Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Toaru Kagaku no Magician

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Ishiki Kōrihi woke up in a state of shock. The sharp noise of his alarm clock was the first thing he heard. Irritated, he turned it off with his fist. A brief glint, followed by a blasting noise, occurred at the moment his hand impacted against the device. A small heatwave was emitted by the remains of the appliance, emanating a thin smoke scroll, almost invisible.Bookmark here

His humor was dreadful. Not only he was incapable of finishing his questioning, but also the one who forced him to retreat like a dog with its tail between their legs was just a loli, a girl that looked like an elementary schooler.Bookmark here

Even though it would be more appropriate to say that the girl brought reinforcements, and the presence of these (the Anti-Skill, an organization in charge of containing rampage Ability Users) was what made him run away from the scene. Nonetheless, it wasn't exactly that way.Bookmark here

It was well known by the 2.3 million inhabitants of Academy City that that small girl, one head lower than Ishiki, was a really strong Level 4.Bookmark here

Even so, how the hell I allowed that midget to make me run away like a coward? he thought.Bookmark here

"Damn you, Kuroko Shirai...", he muttered between his teeth, grinding them with anger. His rage gurgled in a way that he really considered skipping classes just to go and beat up that girl.Bookmark here

No. I shouldn't, he thought. We have the same level, so a confrontation would be matched.Bookmark here

But she is from Judgment. Attacking her would turn me into an even worse criminal. I won't be different from those vulgar Ability Users-murderers.Bookmark here

Cursing between his teeth, he got up from the bed. He needed to calm down, or his classmates would suspect that something had occurred. He went to the bathroom and, after looking at the mirror, he couldn't avoid contorting his face in an expression of displeasure.Bookmark here

He had two big hematomas, at both sides of his face, right where Shirai kicked him. His cheekbones were swollen and had a purple coloration, and he might have had bone fissures due to the fight.Bookmark here

Nevertheless, his fractures were what worried him the less.Bookmark here

His biggest worry was finding an excuse by the moment she asked.Bookmark here

For a moment, the image of a girl with dark hazel hair appeared in his mind. Without being able to avoid it, a light blush appeared in his cheeks.Bookmark here

He knew how much she hated him picking up fights unnecessarily, and if she found about what he was doing during the latest week she'll probably end up crying.Bookmark here

But this is something I must do. If Judgment nor Anti-Skill are giving the importance needed to what's happening, then I'll do it personally.Bookmark here

However, what troubled him the most was exactly that. The fact that the most important unities of justice in Academy City were overlooking those events was something abnormal, even speaking about a place like that, where 2.3 million people passed through tests to stimulate and develop abilities beyond normal. That city, in the central area of Tokyo, where science and medicine have advanced so much that they were envied by governments all around the world was simply ignoring the murders of Ability Users that occurred in recent days.Bookmark here

Even though, it was more like the directors of Academy City were deliberately slowing down the investigation.Bookmark here

With an intent to calm down his concerns, he washed his face. The cold water accomplished cleansing his thoughts, like purifying and lighten up his emotional charge. Now that he was more relaxed, he returned to his room. While dressing up in his uniform, he ignored the growing smoke scroll that ascended dangerously from the place where his alarm clock was before.Bookmark here

And then, without previous warning, a deafening alarm started ringing.Bookmark here

"What the hell is happening now?!", yelled Ishiki, returning to his previous mood.Bookmark here

Suddenly, like responding to his reclaim, the automatic sprinklers in the roof activated, spraying water all over the apartment.Bookmark here

"No, no, no, no! Dammit, not again!"Bookmark here

This time wrathful, he gave a strong kick to the nightstand, lighting it up in a fire that was immediately appeased by the artificial rain caused by the fire system.Bookmark here

"DAMN IT!", he yelled, at the same time the sprinklers turned off after finishing with the heat sources in the room.Bookmark here

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