Chapter 12:

Sometimes Banging On The Gates Help More Than Pushing The Gates

The Netherworld : Awakening

"Wait. I had no idea that third-whatever-captain will be like this."
"Huh? You said you will get her permission. And she not third-whatever-captain, she is Third division Captain Omivias."Bookmark here

"Well, I know, but that doesn't matter right now. What matters is how are we going to get her permission?"Bookmark here

"Don't think that I will help you with this. You are the one who agreed. So, it's all your responsibility to get the permission."Bookmark here

After Dagon's last proposal, or should I say Satori's bargain with Dagon, we now have to get the permission of one ruler of the netherworld and one captain. I haven't told you yet, but in the netherworld, captains are grand dukes rank who control several legions of demons. There is a total of 12 captains in the netherworld each controlling different legions of demons. These 12 captains are divided into four divisions, and each division has three captains. Third division Captain Omivias, from whom we need to get permission, is unfortunately known for her aggressive and ruthless nature. She is the captain of all the beast demons and under her command are the demons who excel in strength and physique.Bookmark here

Satori even said that she is the third strongest demon among the 12 captains.Bookmark here

"Well, what's done is done. Now getting her permission is all you have to do."Bookmark here

Luemon says it without any concern.Bookmark here

"Do you think it will be easy?"Bookmark here

Satori asks Luemon.Bookmark here

We are currently on our way to our destination, which is third-whatever-captain's mansion, it is in Ars Almadel. We decided that after we somehow get third-whatever-captain's permission (which both Satori and I don't think is going to happen) we will try to get the permission of lord Astaroth who is the ruler of Ars Almadel. Bookmark here

None of us thinks that it's going to be easy to get even one permission.Bookmark here

Except for one.Bookmark here

"Don't worry. I am sure you will get the permissions. Though, I am not sure if you can get the other one's permission. But do whatever you need to do to get the permissions."Bookmark here

Luemon says it with certainty and excitement as if she knows that I will get the permissions for sure.Bookmark here

I don't know if she saying it to cheer me up or is making fun of me, but I know one thing that it is super motivating to hear that. It's somehow giving me hope.Bookmark here

Seeing Luemon cheer me up, Satori also tries to cheer me up and... Bookmark here

"Yes, do whatever is need to be done. If they ask you to clean their clothes with your tongue then clean their clothes with your tongue, if they ask you to eat maggot, then eat maggot, and if they ask you to die, then just die."Bookmark here

…he ruins it. There goes all my motivation and hope thanks to certain someone.Bookmark here

After travelling for 3 hours. We are right outside the third-whatever-captain's mansion. Well, it was only about half an hour from gate to infinite gates to this mansion, but thanks to Luemon who kept getting lost and due to her great appetite, our travel time changed from half an hour to 3 hours.Bookmark here

"We are finally here."Bookmark here

I say it totally exhausted.Bookmark here

"It would have been faster, but thanks to certain someone, it took us forever to reach here."Bookmark here

Satori starts piercing Luemon with his sharp gaze.Bookmark here

"I-I wonder what you are talking about?"Bookmark here

Luemon says it while looking in a complete direction.Bookmark here

Satori then walks toward the guard who is standing outside the gates of the mansion. Seeing Satori walking towards him, he bows down. Bookmark here

"Hmm. So, useless demons like him are also treated well."Bookmark here

I say it to myself in a low voice, so Luemon doesn't hear me. Speaking of Luemon, she looks kind of...Bookmark here

"Are you okay?"Bookmark here

I asked, seeing her behaving a little different.Bookmark here

"Y-Yeah! I-I am fine. It just feels like my stomach is not well."Bookmark here

Luemon says it while trying to look completely fine.Bookmark here

"Endure it a little. After we get in the mansion, you can use their bathroom."Bookmark here

"T-That I'll do for sure. Even if t-they oppose me."Bookmark here

I don't think anyone will oppose you on that. Bookmark here

"Okay. Let's go. I got the permission to get inside...hmm, what's wrong with you? Are you on your perio--"Bookmark here

Satori was going to say something inappropriate but couldn't say it because Luemon punches Satori right in his guts.Bookmark here

