Chapter 3:

Revelation and Dedication

Do Superheroes Have Interns?

Truman, who was currently in the living room, had been doing basic chores for the hero, Six. He seemed to by himself in the room so he was left alone with his thoughts.Bookmark here

I've been here for about a week now. Mr. Goodman leaves the house quite often throughout the day. I can only imagine how busy it is to be a superhero. As for my internship, I've mainly just been cleaning around the house and became Justice’s new babysitter. The other day though, Mr. Goodman had me help him with something online. It was a site for people looking to sign up for yoga classes. It turns out that Mr. Goodman is also a morning yoga instructor. He had me take a look at the applications and sort them for him to look at. As if being Six wasn't enough work for him. I'll admit though, I really admire his work ethics. Bookmark here

Suddenly, Truman heard the doorbell ring. With Mr. Goodman out of the house, Truman called out to Serenity who was in another room.Bookmark here

"Would you like me to get the door?"Bookmark here

"Yes please," she replied. "I'm currently helping Justice change right now."Bookmark here

Truman also heard Justice’s voice from the room. "This shirt tickles my neck, Mama," said Justice, giggling.Bookmark here

Truman chuckled a bit as he then walked back to the front door. Bookmark here

As Truman finally answered the door, he saw a young woman standing before him. She had long blonde hair that was primarily wavy aside from a few strands by the sides of her head that looked like they were personally curled down into spirals. Her clothing consisted of a vanilla long-sleeved dress shirt with a bowtie, brown capris pants, and brown flats. She also had a backpack held over her left shoulder.Bookmark here

"Um, how can I help you?" Truman asked.Bookmark here

"Hm, I don't recognize that voice," the girl stated. She then moved right up to Truman's face and stared at him for a good while.Bookmark here

Truman blushed as this woman who looked to be around his age suddenly got in his face and looked him in the eyes for quite some time. "Is there a problem, ma'am?" Truman's voice came out nervously.Bookmark here

"No," she replied. "Just wanted to get a good look at you so I can recognize your face." She then walked past Truman and into the living room. She moved up to the couch and slouched against it while letting her backpack fall to the carpet below.Bookmark here

"Hey," said Truman, slightly puzzled. "Who are you exactly? You can't just waltz into someone's home and lounge on their furniture out of nowhere."Bookmark here

"Relax, I work for Mr. Goodman. I'm his weapons specialist. The name's Wiz Savant, but just call me Wiz."Bookmark here

"Oh," said Truman, understandingly. "Sorry, I wasn't aware. You look so young though."Bookmark here

"Well I am barely eighteen," commented Wiz.Bookmark here

"That means you're the same age as me!" Truman was shocked to hear that someone so young was Six's weapon manufacturer.Bookmark here

"I assume you're the new intern," stated Wiz.Bookmark here

"That's right," replied Truman. "I'm Truman Civil. I'm guessing Mr. Goodman told you that he took me in as an intern."Bookmark here

"Yep. That's why I wasn't surprised to see a stranger I haven't met before open the door for me. The boss man didn't say anything about me to you, Truman?"Bookmark here

"Not really. He mentioned that he had a weapons specialist but nothing about who they were or anything like that. He just said that you were busy when I first started and that I'd meet with you eventually."Bookmark here

"I see. Leave it to Mr. Goodman to give you little to no details about me." Wiz laughed a bit to herself.Bookmark here

"Could you tell me a little bit about yourself?" Truman asked. "Like how you ended up working for the hero Six the way you do? I mean being the person who makes his gear must be a difficult job, right? You must be really good with machines, considering the stuff I've seen Six use in combat. Were you always good with that kind of thing?"Bookmark here

Wiz got up from her slouched position and looked directly at Truman. "You're asking an awful lot of questions for someone I know nothing about. Why don't you tell me about yourself first if your going to be so inquisitive about me?"Bookmark here

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."Bookmark here

Oh great, Truman, he thought to himself. You try to start up a conversation with a person your age and you just make it awkward. Why am I not surprised?Bookmark here

Wiz then giggled and said, "I'm just kidding. I don't mind telling you about myself. It's nothing too exciting to be honest. I just grew up as a tinkering loving maniac. It was always just a hobby but it led to me being a hero's assistant. How about you, Truman?"Bookmark here

"Me?" Truman wasn't sure what to say. "I um... I grew up in a small town and lived a bit of a boring life to be honest. Just had a normal family in a quiet society. I graduated from high school a few months back and saw Six's ad for an intern. I always loved helping people so I figured coming to a place where I could work for a hero was perfect for me."Bookmark here

