Chapter 2:

Meeting A Superhero(and Villain)

Do Superheroes Have Interns?

The train finally makes its stop in Clash City. As it does, Truman grabs his stuff and walks out of the train. He takes a breath of fresh air to take in the atmosphere around him.Bookmark here

So this is Clash City. Where superheroes and villains actually exist. I never thought a place like this could be in real life.Bookmark here

Truman makes his way out of the train station and into the bustling city streets. He looks around to his left and right, surprised by the number of people walking around. Several hundreds of people were walking by and pushing on through their daily lives.Bookmark here

This is my first time in a city like this. I wonder if they're all this crowded.Bookmark here

"You look lost," stated a voice from behind him. "Is this your first time in Clash?" It was a man's voice that spoke in a deep and dramatic tone much like a Victorian era playwright. Bookmark here

Truman turned to face the person speaking to him and replied with, "Yeah. I mean... Yes. Yes it is." As he finished turning around, Truman could now see that the person talking to him was not an ordinary person.Bookmark here

The person standing before Truman was a man with an interesting look to him as his hair and clothing was a mesh of abstract coloring. He had tendril-like hair that were each different colors. He had red, black, green, white, blue, and yellow hair coloring. He wore a dark purple visor over his eyes with green lights to represent his eyes. He was dressed in black gothic clothing but it looked like somebody had splashed him with several paint buckets of different colors to match his hair. In his hand, he held a long black staff that he occasionally twirled around.Bookmark here

"Sorry, Kid," he said. "Nothing personal but I need a hostage and you seem like an easy target."Bookmark here

As Truman noticed the supervillain before him, so did the people around him. People began to flee far from the bustling street and called out for a superhero as they ran away.Bookmark here

"This can't be happening," said Truman. "I haven't even been here for five minutes and I've already run into a villain. And if I recall correctly, you must be the villain named Psychedelic. People call you Psyche for short."Bookmark here

"Oh," said Psyche, "you did your homework, Kid."Bookmark here

"I've looked into heroes and villains that have been active here as of late. And I'm not stupid enough to just let myself get kidnapped either!" Truman then dashed in the direction of the nearest crowd of people and tried to zoom past them to get away from Psyche.Bookmark here

Psyche casually walked through the streets while still chasing after Truman. "Now if you really looked into me, you would know that you can't escape that easily."Bookmark here

 Psyche twirled his staff and pointed one end towards the crowd that Truman had fled into. As he did, the staff began to glow and several black ropes that resembled tentacles began to emerge from the tip. Within a matter of seconds, the tentacles had chased after Truman and wrapped themselves around his arms and legs rendering him immobile. They held Truman down onto his knees as Psyche began to walk towards him slowly.Bookmark here

"Crap!" Truman shouted. "Let me go!"Bookmark here

"I can't tell you how many times I've heard that," stated Psyche. Bookmark here

"What the hell do you want with me?!"Bookmark here

"I just need to make some demands. Having a hostage or two increases the chances of getting what I want."Bookmark here

"Damn it all... I didn’t expect my first day to go like this at all."Bookmark here

"Don't be so glum, Kid. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time is all."Bookmark here

Suddenly, a voice hollers out to these two in the street.Bookmark here

"Halt, villain!" The voice is empowering and heroic. Bookmark here

As Truman and Psyche look to see who it is, they see Six standing before them.Bookmark here

"You got here fast, Mr. Hero," commented Psyche.Bookmark here

"Well to be honest I was here coincidentally," stated Six. "I was testing out some new gear around these parts and I happened to notice a lot of civilians feeling from this direction."Bookmark here

"Well I guess my hostage here isn't so unlucky after all." Psyche then retracted the tentacles into his staff and began walking away.Bookmark here

Truman stumbled as the ropes let go of him and then stood back up on his feet.Bookmark here

"You're not going to fight?" Truman asked.Bookmark here

"No," stated Psyche, simply. "I don't feel like getting into a scuffle today. I have important matters to attend to later." Psyche then walked over to a nearby alleyway and slipped into the shadows.Bookmark here

"Well surely, Six will capture you and turn you in. Isn't that right, Six?"Bookmark here

As Truman turned to look at Six, the hero had already jumped onto the roof of a nearby building.Bookmark here

"Oh, sorry young man," said Six. "But I have to meet with someone soon. So if I can avoid fighting villains in the meantime I will." Six then leapt from building to building away from the area.Bookmark here

Truman stood there for a moment absolutely stunned by what he had just witnessed.Bookmark here

What just happened? And Six must have been talking about meeting with me! If he had just waited, I could've explained that I'm his new intern.Bookmark here

Truman sighed and then picked up his suitcase that had fallen on the ground.Bookmark here

Hopefully, today will get better after I officially meet with Six. I should hurry before I get wrapped up in another predicament.Bookmark here

Truman followed the directions given to him by email that would lead him to Six's base of operations. As he arrived at the supposed destination, Truman looked up at an ordinary looking house and then back at the directions.Bookmark here

I think I have the wrong place... But this is where the directions lead me to though. I suppose it doesn't hurt to knock and ask if I have the right place.Bookmark here

Truman walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. As he did, a woman from inside had opened up the door. The woman looked to be in her late twenties or so. She has long red hair with braids in the back and gray eyes. She had dark red lipstick on as well. She was wearing a beautiful black dress with a red ribbon around her waist and black heels. She was also wearing a necklace and a few bracelets that looked rather expensive.Bookmark here

