Chapter 2:

Setting off.

Heavenly Blade.

Time passed quickly for the two children after their promise was made. To prepare themselves for the long and arduous journey ahead of them, they undertook training from the village elder.

As the only person in the village with any real combat experience, he spent the years leading up to the day they would be leaving the village, teaching them everything he knew.

The parents of the two had decided that they weren't allowed to leave the village until they had both turned 17. While it was partly due to concerns for there safety, they had also hoped the children would change their minds about going on their adventure.

But as their birthdays came and went, their minds were still set on heading out into the world. In search of the illusive artifacts.

It wasn't long before the day of their departure had arrived.

Lucas and Felicia got up at the crack of dawn and made their way to the wagon they had been gifted by the village. All that was left for them to do, was lift the supply crates onto the wagon.

“Felicia?” A kind looking woman said, approaching Felicia who was holding a rather heavy looking crate.

Felicia put down the crate she was holding and turned around. “Morning, mom.”

Felicia's mom smiled. “You know I wouldn't miss seeing you off.” She paused for a moment. “Now are you absolutely certain you want to do this? No one will blame you if you and Lucas want to stay in the village.”

“I've already told you. We're not backing out now. Besides. If we did, the years we spent  training with the elder Samson would of been a waste.”

“All right. I won't ask you again. Just promise me that you'll visit from time to time.”

“I promise.” Felicia turned to talk to Lucas, who she quickly realized had vanished. “Mom? Did you see where Lucas went?”

“We passed each other a minute ago. Why?” 

“Why does he always sneak off? Did you ask where he was going?”

“He mentioned something about visiting Elder Samson's grave.”

“Got it. Be back in a few.”

Ever since Elder Samson had passed away, Lucas had visited his grave a few times a week. As he was much closer to the elder than she or anyone else in the village was, he took his death the hardest.

Approaching the village cemetery, she could see that Lucas was kneeling in front of a large, grey tombstone. Hands together and eyes closed.

“Saying goodbye to elder Samson?” Felicia asked, walking up to Lucas. Lucas opened his eyes and turned his head to look at Felicia. 

“Yeah. I couldn't leave without telling him.” He said, getting to his feet.

“Well, if you're done can you help me with the rest of the supplies?”


By the time the two walked back to the wagon, a large crowd had gathered. The residents lf the village, all ready to see them off.

“We took the liberty of moving the rest of the supplies.” Lucas' dad said. “Just promise me that you two'll stay safe.” His gaze focused on Felicia. “Keep an eye on my boy, you hear?”

“Don't worry about us, sir.” She said. 

After the two finished saying their goodbyes, they both hopped on the wagon. The horses neighed as Felicia grabbed the reins. “Alright.” She said, as the wagon moved towards the exit of the village. Let's get this adventure started!”

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