Chapter 14:

Rongi know whereabouts of remaining pages

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

Now he has only an hour left, Germon has to figure out the rest of the image and answer the Morse code then he has to figure out the final big answer with the help of them.

Suddenly Reina laughs and says, "Look, I said you will regret taking a break and now my revenge will be complete and you all suffer, especially you beige midi hair girl."

Ashya shouts from inside the cage, "We don't need your concern and the game isn't over yet, bitch." Jon was also agreeing with Ashya.

"Whatever! You midi hair." Reina replies.

Then Germon requested, "Can you show me all the remaining images in the circle at the same time?"

"Hahaha! Looks like you really have a losing plan." She says and then accepts his request," Sure, pompadour boy." she says

Jon demanded, "So can you give us two minutes for that or not? It probably won't be that much of a problem for you."

"Why would I do that?" Reina asked.

"Oh! You're afraid you'll lose." he taunts her.

Hearing this, she accepts the demand and gives two minutes to examine the image. "Yet it won't come in my way in getting revenge on you all." she says.

Germon says, "Thanks, Jon." After that everyone also encouraged him.

Reina played the sound one last time and said, "I can see that my revenge will be complete." The image then appears in all remaining circles. Which was second, third and sixth place. Germon watches them carefully and tries to examine them. The second circle image was of two people at a distance, then the third circle image was of a unit containing lots of tiny particles, and the last was the sixth, a candle reflecting the flame on the wall.

Two minutes passed and Reina asked, "So did you get any of these answers?"

Germon confidently said, "Yes! So the second circle was of image - length, then the third was the amount of substance and the sixth was what I couldn't say last time - luminous intensity.

Reina said, "Tsk! Never mind! I can still get back in the game. So now Morse code will appear in each circle one by one." Morse code first appears on the second circle, which was - dash dash dot dash dot dot dash dot.

Germon who knew and remembered Morse code very well. It was no big deal for him to answer it. So he says, "Meter."

This was correct, then a Morse appeared on the third circle, which was - dash dash dash dash dash dot dash dot dot dot.

Germon answered it again, "Mole, isn't it." Which was also correct, finally the morse code appears on the sixth image which was - dash dot dash dot dot dash dash dot dash dot dot dot dot dash dot dot dot dash.

Germon also readily respond with confident urging inside him, "Candela."

Reina shouts, "Right! Right! Right! But still I can get my revenge. Choose dash and dot wisely for the final answer within this forty five minutes."

Germon says, "I don't need to be told I know it."

"Looks like he's back in action." Ashya says.

After that an option appears which was - seven dots, five dashes and two dots and one dash.

Germon already had three dots and three dashes. He himself says, "The way I see the other answer, I can tell what the last answer is."

Based on this he chose the first option. Then Reina asked, "What is the last answer?"

Germon says, "SI units. The meter, mole, kelvin, ampere, candela, kilogram, and second are the basic units, or SI units. The way you answered Morse code are SI units."

She laughs, "Hahaha! Try it out."

Germon went to the screen where a keyboard was in Morse code, with dots and dashes written on the top of the screen to see how much he could use.

He types the answer when he sees that there is still one more dot left. Reina starts laughing and says, "You all have failed. My revenge is complete and I will annihilate all of you." Germon was trying to connect with Zhu, but she was not listening. Ashya shouts angrily, "Even when I thought you were good, you show why I call you a bitch."

"It's enough, Reina. Stop there." Another voice came. Jon recognized this voice and said, "It's been a while, Mr.Zel."

"Yeah! Jon. And I'm sorry my subordinates are causing trouble for all of you." He says.

Zel then told the truth, "The choice he gave you was false. The correct choices were eight dots, five dashes, and three dots, or one dash."

"Oh! I see now." Germon says.

"Don't worry you've all passed this stage. You can move on." Zel responds.

Jon asked, "Why are you helping us?"

"Don't get it wrong, I'm not helping you. I want it to be fair and square. From the next stage my people will be the host and they won't trouble all of you." He says.

