Chapter 13:

A Food can Outweigh Heart Sorrow

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

Germon was struggling in the game - Revenge Through Morse, created by Reina. He now has only six chances left and has to know the remaining six answers in just two hours.

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Reina plays the fifth sound, an image appears on the fourth circle, which were two strings making lightning. Germon looked at it carefully and found what it was. Then he raised his hand and said, "Current, isn't it?"Bookmark here

Reina says, “Correct!”. Then a Morse code appears which was - dot dash dash dash dot dash dash dot dot dot dash dot dot.

Germon understood it and said, "Ampere." That circle turned into the current diagram with the ampere written down. Three options appeared in front of Germon, which was - five dots, three dash or three dots and one dash. Again he wisely thought and chose - option third. Now he has three dots and three dashes.Bookmark here

Now he got two answers, only five more left, but he seems to be trembling a bit, no one knows the reason. Before the sixth sound plays, he looked at himselfAnd his hand was shaking. He says, "What's happening to me? Why am I trembling?"

Suddenly, he heard the sixth sound and an image appeared on the two circles - the first and the third. When he tried to see it, it disappeared because a minute had already passed. Reina asks him if he knows the answer or not, but he says no, then requests for a break of ten minutes. Reina approved, saying that this time would be deducted from game time. He says ok and sits down. Reina exclaims,"Hahaha! don't then blame me for this, Pompadour Boy."Bookmark here

When Jon and Ashya noticed that Germon was trembling, because he paused the game, just calmly sat down and thought about something.

Ashya asked, "What happened to him?"Bookmark here

"It's the same as that time. It's again happening with him..." Jon replies.

Ashya sensed that Jon was trying to trouble her again, so she said, "What are you talking about?"Bookmark here

"Do you remember in our last year of junior high school, Germon started acting weird after the first semester. The same thing is happening again today." He explains.

Still Ashya doesn't understand, so say, "I can't remember what you're talking about. Can you tell the story again?"Bookmark here

Kyora also shows interest, so she stutters, "I want to listen too."

Jon says, "No! I don't want to tell, it's too long." To that Ashya replied, "If you don't start telling the story, I will shut your mouth forever." Even Kyora insists on that.Bookmark here

He was left with no chance but to tell that story. So he begins, "It's about our last year of junior high school. When the first semester was over, it's only when summer vacation began, and by the time it's over, Germon was in a really normal mood. and was hanging out with us daily. When we got the result of the first semester examination that day he left for home without informing us. Then I came to know from the teacher that he has got a call from his father asking him to come home immediately.

Tarahashi Mansion - At the dinner table, Rongi and Germon both have their evening meal. Germon asked, "Dad, why did you call me?"Bookmark here

Rongi finished his meal and said, "I didn't allow you to talk. But leave it now, I heard about your first semester exam result from your class teacher. Tell me how it was ?"

"This time was also as good as ever. I guess you didn't call me for it." He replies and starts eating his leftover food from his plate.Bookmark here

Rongi comes to the point, "Yeah! You're right. The reason I called you here is - At the upcoming school festivals, I want you to participate in the soccer team and win that game by using the boots made by my company."

"Hmm! Got it." He says while chewing the food.Bookmark here

Rongi simply says, "It's good if you understand. But one thing to remember is that I'm not using you."

Germon finished his meal and replied, "No need to say that. You are my father and it is my duty to help you. But my only question is that I don't know how to play soccer and I don't want to be a problem for the team."Bookmark here

"Be confident! To be strong and focus on that particular point. You have to give up a lot of things for a while. Like stop hanging out with your friend after school instead of practicing everyday after school. I will even hire a private coach for that." He urged him with a tight voice.

"I will also be there as a special guest, so don't disappoint me." Rongi says and leaves.Bookmark here

The next day, Germon enters the soccer team. He meets a member of the teams, everyone welcomes him and then he starts practicing everyday after school with them. Also along with the coach hired by his father, he also starts ignoring Ashya and me as told by his father. We tried to get in touch but still he kept saying don't come in my way. Leave me alone for a while.

When the school festival comes around it seems he is all set to play. The position he chose was the second striker. His father was there, who was a special guest. He too was looking at him.Bookmark here

The game started, he didn't play that well in the first half and when the opening score of the second half was 2-1, but he looked in really good form at the time. We thought he would be able to make it. Then Tokiwa gets in his way. Tokiwa was the midfielder of the team, he played really well. He was also in his last year of junior high school but he was from class-d. But he never wanted Germon to play soccer and be on the team, his brother was dropped from the team because of his entry into the team. In the end he gets in the way of Germon's Goal, due to that they lost the match with 2-3, everyone knows it wasn't Germon's fault. But no one knew how he was feeling.