"Ah, I see. But Truman, did Mr. Goodman not tell you about Clash City's hero business?"Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"I figured he would've at least explained that part to you."Bookmark here

At that moment, Justice came running out of the other room and ran over to Wiz. Bookmark here

"I knew I heard Wiz!" Justice said, excitedly. Justice leapt onto the couch and hugged Wiz by the side of her stomach.Bookmark here

"Heya there, kiddo," said Wiz in response. Bookmark here

Serenity walked out shortly, holding several pairs of clothes. "Justice Sweetie," she said, " you haven't finished trying on your new clothes."Bookmark here

"This shirt makes me itchy," Justice commented. He then began to tug on his shirts collar.Bookmark here

"Well if you really don't like that one then you don't have to wear it."Bookmark here

"The little scamp being a handful again, Mrs. Goodman?" Wiz asked. Bookmark here

"You know how energetic Justice gets at times, Wiz," stated Serenity. "But anyways, how are you doing today? Everything alright with you, Wiz?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, everything's good for the most part," replied Wiz. "Pretty good for Clash's standards though."Bookmark here

"I see. Glad to hear it." Serenity smiled at Wiz. "You're done with this week’s exams I assume."Bookmark here

"Yep," replied Wiz, happily. "That's why I'm back now. I can't wait to get back into my lab and finish that gear I was designing for Six. Just taking a breather from everything before I get to work."Bookmark here

"Of course, take all the time that you need."Bookmark here

Wiz then looked at the time of day and jumped up off of the couch. "Wait, is that really the time!? The shop I need to go is about to close! I'll be right back, gotta make a quick shopping trip!"Bookmark here

"Wait," said Truman. "What were you trying to tell me earlier?"Bookmark here

"I don't remember right now," Wiz stated in a panic. "We'll talk about it later. Nice meeting you, Truman." Wiz then hurried out the door.Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you too I guess..."Bookmark here

"She’s always in quite a hurry," stated Serenity. "Whether if it's for school, work, or her personal life. She always finds something to do and keep herself busy. I suppose she and Harold have that in common though."Bookmark here

"I really like that about them. My life's been slow so far and I never felt like I was busy enough to rush things. It might sound weird but I wish I could keep busy like that."Bookmark here

"You certainly are an eager one. A bit odd too. I've never heard anyone tell me that they want a busier workload. In my opinion, you've been more than enough help around the house. And I'm sure my husband appreciates the help you've done for his yoga site."Bookmark here

Truman noticed Justice giggling to himself. "What's up, Justice? Did you see something funny?"Bookmark here

"No," replied Justice. "Mama called you an oddball, Truman." Justice started to laugh a bit harder than before after stating what he thought was funny.Bookmark here

Truman let out a nervous laugh and said, "Yeah, she did. I can't say she's wrong though."Bookmark here

"I'm gonna call you Truman the Oddball from now on."Bookmark here

"That's quite a nickname..."Bookmark here

"You should hear what she calls Wiz sometimes," added Serenity.Bookmark here

"Oh yeah," said Justice, ecstatically. "Wiz is Miss Drillhair."Bookmark here

Truman caught himself right before he had let out a laugh and instead coughed to try and cover it up. "I-is that because of the sides of her hair?" Truman was having a hard time speaking in a straight tone.Bookmark here

"Uh-huh! They look like little drills to me."Bookmark here

Well, I can't say that thought didn't cross my mind, thought Truman.Bookmark here

"She likes her nickname," stated Justice, happily.Bookmark here

"Does she? Well if she's okay with it then I guess there's no harm."Bookmark here

"Yeah, you should try calling her Drillhair too."Bookmark here

"No thanks. I think I'll stick to calling her Wiz." Truman then stretched out and turned to Serenity. "Alright, I'm going to get back to sprucing up the place."Bookmark here

"Don't work too hard, Truman," said Serenity. She gave him a concerned yet stern look as she said that.Bookmark here

"Of course, Mrs. Goodman. I'll try not to overdo it." Truman picked up a mop bucket and walked over into the restroom to clean it.Bookmark here

"That youngster's going to get himself hurt someday if he isn't careful..." Serenity gave out a worried sigh. She then turned to Justice and raised the clothes she was holding up. "Alright, Justice. No more distractions. Time to try on all of your new clothes."Bookmark here

"Okay, Ma," agreed Justice, reluctantly.Bookmark here

The next morning, Truman was sweeping around the house as Harold Goodman walked by him. He was wearing a gray muscle shirt and black gym shorts.Bookmark here

"Working nonstop, Truman," commented Harold. "You're very driven. I like that about you, young man."Bookmark here

