Chapter 36:

The Tournament Of Dogs, Part 3


They dragged the poor soul's body away. It was then time for the other fighters to go. Fiji beat Bozo in a bloody contest, ending with Bozo's leg being snapped in half. Tsu also was able to make Rose tap out, making him join me in the next round. Bookmark here

The warden proudly steps up, getting ready to announce. "Conference finals! Kaos, Fuji. Step up." They both get ready. Fuji bows, Kaos just stares blankly at him. They charge at the same time, keeping the same intensity with each other. The fight had little to no defense whatsoever. They took turns kicking, punching, and slamming each other. Fuji chopped her neck and kicked her squire in the chest. Kaos put both her knees in his gut then face, keeping a tight grip on his head with those ruthless blows. Kaos sees an opening after seeing Fuji dodge for the first time in the fight. he moved, dragging his left leg a little too much. Kaos jumps, then drives her legs on Fuji's leg, bending it in the wrong place. She follows up with a blow to the head. The contest was over, but Kaos was brutal with a final punt kick to the head. She moves on to the finals. Bookmark here

The Ant and Samurai were behind me, looking on as the crowd cheered the woman's name.Bookmark here

"You really think you can beat that?" The Samurai asks me. Bookmark here

I look back. "Yup!" Bookmark here

The group laughs as Warden calls up the remaining fighters. "Randal. Dopeman."Bookmark here

"I really wish you'd call me Tsu, Warden..." He says as he steps up. He looks at me, happy to fight me it seems. It was weird. Bookmark here

He was a nimble man, that's for sure. He hopped on me and took me down with a hurricanrana. I landed on my back, so he took advantage by putting me in an armbar. I grunted as he stretched my arm, going to break it soon. I powered out by using my free hand to repeatedly punch him in the face. He lets go. I stamped him in the face, but he catches it before I could take it back. He takes me to the ground, going to ruin my leg. Not today. I kick the fool right in the groin and kick Tsu again in the face. I send him to the ground, so I run to finish the man with two swift strikes to the face. I hype the crowd with my victory, but my joy turns to dread as I look at Kaos. Her cold, dead eyes stare at me. Bookmark here

How am I gonna beat her?Bookmark here

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