Chapter 33:

Before The Tournament


As March arrived, I've gotten much better at combat, not having to use underhanded tactics to get things done. I was doing soft sparing with Carter, practicing a few advanced moves. I was doing a double kick to finish off the training. "Great job, son!" He yelled. I laughed and did a handshake with him, celebrating a bit. in a week the guards do a fighting tournament to relieve some stress from the war. The winner gets a nice clock and some food. Sure, it sounds useless now, but I need that clock because it's an old-world clock. These clocks have a tiny amount of radiation components and high volatile wires. Perfect for a pipe bomb. These clowns are big, strong. They aren't quick like me though. Bookmark here

After my training, I sat with my trainer, scouting my competition. The sixteen-man bracket got released about an hour ago, and I wanted to see who was my first round competition. Carter pointed to the smaller man. He had a messy afro and stubble. "They call him The Ant." Carter started. "Ant is the small tough dude type. He's gonna quicker than you, so for once you'll have to overpower the man, got it?" Bookmark here

I nod and look around. "Anybody else of note?" Bookmark here

"Eh..." Carter looks around and smacks his lips. "Yeah. On the other side of the bracket, there's a woman who's undefeated. They simply call her Kaos." He points to the dangerous woman, sitting, surrounded by her underlings. She's Asian, covered in tattoos, and she had short black hair with slight streaks of gray. Her tattoos had a story of her own. flowers and dragons travel across her body. "Rumor has it, she was Yakuza. She moved to Arizona to retire early. Once the bombs dropped, she thought she could win the Intro Wars, so she resisted the NRF with her own army. Of course, she lost. As punishment, she was delt the shame of capture."Bookmark here

"Why does she even fight?"Bookmark here

Carter gives me a shrug. "Nobody knows. She just beats everyone silently and takes the food."Bookmark here

"Thankfully, I got myself on the opposite side of the bracket"Bookmark here

We eventually started walking back to the cell room once yard time was over. "So, what were you like before the bombs dropped?" I asked. Bookmark here

"Herbalist. I love plants."Bookmark here

"Oh? You like working out on the side too, yeah?"Bookmark here

"Well, I come from a long line of wrestlers. My dad was one of the best, actually. I didn't like to hurt people, though. I liked nature. He didn't care, so he made big and strong. I can't complain, but I'd rather have the choice." Bookmark here

I shake my head slowly. "I know a guy who'd love you."Bookmark here

"Oh? He must like wrestling."Bookmark here

"I wouldn't be surprised..."Bookmark here

A few nights before the tournament, Gen taps me awake. "You got no ink. I need to change that."Bookmark here

"What?" I groaned, sitting up. Bookmark here

"You're in prison now, it should be a rule at this point." Bookmark here

"I have given zero thought of a tattoo." I slowly take off my shirt. I might as well. Who am I to say no to anything free?Bookmark here

Genny gets her makeshift tools ready. "I got an idea," She proudly says. Bookmark here

I lie on the bed, getting my back worked on slowly. after about an hour she started working on my shoulders. I then sit up to also have her work on my chest as well. Eventually, she finishes. I stand and turn, looking at my back. It was seven faces, they all had different expressions, circling my back. I smile, liking the design. "And who are they?" I ask.
Bookmark here

"The seven gods of luck. Japanese thing. I thought it was pretty cool, considering all the stories you told."Bookmark here

"Yeah, it's dope! My chest..." I turn to see the chest, my right pec got a tarot card on it. Of course, it's the fool. "Clever," I say, laughing. Bookmark here

"You know me. Ready to kick ass, Dopeman?"Bookmark here

"Of course!"Bookmark here

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