Chapter 4:

Chapter 4

Saint Wizard's 2nd run-through

After a long monologue Maruki had for himself, he went back inside to be checked-up.

"As far I can see, you're perfectly healthy now, maybe a little limp but that'd because you've been in bed all the time"

Nakano sighs "I still can't believe Sora would do such a thing, it must be a mistake right? Maruki?"

"As inspirational I was moments ago, we wouldn't know with a 100% certainty he did any this to me, but for now we'll conclude he was the one behind it"

"Our only way to truly finding out, is to ask him ourselves" Maruki replied.

"But he's probably at Magmavier City by now, maybe even crossing over Asleif's Edge as we speak"

"We'll just hurry and meet him up there, I know for a fact he's the type of person to complete everything before moving on,regardless how tedious it'd be, that including monster camps, unmarked dungeons, public affairs and the list goes on"

Teru spans over to Maruki's bedside desk to see with numerous bottles and vials, out of curious, he walked over to examine them.

"What are we waiting around for then!!" frantically packing things.

"WOOOOO ANOTHER ADVENTURE BEGINS!!" Nakano screams in excitement.

Teru slowly turns pale after examining the 'medicine' one after another. He interrupts the conversation between the two and asks.

"Excuse me but who bought 'these'?"

"I did, what about it?" Nakano replied

"You weren't feeding these to him, right..?" while he points at Maruki.

"I was..?" Nakano confused about the concerned tone in his voice.

"Why were you feeding him.. swamp algae, fermented fish-eyes, bat urine and.. oh, you don't even wanna know what this one is"

Maruki and Nakano stunned in place. Maruki slowly turns his head and glares at Nakano, while she slowly averts her eyes out the window, sweating uncontrollably.

Maruki backs out of his chair, and sprints at Nakano.

"I'M SORRY!!" As she runs outside to the field with Maruki chasing her with killing intent.