Chapter 15:

Medals and Best Match

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

What is the best match? Two people who are looking at the world alike and their thoughts are also very similar or two people who have seen the world in a very different state and still they are attracted to each other or a miracle or God's blessing Which keeps two people connected in that thread.

"Can the best match happen only in humans?" I do not think so. So I left all my research of the last few years and got on with it. To find out the mystery behind this. And I built this machine, to find out whether only humans have the best match or even inanimate things can be. Another question popped up in my mind, which was, "Can living and nonliving things be a perfect match?"

This machine is very simple, there are two empty slots in the shape of medals. I just have to gather the blood of living things and particles of non living things. To mix them up in medals. Then I just have to put them inside and it will determine whether they are the best match or not.

That's what I'm going to find out here, now I've made this medal that represents a living thing and a non living thing. The first is bird and the second is metal. Let's see, so now I'm going to put both medals inside this machine and he says "Oh! It shows the best match."

You all must be thinking "how?" It is very simple, birds are those who live their life in freedom, and can move easily from here to there with the help of their wings. And the metal is the one which stays very hard and it is very difficult to move. Birds are weak sometimes but if it gets attached to metal. Both can help each other for the rest of their lives until they are dead in their ways.

I'm Dr.Agath, and the host of the next stage. I'm going to teach those children about the matches in their life. You all are thinking that I'm a doctor and why I'm working like this, it's just I'm in love with this. After my best match leaves me, I will guide people to their best match.

"So your preparation is done or not ,Dr.Agath," someone says from behind.

"Yes! Mr.Zel. Everything is ready and I wanted to ask before I go, would you like to find your best match?" He replies.

Zel didn't answer that but said,"Don't disappoint me. Be fair and Square. I think you know why I'm saying this."

Dr.Agath understood that. Then Zel teleports him inside the fifteenth compartment.

Now Jon and his friends were headed towards the fifteenth compartment. So while going there, on the way Germon tells Shingo about everything from the train to the game stage and the survival part. He didn't seem overly surprised as he lowered his voice and said, looking at the three girls, "If I'm in this situation with a scenario like this, I'm even ready to go to hell."

Shingo Suzuki is a man who has already crossed his forty with one daughter who is studying abroad and he is divorced. He knew Germon not just because of Germon and Yua's Friendship. But he and Rongi also used to be friends in their school time. Rongi liked Shingo because of his pride in doing things. He is a researcher but from the day when he started living alone, he became lazy and stopped doing his work. He was on the train because of going for some work, which he took after a lot of months as his rent was getting high and his daughter was also pushing him.

When Shingo talks about going to Hell, Jon only hears the last part. So he whispered in Ashya's ear, "Isn't this old man strange?"

"Look who's talking. By the way, respect him." Ashya answers.

Jon asked, "Hey! What have I done now?".

Ashya did not respond to that and they reached near the compartment. They were all surprised to see the setup of that game.

The Game was set up in split two parts. First part was the pool full of medals and it was written as Forest of Medals. Second part was a machine with two slots empty on it and above was written Best Match in Black.

There was no one there but suddenly the so-called princess woke up and found herself on Germon's back. So she grabbed Germon's neck tightly and said, "I told you not to touch me again."

Everyone sees that Germon was choking. Ashya says, “What are you doing, so called princess?”

The princess replies, "I don't want to repeat. But I told you not to touch me."

To that Shingo replies, "By the way, here you are, touching him."

Jon says, "That was my line, old man."

Hearing this, the princess jumped off Germon's back. But she was about to slip, so Kyora tried to catch her. The princess looked at Kyora with a very vex in her eyes. Kyora says, "I'm just trying to help."

She replies, "I don't need any help from you."

Jon is thinking something like, "Why do we get two people in the last stage? Didn't Zel tell us that only one person is taken prisoner?"

As Ashya kicks Jon's butt, Jon comes out of his thoughts and says, "Why?"

"I was calling you like hell. Now is not the time to space out. Go and Help Germon ." she says.

Jon denied, "I won't. Give me something to eat first, I'm hungry."

Shingo also says that he too is hungry. From somewhere a voice of starving stomach heard and Ashya saw who it was, so she found it was the so-called princess but she is not that she is also starving. Before asking her to Join, she looked at Ashya and said,"Don't look at me like that, I'm not going to eat with all of you."

Ashya took a rice ball in hand, went and put it in her hand and said,"Do whatever you want to do with this."

After that they decided to sit down and eat something. Jon went to see how Germon was, he asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah! She's really a pain in the ass and stubborn." Germon answered. The question that was swirling in Jon's mind, he shared, "By the way, why did we get two people in the last stage?"

When Germon didn't understand this, he asked, "What do you mean?"

"Zel told us we would only find one person at the checkpoint but this time, we got two. How?" Jon answers.

Germon tries to understand and says, "You're right! The more suspicious is the princess."

"Hey, Jon! A few minutes ago, you said you were hungry. Now what are you and the Germans grumbling about? If you two don't come here, I won't give you anything to eat." Ashya says.

A strange voice whispers from behind Ashya's ear, "What about me? I'm hungry too."

She turned back to see, there was a man in very stained clothes, everything from his coat to his pants was stained but he didn't smell. He had spiky hair with dark circles around her eyes.

Shingo asked, "Who are you?"

"Me? I'm Dr. Agath, currently I'm on a mission to guide people as to who can be their best match." He answers.

"Another strange host?" Ashya says moving forward from that position and goes and sits beside Kyora.

Dr. Agath says, "Don't worry. I'm not a problem for you guys right now. I'm hungry too. If you don't mind, can I have something to eat?"

Jon thought that he would get less to eat if that strange guy was also added to it. So he straight away says, "No!"

But Ashya says yes!"

Jon gets frustrated, sits beside Ashya and says, "You did it intentionally, didn't you?"

"What if I say yes?' " She answers.

After that everyone had food and that's when they finished. Dr. Agath stood up and said, "An unquenchable appetite and such delicious food is the best combination or best match."

Then Germon says, "What are you talking about?"

He takes out his stained tie from his pockets, puts on it and says, "Nothing! Now I'll start explaining the game. So please listen carefully."

He begins to explain, "So the game is very simple, you will help me with my research through this."

Jon interrupts, "Oh! So you're using us."

He ignores and continues, "So the name of the game is - Who is the best match?

As you can see there are a lot of medals in the pool which are called Forest of Medals and they represent the craving made on it. All you have to do is to choose a medal from it and put it on that machine. Here two players are going to play this game, one slot will be filled by you and another by your partner. This machine has the function of telling whether those medals are the best match or not. So in the end, you have to give eight best matches of the medals that are in the bucket within an hour. "

"But what's the difficulty in that?" Shingo asked.

Dr. Agath laughs, "When a medal is put inside the bucket, it will not be removed until you put in the best or worst match. If you gave me more than five worst matches, So you all failed."

"Hmm! So that's a little problematic." Germon says

"One more thing, first only one person will go to collect the medal, then when it comes and put it on the machine. After that, the medal will shine and the representation of the carving will be visible. The other person has to see that and he/she will go and will find the best match for that particular medal. So after thirty minutes, you have to switch positions with your partner. And I've already decided who will play this game." He says.

Kyora stutters,"Who?"

He replies,"The one who is very much annoying and won't stop even after getting scolded very much. The other who doesn't like that side of him because she already has fallen with another side of him, which he stopped showing."

Jon was confused and asked,"Just spit it out, who are you talking about?"

He answered,"You and Ashya!"

Jon and Ashya both denied playing this game together. Everyone was trying to convince them. Let's see what will happen in the next chapter.