she is having fun. Makoto sees this and causes him to slightly blush a little at the sight of her smile. As they eat Sakuri's mother is occasionally teasing them and just having fun.Bookmark here

The three of them have finished eating and Makoto even helps with the dishes.Bookmark here

"Thank you for cleaning the dishes Haku-san." Sakuri's mother said.Bookmark here

"It's no problem. It's the least I can do."Bookmark here

Makoto finishes up and decides it's time to leave. As he is heading out Sakuri and her mother are at the doorway to say goodbye.Bookmark here

"Bye please come by anytime you want." Sakuri's mom stated.Bookmark here

"S-See you t-tomorrow H-Haku-san." Sakuri shyly said.Bookmark here

"Have a good night. Bye." Makoto then leaves.Bookmark here

As he is walking away he thinks to himself...Bookmark here

'Was I seeing things or did Sakuri-san actually look really cute back there?' Makoto thinks back to seeing her smile and slightly blushes.Bookmark here

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