"W-Well, that's my line. L-Looks like you are on one. Shame on you, and you call yourself a demon."Bookmark here

Luemon tries to stay calm.Bookmark here

"That's enough, both of you. Let's get going."Bookmark here

I say it while slipping between them to stop their let's-insult-each-other-to-their-death-game before it starts.Bookmark here

"We have to meet someone so let's not waste time here, and Luemon, don't you have an urgent call to attend and Satori..."Bookmark here

Satori looks toward me, confused. Bookmark here

"...just die. That's the least you can do for us."Bookmark here

"W-Why me? You are quite fortunate that I-I am not in good condition right now. If I was, then...this would have been a different story."Bookmark here

Satori says it while holding his stomach with both of his hands.Bookmark here

We made it inside the mansion and were standing in front of a large gate, which like the other gates I encountered, was emitting the same you-will-be-calling-your-death-if-you-open-it aura.Bookmark here

"Is this her--"Bookmark here

I swallowed my words back after looking at Satori standing nervous.Bookmark here

Luemon is currently not with us because she had to soil this mansion's bathroom. So, it's just me and Satori, not that Satori will be of any use beyond these gates because I have to go alone. I gulped.Bookmark here

"Okay."Bookmark here

I say it and then place my hands on the gates and apply some force to open them. But--"Huff...huff...huff..."Bookmark here

"what are you doing?" Bookmark here

Satori asks, seeing me unable to open the gates and also out of breath.Bookmark here

"Damn...these gates aren't opening. What should--"Bookmark here

"Step aside..."Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"You are a human. So it's expected. Watch me."Bookmark here

Satori says it, and then he places his hands on the gates and...Bookmark here

"Huff...huff...huff."Bookmark here

And he successfully fails. If he was intending to fail then he succeeded in doing that. "This leaves us no choice but to..."I say it with the most serious look on my face and the most serious voice I can.Bookmark here

Satori's eyes are focused on me.Bookmark here

The silence took over the place for a second that even Satori's gulp was audible to me. Bookmark here

 -Bang, bang!Bookmark here

-Bang, bang!Bookmark here

"Someone, please open the gates."Bookmark here

We both started banging on the gates as hard as we can and were shouting to open the gates.Bookmark here

"What the shit are you making me do? You dumb retarded human?"Bookmark here

Satori shouts at me while grabbing my collar.Bookmark here

"Well, what choice do we have. We can't push open these gates, so that leaves us with this option only..."Bookmark here

And then suddenly the gate opens. Bookmark here

"...see they opened the gates for us."Bookmark here

Satori doesn't look happy with it. He let go of me, and then and I walk inside, after I enter the room the gates close. Bookmark here

The room isn't something special but is like an old-style office with tables and chairs and old fashioned sofas. There is also a big chair and table in front of me with a glass wall behind it. Maybe that's the third-whatever-captain's work desk which is currently empty. But a little before that two demons are sitting on their respective desks on opposite sides to each other with tones of paper and they are continuously looking at me. Bookmark here

 "Hello."Bookmark here

I say it after noticing their continuous gaze at me.Bookmark here

Ignoring me, they started doing the work they were doing. After a moment, two demons make their sudden appearance in the room out of nowhere. One of them walks toward me while the other one...vanishes?. The other one is gone, looks like he went back. The one who walked towards me stands in front of me and then asks.Bookmark here

"Who are you? Introduce yourself."Bookmark here

Her voice is a little feminine, which I wasn't expecting. It is also a little heavy but not that much. I can't see her face properly because she is wearing a long hooded coat and the cloth which she is wearing underneath is covering her mouth. I can only see her eyes a little.Bookmark here

From the I moment came here, I have been just introducing myself every now and then. Damn, this is making me--Bookmark here

"Y-Yes, I am Yu--" Bookmark here

Huh?... Everything is kind of...getting blurry. And also why is the ground so unstable? No, maybe it's I who is unstable. Bookmark here

"Hey! Are you okay?--" Bookmark here

Everything in front of me starts to fade away, and then...Bookmark here

"--are you--"Bookmark here

… I lose my consciousness and fall on the floor.Bookmark here

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