In the end, he leaves the field with a very unseen face I've never seen on him. His father also left because of his urgent meeting. He was crying and I was just looking at him from behind. Then she came there.Bookmark here

Kyora asked, "Who?"

"Yua Suzuki - our senior, at the time she was in her final year of high school. She is also the same age as you." Jon answersBookmark here

Germon was also recalling the same thing as sitting down. "So why are you crying, Germon?" She asked. He was still crying. She sat down beside him and said, "Yosh! Yosh! I won't go home until you speak to me."

Germon wiped his tears by hand, showed who she was and said, "Oh! Yua" then he shared," I knew I was never going to play soccer well, but I still participated because Dad believed in me and I couldn't do anything at all in the end. The team which used to win the school festival every year lost this time because of my fault. I was trembling from the start, still I didn't stop myself from playing." Again he started sobbing.Bookmark here

So she replies, "That's all."

"I knew you wouldn't understand me. That's why I wasn't sharing." He says.Bookmark here

"That was mean, Germon. I understand what you said. But the way you should have dealt with it was wrong." she answers

Germon looked at her and asked, "So what should I do?"Bookmark here

"Germon, you should have eaten a lot of food." She answers.

Germon says, "You're kidding, aren't you?"Bookmark here

She explains, "No! My mother used to say that when you start feeling a heaviness in your heart and don't want to do anything but cry. Then you should go and eat a lot of food, feel the stomach, so that it may weigh on your heart. If you cry, it is not because of heart sorrow, but because of eating some hot chilies."

Germon laughs and can't control the laughter, then he says, "You're just sounding like Jon."Bookmark here

She laughs too, "So how are you feeling now?"

"I'm feeling good! You're a magician, Yua" he replies with a still laugh.Bookmark here

"This is how you should have dealt. See Germon, every day we all try to succeed or win at some point in something, so that no one calls us a failure. But we never try so hard for our happiness, so we can never be in misery. It is true that we fail and start feeling sad, but we must strengthen our spirit more and burn to leap towards happiness." She explains Germon.

"You sure are something else, Yua. I got it and I won't cry anymore." he saysBookmark here

Yua stands up and says, "Then let's go."
Germon asked, "Where?"

"On a senior-junior date." she answersBookmark here

Germon's face turned full red and said, "What are you talking about? I'm not into that sort of thing."

"You sure look good in that red face. The date isn't just for who loves, it's also sometimes about two people hanging out and passing time together. If I guess, we both are only here. Come on, I'm offering you a treat." she says.Then both of them left from there.Bookmark here

"Wow! I never knew that." Ashya says.
Jon looked at her and said, "I had told you, idiot. I know you were pretending not to remember."

Ashya apologizes, she hears Germon shouting her name. Ashya asked, "What happened, Germon?"Bookmark here

"Send me a rice ball.Fast!" he shouts
A question pops up in Kyora's mind, as she stammers, "Why was he shivering now? That means he did well in the previous stage. So there should be no reason for trembling."

"Only Germon can answer that, now he looks like he's back to normalcy." Jon answered.Bookmark here

Then Ashya threw a rice ball at the Germon, he caught it and ate it.He then asked Reina to continue the game.
Reina says,"You all are seriously going to regret later for wasting this ten minute." 

Then she plays the sound for the seventh time, an image appears on the seventh circle. Which was an object in equilibrium. Germon looked intently and replied, "Mass, isn't it?"
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Reina says, "That's right." Then that circle turned into a Morse code, which was - dash dot dash dot dot dot dash dot dot dash dash dash dash dash dot dot dash dot dot dash dash dash.

Germon finds out and says, "Kilogram." Two options appeared which were - two dots or one dash. He chose the first option wisely. The circle turned into a diagram of mass with kilogram written down.Bookmark here

The next sound plays and the image appears again, this time in two circles, which were the first and third. Germon looked at it more carefully but the only one he knew was the first one, the image of a sand clock. Looking at the previous answer, he answered, "time."

Morse code appears in the circle, which was - dot dot dot dot dash dot dash dot dash dash dash dash dot dash dot dot.Bookmark here

Then it took some time but he replied, "Second." The circle was converted to a time diagram and the second was written below. The next option that appeared was Nothing.

Germon asked Reina, "Why didn't it show any option?"Bookmark here

Reina replies, "I told you already, dot and dash are limited, so you will get some or not."

Germon asked her to play the ninth sound. As she played, an image appeared on the sixth circle, which was a candle reflecting its flame on the wall. He tries to examine it and as time goes by, Reina asks him the answer but he says I don't know because it was difficult for him to understand it.Bookmark here

Now only three circles remained to answer and chance was left one within one hour, Germon had to clear that. 

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