Chapter 1:

My First Internship

Do Superheroes Have Interns?

Atop a tower, sitting among many others in the big city, a stalwart figure stands firm. His back turned, fists clenched, and standing before a heinous looking individual. The heroic figure begins to speak to the ominous man before him.Bookmark here

"Another day, another misdeed, I see!"Bookmark here

The hero's voice is empowering and confident. The hero is a tall broad wearing a blue and white spandex suit. He appears to be a middle-aged man with short brown hair and tan skin. He wears a mask over his eyes to conceal his secret identity. Upon his chest is a symbol that looks like the number '6' and the letter 'G' combined.Bookmark here

As this man appears to be the hero of our tale, the individual before him must indubitably be the villain. He is dressed in a black formal suit with sharp cuffs upon his wrists. He looks to be a slim older man, as all of his hair and the mustache upon his lip are gray. He also wears a mask over his eyes. To his side, lies a large bag filled with money he stole from the bank.Bookmark here

"So you've come to foil my plans again?" The villain speaks wickedly enough to send chills down your spine. "Well you're too late, Six, my arch nemesis! My escape route is already waiting for me!" He then grabs the sack of cash and jumps backwards from the roof of the tower to his seemingly impending doom.Bookmark here

As he jumps, he screams, "I am the victor today! Me! Doctor Malevolent!"Bookmark here

"By the heavens!" Six yells with his mouth agape. "Did Dr. M. just jump to his death?" Six waits for a moment and tries to process what he had just witnessed.Bookmark here

Suddenly, soaring high above the skies flies a black jet. Through an intercom, Dr. M.'s voice is heard. Bookmark here

"I just love fashionable escapes," he says, arrogantly. "Wouldn't you agree, my dear nemesis?" The jet then turns around as Dr. M. speaks out again. "So sad. You almost had me, but today marks a successful escape for me." The jet then flies off at full blast away from the tower.Bookmark here

"That's what you think," states Six, boldly. He then pulls out a pair of cuffs and anklets and attaches them onto his arms and legs. Without a moment of hesitation, Six dashes forward and leaps off the rooftop in the direction of the speeding jet. As he does, he flips through the air like a daring acrobat and positions his hands outwards to his sides. Six's gear then create a booming sound, as they propel Six forward. The cuffs and anklets are a detachable jetpack that Six uses when the need for them arises.Bookmark here

Though Dr. M.'s jet is fast beyond belief, Six moves at an even faster pace. Six catches up to the jet in a matter of minutes as it hovers over a large bay. He flies several feet in front of the jet and hovers in the air level with the cockpit of the jet. Six takes the time to wave over at any onlookers watching at a safe distance from the bay of the city.Bookmark here

Six then takes a deep breath and yells out to the public. Bookmark here

"To fight crime! To protect the heart of this city! I use my sixth sense! For my sixth sense will pave the way to love and righteousness!"Bookmark here

He then propels himself towards Dr. M.'s jet and breaks in through the cockpit. In a mere moment, Six is shown flying out the other end of the jet with both Dr. M. and the stolen money underneath his arms. The jet then falls down to the bay below and into the water.Bookmark here

With no casualties and justice served, the people call out Six's name with great revel and adoration.Bookmark here

This act of bravery is a recording of an event that transpired in the recent past. Watching the video, is a young man boarding a train. He is an 18-year-old boy with dark blue hair wearing a short-sleeve button up shirt and slacks. He has bright blue eyes that give off an inexperienced yet eager vibe. This boy's name is Truman and he's preparing to meet with the superhero in this video. Six has been looking to recruit an intern and Truman has been known to be someone who stands for what he believes is right. Truman decided to take on the intern position and leave home for the city of heroes known as Clash City.Bookmark here

Through the speakers within the train, the voice of the conductor is heard.Bookmark here

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have almost reached our stop at Clash City. For anyone getting off, please prepare your belongings and get ready to exit the train."Bookmark here

Truman takes a deep breath while looking outside of the window to the right of his seat. He clutches onto a suitcase besides him on the seat and tries to fight back his eagerness and maintain a steady composure.Bookmark here

"Alright," he says to himself, "It's almost time. I'm going to start my new life as the hero Six's intern."Bookmark here

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