Chapter 15:

Visit To The Nurse's Office

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

Lunch has ended and the next class starts. Makoto is sitting comfortably not too much on his mind but then he feels a big rush of pain that comes from his right hand.Bookmark here

"Aahh. What the..."Bookmark here

He looks down to see his hand is bruising up and is feeling shocks of pain. Kota turns to see Makoto because he heard him sound in pain.Bookmark here

"Woah what's with your hand?"Bookmark here

"I think it's from when I punched Kaneko-san."Bookmark here

"You probably didn't feel the pain from the adrenaline. You need to go to the nurse."Bookmark here

"I can't. I need to be in class right now." Makoto did not want to miss class.Bookmark here

"Don't worry about that. I'll lend you the notes after school." Kota said while giving a thumbs up.Bookmark here

Makoto raises his hand and tells the teacher his situation and lets him go to the nurse. Sakuri stares at Makoto and sees his hand and gets worried for him but she can't just get up from her seat so she stays seated.Bookmark here

'Damn it! This hand might be broken.' Makoto thought to himself while walking to the nurses office.Bookmark here

Makoto has arrived at the nurses office and opens the door.Bookmark here

"Excuse me nurse I need you to see my hand. What Futaba-san?" Bookmark here

"Eh? H-Haku-san?"Bookmark here

Futaba had been sitting on one of the beds and got up to see Makoto and both of them were shocked to see each other.Bookmark here

"What are you doing here Haku-san?"Bookmark here

"My hand feels broken and it hurts so I came to have it checked on. What are you doing here?Bookmark here

"Nothing much really..."Bookmark here

Makoto looks to see if anything is wrong with her and he notices she's covering her hand.Bookmark here

 "I don't think that's the case let me see your hand."Bookmark here

Makoto grabs her left hand and sees that her hand is bruised up.Bookmark here

"Your hand is all bruised. How did this happen?"Bookmark here

"None of your business. You shouldn't even care. I thought you hated me..."Bookmark here

Makoto sighed in disbelief.
"Listen, I am annoyed by you and your antics but...I don't hate you because I know you must be a nice person underneath. You showed me that earlier today when you apologized to Sakuri-san in front of everybody."Bookmark here

Futaba stared at Makoto in awe from what he was saying. She couldn't believe how nice he was being towards her.Bookmark here

"It was from Kaneko-san wasn't it?" Makoto said in a serious tone.Bookmark here

The door opens and it's the nurse.Bookmark here

"Sorry about the wait. So what's the problem?" The nurse asks Futaba.Bookmark here

"My hand is bruised and hurts."Bookmark here

"Ok I'll get you some ice and you'll be good to go."Bookmark here

It is now Makoto's turn but before he attends to the nurse he gets up from his chair and walks up to Futaba before she leaves.Bookmark here

"Futaba-san!"Bookmark here

Futaba turns around.Bookmark here

"I want you to join the Art Club. Are you interested?"Bookmark here

Futaba is astonished from hearing what Makoto just said.Bookmark here

"Eh?! You want me to join the Art Club with you?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

Futaba stays paralyzed in shock and Makoto is being serious with a smile.Bookmark here

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