Chapter 35:

The Tournament Of Dogs, Part 2


I head back to the crowd of wild animals after the small man stumbles back with me to watch the rest of the fights. I love a good old-fashioned fistfight. Bookmark here

The Outlaw gets destroyed by The Samurai. Tsu puts Speed to the ground with his submission holds. Tsu moves on to the next round. Rose takes down Avon with relative ease. Surd barely defeats Wage to punch his ticket to face Kaos in the next round. Fuji wacks Don to slide to the next round. Finally, Monsoon washes Xavier to face Bozo in the next round. Bookmark here

As I get ready for the next round, The Ant steps in front of me. Bookmark here

I put my hands on my hips. "Hey, short stack. Could you step out of my way?"Bookmark here

Ant laughs and stumbled a bit, still feeling the effects of the fight. "You think you'll beat The Samurai? Ha! You're nothing compared to him!"Bookmark here

I roll my eyes and look at the warden in the middle, getting ready to announce the next fight. "Yo! We're in the semi-conference finals now. I want Dopeman and Eric up next." Bookmark here

I walk out and my opponent does the same. He kneels and prays before standing. He has a man bun with a clean-shaven face. "I am Samurai. I must defeat you." He simply says, getting in a Tae Kwon Do stance. The fight starts. Bookmark here

Samurai goes in for heavy-handed strikes, almost breaking through my blocks with his hits. He finally catches me with a hit in the jaw. I hop back as he goes for a mean left hook. I roll under as he punches the ground. He feels a bit of pain as we reset. I go on the offense, breaking down his defense with punches and kicks. He dodges, and I dodge his strikes as well. I finally find an opening, driving my fist in his face. he moves back, so I capitalize with another few hits to the face. He dodges the last one, going for one last hit. I catch it, having a loud impact as it hits my hand. I judo flip Samurai, having his spine hit my knee. With him on the ground, I place my knee on his neck, my fist in the air. "Hey! Tap out!" I yell. After a bit of struggling with a bloody nose, he taps, meaning I move on. I stand and put my hands up, then move to find Genny to put me on ice. Bookmark here

Warden claps his hands and lets the crowd go wild. "Kaos. Surd. You're up."Bookmark here

They step up to the bloody circle. Surd instantly runs towards her, going for a flying kick. Kaos catches his foot and swings him over her head, slamming him to the floor. She ruthlessly kicks his ribs, his back, his legs. It was like torture. Eventually, Surd kicks away, scrambling to stand. It was too late. Kaos was quick, driving a foot to his face. She stomps on his face a few more times, making the dirt stain with his blood. She finally, had her feet on his chest. He taps with his free hand, meaning she won. "Koshinuke..." She utters. The crowd goes silent, this is most likely the first time in a while she spoke. Gen shook her head while icing me. "Everyone knows..." Gen starts. "...To not tap out when you fight Kaos." Carter finishes. She then repeatedly stomps on his face, screaming. "Koshinuke! Koshinuke!! Koshinuke!!! KOSHINUKE!!!" Bookmark here

Nobody came to stop her, but he's alive...Bookmark here

Barely.Bookmark here

Ant Daddy
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