Chapter 34:

The Tournament Of Dogs, Part 1


The time has come. There is no name for the tournament, but the prisoners coined it 'The Tournament of Dogs.' We all gather around the yard, forming a makeshift ring for the contestants to fight in. I wasn't fighting first. It was Kaos going up against Adam. Adam was some tough guy from RN. He was an average build, with the markings of a former gang member. It'll be a great chance to see Kaos in action. The warden steps in the middle, getting ready to speak. Bookmark here

"Listen up! Welcome to the tournament. You all know the rules. No killing. No running. Other than that it's fair game. Now, I want Adam and Kaos up here first. Let's get this show on the road." The crowd starts to cheer as the pair gets ready to fight. Bookmark here

Genny and Carter were behind me, talking. Bookmark here

"I got a pack of smokes that Kaos snaps his hand," Carter chimes. Bookmark here

"I got two saying she'll go for the arm," Genny replies. Bookmark here

I scoff as the fight starts. Adam was in a boxing pose while Kaos was in a kickboxing stance. Adam tested the waters, throwing quick jabs and backing up. Kaos was dodging them effortlessly. Perhaps he was being too comfortable, due to him not being able to see the quick kick to his side. It was sudden, and it hit like a brick due to that loud impact. Kaos took advantage of Adam's recoiling and took a hold of his head. She proceeded to put the knees to his face heavily, destroying his face with her knee lifts. Eventually, Adam pushed her away, drunkenly trying to go for a right hook. Kaos catches it, kicks his leg to bring him to his knees, and snaps his arm in half after driving her knee through it. He screams, but the screams are quickly silenced by a final kick to the jaw. He was on the ground, shaking. She silently stands over him and walks away. Kaos moves on. The crowd goes wild. Bookmark here

"Pay up old man!" Gen yells.Bookmark here

Carter groans. "Shoot!"Bookmark here

That's a dangerous woman. Bookmark here

The warden summons people to drag Adam away. "Next up, I want Dopeman and Mobly."Bookmark here

"It's The Ant!" The small man chimes, stepping out. I do the same, removing my top. Bookmark here

"Good luck, man," I say, smiling. Bookmark here

He laughs. "Yeah, for you!" Bookmark here

The fight starts. The Ant uses his speed early, going for a quick jab. I spin out the way and trip him, backing up. He hops up to hit me again, but I move so effortlessly. I feel amazing. I then stop on a dime and go for one big punch in the gut, then a mighty kick to the head. His head bounces off the unforgiving dirt. I back up as Ant stumbled up. He went to flip me off. I laugh as I run in for a massive dropkick to the face, landing on my feet as he crashes to the floor, knocked out. I smile and shrug. I move on. Bookmark here

Dopeman is back. Bookmark here

Ant Daddy
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