"Good afternoon," she greeted.Bookmark here

"Hello, Ma'am," Truman said nervously, his cheeks flushed.Bookmark here

"How can I help you, young man?" The woman spoke in a comforting and accepting tone.Bookmark here

"Oh um... I was just wondering if Mr. Six's, base was around here somewhere and if you knew where it is."Bookmark here

"Ah," she said, as she realized who the boy in front of her was. "You must be the intern my husband had just hired."Bookmark here

"Husband?" Truman was surprised to hear that this woman was married to Six.Bookmark here

She then turned around and called out, "Darling, your intern is here!" She then turned back to Truman and said, "Oh my. Where are my manners? I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Serenity. Please, come on in."Bookmark here

As Serenity had let Truman inside of the house, two others had entered the room as well. One was a tall sturdy looking man wearing a formal black suit with a white inner button up shirt and fancy gray tie. He was wearing Six's mask so it would appear that this well-dressed individual was the superhero that Truman had been looking forward to meeting with.Bookmark here

The other, was a small child that was holding onto Six's hand. The boy had unkempt brown hair and gray eyes. His brown hair as well as his skin tone matched Six's while his eyes were the same color as Serenity's.Bookmark here

"Welcome to my home," said Six. "I see that you've already talked to my wife, so now I'd like you to meet our son, Justice."Bookmark here

"Oh, hello," said Truman. He was now nervous again because he did not expect the meeting with Six to be like this at all. He felt as if he had just met with a friend's parents for the first time and needed to make a good first impression. "It's nice to meet all of you. My name is Truman Civil."Bookmark here

As Six looked at Truman, he pondered for a moment. After a few seconds he went, "Ah! I thought you looked familiar. You were the fellow that Psyche had tried to use as a hostage earlier today. Well what were the odds that you were the intern I was waiting for?" He then began laughing to himself.Bookmark here

Truman gave out a nervous laugh and said, "Yeah, I know what you mean. But anyway, Mr. Six, I have a few questions about the internship."Bookmark here

"Of course," said Six. "Also you don't need to call me by my hero name in private." Six began to remove his mask then pulled out a pair of glasses from his pocket and put them on . "My name is Harold Goodman."Bookmark here

Truman then screamed and said, "Sir, are you sure you want to show me your secret identity so easily?!"Bookmark here

"I don't see why not," replied Six. "You're going to be working with me from now on, so it's only natural that you should know who I am mask or no mask."Bookmark here

"If you say so..." Truman had still felt uncomfortable about this but decided to let it go if Six was alright with it. "Okay, so Mr. Goodman then?"Bookmark here

"Yes, feel free to ask whatever you'd like."Bookmark here

"So first off, you said you were looking for an intern in the ad. However, you didn't exactly entail what you would want me to do."Bookmark here

"Right. Well to be honest, I'm mainly looking for someone who can get a few things done for me around the house when neither Serenity or I have the time to do it. Also someone who can help me take care of paperwork. So in summary, a housekeeper slash assistant."Bookmark here

"Oh, I see." Truman figured that it was something like that but was hoping for something more exciting related to his hero work.Bookmark here

"Are you disappointed by something?" Six noticed the discouragement in Truman's voice.Bookmark here

"Oh, not at all sir. I figured it was going to be something like that. My next question is that you also mention in the ad that I would you would lend me a comfortable living space while I work for you. What did you mean by this exactly?"Bookmark here

"Oh, that's simple. We have a spare room in the house so we'd let you live here with us."Bookmark here

"Are you sure about that, Mr. Goodman? I don't want to intrude."Bookmark here

"It's no trouble at all," stated Six.Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it, Sweetie," added Serenity. "We don't mind the company at all. And besides, Justice could use a new playmate after all." She motions to Justice who then ran up to her side.Bookmark here

As Justice goes up to his mother, he gives her a big hug. He then turns to Truman and says, "So you're Daddy's new sidekick? Are you also going to build him some new toys?"Bookmark here

"No, I'm just here to help with simple things," said Truman. "And did you say toys?"Bookmark here

"He's talking about my hero devices," stated Six. "All of my gadgets are made by my weapons specialist. You'll meet with them another time, they're busy today. Also, don't think that you'll just be doing boring stuff all the time. The longer you work for me, the more chances you'll get to see me in action."Bookmark here

Truman smiled back at Six and said, "Yes sir!"Bookmark here

"Please do make yourself at home. I'll let you rest a bit before I put you to work."Bookmark here

"Oh, don't worry about me, Mr. Goodman. I can get started as soon as you need me to."Bookmark here

"Is that right? Well in that case, I'd like you to do something for me this evening if possible."Bookmark here

"You can count on me. What do you need?"Bookmark here

"Serenity and I were hoping to go out later today but we weren't able to get anyone to watch Justice for us so we were just about to cancel our dinner plans. But if you're raring to go already, could you please babysit our son while we go out tonight?"Bookmark here

"Of course Mr. Goodman. You can count on me."Bookmark here

"Your help is much appreciated, Truman. I look forward to your help from now on."Bookmark here

"I'll do whatever you require of me, sir."Bookmark here

Truman felt a bit of anxiousness in his stomach now. But more than that, he felt an obligation to be helpful to the man he would be working under for the foreseeable future. He felt a sense of duty and responsibility that would act as his motivation from this day forward. However, he was not aware of the revelation that he would soon learn.Bookmark here

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