"Thank you, Mr. Goodman," said Truman, graciously.Bookmark here

"You've outdone yourself."Bookmark here

"No, it's nothing."Bookmark here

"I mean it, Truman. You leave practically no work around the house for me or Serenity at the end of the day. We've been feeling a little lazy with you around now."Bookmark here

"Lazy? Not at all. You and Serenity live busy lives already without having to deal with chores around the house. I'm here to alleviate at least that for you two."Bookmark here

"If you say so." Mr. Goodman took a good look around the house and saw that it looked as clean as it can be. "Well you know what, Truman? Why don't you actually take today off?"Bookmark here

"What do you mean, sir?"Bookmark here

"You've been working harder than I had hoped for. Take a day off or two."Bookmark here

"I couldn't, Mr. Goodman."Bookmark here

"Nonsense. The house will survive another day or two without your help."Bookmark here

"What if you need me to babysit Justice though?"Bookmark here

"If Serenity and I both need to be away from the house, we can find someone else to watch Justice for us. It doesn't always have to be you, Truman. That one evening was a rare case because our babysitter for that day canceled on us last minute and no one else we could ask was free at the time. So go on and enjoy some time to yourself. After all, someone your age must have a life too, right?" He then walked off while chuckling to himself.Bookmark here

"Will do, Mr. Goodman."Bookmark here

Some time later, Truman had been lying down on his bed while simply staring at the ceiling. With nothing else to do, he began pondering to himself.Bookmark here

Mr. and Mrs. Goodman insist not to overwork myself. What does that mean I should do? Well let's think about what I used to do back home. When I wasn't at school I would mainly just help my family with chores and homework until a couple of friends would ask me to hangout with them. Chores are out of the equation this time... I suppose I could wander around Clash City and see if I can find something to kill time on.Bookmark here

Truman put on a yellow hoodie and made his way outside after telling Mrs. Goodman and Justice that he would be back later. After walking for about half an hour, he found a bench to sit on at a local park. He sat there for a good minute just looking around at other people at the park and their kids having fun. He wondered what opinions they had of Clash City. He would've gone up to ask some of them but decided that he didn't want to disturb anyone. So instead, he just sat on the bench quietly and gazed up at the clouds.Bookmark here

Truman then took a deep breath and decided to continue his stroll around the city. As he got up, he accidentally tripped over a curb and began to fall over.Bookmark here

Another person grabbed him by the arm so that Truman wouldn't fall face down on the ground. "Woah, be careful now," said the voice.Bookmark here

"Thank you very much," said Truman, in response. Bookmark here

As he turned to see his savior, he saw a tall man with long and wild black hair. He was dressed in a white collared shirt, black slacks, and black running shoes. Bookmark here

"I'm glad I noticed you when I did," he said. "Oh, my name is Manny T'Nackels by the way."Bookmark here

Truman gave his clothes a good pat down as he faced Manny. "Nice to meet you, sir. My name is Truman Civil. What was your last name again?"Bookmark here

"T'Nackels. I know it's a bit strange so just call me Manny instead."Bookmark here

"Alright then, Manny." The longer Manny looked at Manny, the more he felt like he met with him before.Bookmark here

Manny looked back at Truman as he noticed Truman looking at him oddly. "Is there something wrong, Truman?"Bookmark here

"Oh, I'm sorry," replied Truman. "I just felt like I've seen you somewhere before."Bookmark here

"Oh really? Well I'm sure this is our first time introducing ourselves. After all, I think you'd remember meeting someone with an odd family name like myself."Bookmark here

"Yeah, I guess so."Bookmark here

"Were you about to head out? Do be careful from now on." Manny gave Truman a genuine smile that gave Truman a sense of tranquility.Bookmark here

"R-right! Thanks again, Manny. If I see you again I'll make sure to say hello."Bookmark here

"That'd be quite friendly of you, Truman. I look forward to it. For now, I'm going to get back to rehearsing my lines."Bookmark here

"Your lines?"Bookmark here

"Yeah. Voice acting is one of my jobs and I like to practice my lines outdoors so I come here sometimes."Bookmark here

"Oh, you practice your lines a lot on your own time out here?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I don't like spending too much time in the booth so I practice a lot before I get down to recording."Bookmark here

"You're dedication is amazing, Manny."Bookmark here

"It's nothing really."Bookmark here

"I mean it. I think it's good to work hard at things in life. Let's talk about this again next time, Manny. I'll see you again soon, hopefully."Bookmark here

"Of course. Take care, Truman."Bookmark here

Mr. Goodman, Wiz, and Manny are all hard workers, thought Truman. I'm going to give it my all when I get back to helping Mr and Mrs. Goodman.Bookmark here