He then freed us from the cage, gave us the key as it was the second checkpoint and another key to release the hostage who was ahead.

When Jon and Ashya came out of the cage, they ran towards Germon and hugged him. Jon says,"You really freaked us out." Ashya agrees with that. Germon answers,"Yeah I planned that, so you and Ashya sometime can agree on the same thing." Then they all laugh. Kyora also praised him by grabbing the princess because she was still sleeping.

They thought of going ahead on the next stage but the princess is still asleep, so Germon puts her on his back again. When they approached the exit of the sixteen compartment, they found a man in a blue waistcoat, his leg was chained. And he was also unconscious. They went there to see him closely.

Zel put Reina in some chamber and said, "You didn't have to go that far, Reina. You know our mission is not just to make them erased, He will rage on you."

"I don't want to hear anything from you, traitor." She answers.

Zel laughed,"That's why you are there and I'm here." He left, then he reached some place like the big hall. He kneels down and says, "As you order, I have put Reina in the isolation chamber, Your Excellency."

Now in the East Japan Railway Company, when Rasya arrives and shows a letter on desk. She opens it and quotes,"Rasya, I'm going out somewhere to meet someone until then please take care of the thing while I'm away."

The place where Chairman Ryochi Sougo went in the early morning and the person he wanted to meet was none other than Mr.Tarahashi. When he enter the office, he asked the receptionist to say Mr.Tarahashi that Chairman Ryochi Sougo has come to visit him. But Sento Kadokawa showed him to a nearby receptionist, recognised and took him to where Mr.Tarahashi was.

Mr.Tarahashi was in a different cabin,drinking beer and thinking when his son would come back. With earpods in his ear.

Then Sento informs Rongi that Chairman Ryochi is here. He told Sento to Tell him to come inside. Chairman Ryochi entered the cabin and as he sat on a chair, he asked,"Do you know anything about Eiji Mikawa?"

"Why are you interested in him?" Rongi suspiciously asked. Then he added," Leave that, have this earpod and listen."

He gave earpod to Chairman Ryochi, he was shocked to hear what Rongi was and then frustrated he said," You were spying on me."

"Of Course! You Sougo's are really sometimes a pain in the ass." He says as turning his chair to look at the face of Chairman Ryochi.

"But when?"Chairman Ryochi asked.Then he remembered,"Oh! That's why you came early yesterday to not visit me because you wanted to spy on me."

"Sorry but I had to do that, to know how you are finding the way to save those passengers." He says and apologizes.

Chairman Ryochi asked,"So, now you also know the story, tell me the whereabouts of Eiji Mikawa?"

Before answering that, Rongi tells Sento to bring some tea for them. Rongi then replies,"Before we start talking, why don't you freshen yourself with some tea?"

Sento put two cups on the desk and poured tea. Then chairman Ryochi took the first sip and said," Now answer my question."

"But why are you asking about him?" He questioned.

Chairman Ryochi tells Rongi that some pages are missing from the diary and if he guesses, that remaining page is with Eiji Mikawa. Because Eiji and his dad were very close friends.

Rongi says,"If it is the case, then come with me. I think I have an idea." They both left the Tarahashi Company.

On the other hand,Germon had unchained the blue waistcoat hostage man. And Jon was shaking his head very fastly to awaken him. When Germon showed his face clearly he recognised him and said," Shingo Suzuki, Father of Yua Suzuki."

He opened his eyes and saw Five people were in Front of him. But his eyeball is only able to see those three gallant girls. He looks up and says,"Looks like I'm again dreaming about the Harem situation."

Kyora whispers in Ashya's ear," Aren't he saying like a pervert?" Ashya replies," Don't worry, just stick to me."

Germon bent down and asked," Are you okay,Mr.Suzuki?" He saw Germon closely and said," Oh! Germon, it is you. It's been such a long time, we last met."

Germon stood him and said,"Yes! Mr.Suzuki. Can you walk? He says." Yes!"

"For now let's go from here." Jon says.

They all went for their seventh stage with one more member adding with them.