As Truman continued his walk, he heard a voice calling out to him. He recognized it as Wiz's voice calling out to him.Bookmark here

"Hey Truman!" Wiz yelled. "Can you come here for a quick sec?"Bookmark here

As Truman looked in the direction he heard Wiz's voice from, he noticed that she was at the front of a line in an electronic store at a local shopping center. The other people in line behind her seemed to be upset over something as well.Bookmark here

"What's the matter, Wiz?" Truman asked as he walked over.Bookmark here

"Could I get a really big favor from you?"Bookmark here

"Sure. What do you need?"Bookmark here

"First off, do you have a good amount of spending money?"Bookmark here

"Huh? Okay, now I'm concerned."Bookmark here

"Just answer the question!"Bookmark here

"Okay, okay. Yeah, I'm good right now. Why do you ask?"Bookmark here

"Sweet! Could I please borrow some money real quick? I forgot my wallet at home because I was in such a hurry to buy what I needed for a new gadget."Bookmark here

"Seriously?" Truman looked at her with an exasperated face. "I can't say I'm surprised though... Alright, I'll pay for what you need. Just pay me back whenever, I'm not going to fret over it."Bookmark here

"Thank you so much, Truman. You're the man!" Wiz excitedly leapt up to Truman and gave him a hug.Bookmark here

"Woah!" Truman blushed heavily as Wiz hugged him. "You don't have to hug me, it's alright."Bookmark here

"Oh, is someone getting flustered?" Wiz looked at him playfully.Bookmark here

The voices of angry people in line then began to yell at Truman and Wiz.Bookmark here

"Can you pay the damn clerk already!?" Bookmark here

"You've been making us wait for fifteen minutes arguing over the counter!"Bookmark here

"Who cares if you're a regular here!? You gotta pay just like the rest of us!"Bookmark here

"Let's hurry and pay," said Wiz, sheepishly.Bookmark here

"Yeah, agreed," replied Truman, in the same tone as Wiz.Bookmark here

As they walked out of the store, Wiz merrily strolled outside. "So what have you been up to all day, Truman?"Bookmark here

"I was told to take a break by Mr. Goodman so decided to take a walk and do a little sightseeing."Bookmark here

"Ah, I see. Yeah, the boss man and the missus get like that when they think you work too hard. I can't tell you how many times they've told me to take breaks. Easier said then done though, when I have to work my butt off making new gear for you-know-who." Bookmark here

"Yeah, it must be tough."Bookmark here

"No kidding. Tinkering takes up a lot of time, energy, and cash. Thankfully, what I needed today wasn't too expensive. How's that wallet looking, Truman?"Bookmark here

"It'll survive, I assure you of that."Bookmark here

"Hey, you don't have to be so nice about it. C'mon, tell me that you hate me for forcing you to buy my stuff for me."Bookmark here

"I could never," declared Truman. "I love seeing how hard you work so you'll get nothing but respect from me. Especially when you make all this stuff for you-know-who. In a matter of fact, you don't even need to pay me back at all. Like you said, it wasn't expensive."Bookmark here

"Nope," said Wiz. "That won't fly by me. This is for my invention, so I should be the one to pay for it. In fact, I'm going to go home right now and come back again with the money I owe you."Bookmark here

Just like that, Wiz ran off again, shopping bags and all, to pick up her money to pay Truman back for his generosity.Bookmark here

"She's quite the storm, that one," Truman commented out loud. "I guess I'll have to wait around here until she gets back..."Bookmark here

As Wiz was running, a thought came into her head. Oh, I just remembered that I haven't told Truman what I wanted to tell him about heroes yesterday. Oh well, I'll remember to tell him later.Bookmark here

Truman took a lap around the shopping center and took note of the shops around him. Other than the electronic store, there was a book store, grocery store, a sports store, and some restaurants. He then heard some commotion nearby as people were yelling about a villain feeling from a hero.Bookmark here

Truman took this chance to see where this was happening and to find a safe distance to watch from. As he turned a corner, he made a hard impact with another individual.Bookmark here

"Ack!" Truman grunted. "Sorry, I should've been more care...ful."Bookmark here

As he looked up at who he bumped into, he saw Doctor Malevolent. He had a bag on one shoulder and a computer monitor tucked under an arm. It had appeared that he had just stolen from the electronic store.Bookmark here

Dr. M. grunted back and said, "Ugh, I don't have time for this. My gear is being repaired right now so it's difficult to escape right now!"Bookmark here

At that moment, Six had appeared with his jetpack already equipped.Bookmark here

"Halt, villain!" Six commanded. "Return all of the merchandise that you pilfered!"Bookmark here

"Well, well, my arch nemesis. You know that I don't surrender so easily! For Dr. Malevolent never gives up the chance to beat up his foes! Come at me, Superhero!" Dr. M. leapt back into an alleyway with all of his stolen items.Bookmark here

"Well... If you say so!"Bookmark here

As Six flew by Truman, he quickly said to Truman, "I'm going to get back the stuff he stole and leave it in the alley. Can you please wait a few moments and then come pick them up and return them to the store for me?"Bookmark here

Truman's eyes lit up as he subtly said, "Yes sir."Bookmark here

With that, Six smiled and dashed into the alleyway in pursuit of Dr. M. As he did, Truman waited by the corner for a minute before checking to see if Six had already grabbed the merchandise. Truman then saw the items that Dr. M. had stolen and ran over to pick them up.Bookmark here

Where are Six and the doctor? Truman asked himself. Not important right now. I should return this stuff ASAP.Bookmark here

After returning the stuff to the electronics store, Truman walked back out for a sign of Six and Dr. M. As he wondered where they were, he saw both of them fly up into the air. Six with his flying bracelets and anklets. Dr. M. with hover shoes he did not appear to be wearing previously.Bookmark here

When did he put those on? I thought he said his gear was being repaired...Bookmark here

Six and Dr. M. had a scuffle going on at the same time Truman was left in thought. Truman stopped wondering about his internal question and focused on their battle.Bookmark here

For a good while, Dr. M. was evading Six's clutches and making a fool out of the hero while they were airborne. Just as it looked like Six's back was cornered, the citizens that were watching began to chant out Six's name. Truman joined in and yelled, "You can do it Six! I believe in you! You'd never let this joker beat you in a million years!"Bookmark here

Everyone then witnessed Six give off a big smile and chuckle a bit.Bookmark here

"Something funny, Six?" Dr. M. asked. "Or are you going insane because I'm about to beat you?"Bookmark here

"You, beat me?" Six responded. "Never! Because so long as I use my sixth sense, I can pave the way to love and righteousness!" Six then flew straight at Dr. M. and caught him finally. As he dived into Dr. M., he flew back down into an alleyway. The crowd began cheering in excitement and relief.Bookmark here

Truman snuck his way into the alleyway that he saw Six dive down into and saw him standing on the ground with Dr. M. knocked out before him.Bookmark here

"Six!" Truman called out.Bookmark here

"Truman," Six replied. "Thanks for the assist earlier."Bookmark here

"No problem sir, it was my pleasure!"Bookmark here

Dr. M. then began to slowly get back up onto his feet. "What a fight..." he said. "You always find a way to make yourself look flashy, Six..."Bookmark here

"Getting back up?" Truman asked, angrily. "Well that just mean Six will have to-"Bookmark here

Before Truman could finish his sentence, Six held out his hand for Dr. M. to grab onto. He helped him get back on his feet, to Truman's surprise.Bookmark here

"It's all in the job description," Six replied to Dr. M. "But you already knew that, right friend?"Bookmark here

"Indeed," agreed Dr. M. "But there's still a spectator around. You sure you want to speak like this now?"Bookmark here

"Oh, no need for concern. This is my new intern, you should introduce yourselves to each other."Bookmark here

"Of course, Mr. Goodman. It'd be my pleasure."Bookmark here

"What is going on?!" Truman asked, shocked.Bookmark here

Dr. M. stood before Truman and removed his mask, revealing himself to be a regular looking elderly man. "You may know me as Doctor Malevolent. However, my true name is Max D Struxon. You can call me Mr. S. if my last name is too hard to pronounce."Bookmark here

"Truman Civil," Truman said, slowly. "I don't understand what's going on..." Truman felt like his brain was in shambles as he couldn't process the situation.Bookmark here

"Ah, this is my fault," stated Six. "I never explained to Truman how heroes and villains work in Clash City."Bookmark here

"Why am I not surprised by that?" Max commented. "The truth behind superheroes and villains in Clash is that they're actually secret jobs funded by the government. They hire people to act as heroes and villains to do battle in the public eye so that people can get a thrill of extreme peril and rescue. Six and I are two of select individuals that get to act like we came right out of a superhero comic book. And I do say, if not for these specially modified outfits, we would not survive the stunts we have to pull. Especially not an old geezer like myself."
Bookmark here

"Speaking of," added Harold, "if you're still waiting for your gear to be repaired, why did you come out as a villain today?"Bookmark here

"Because I was told that I can't keep waiting or else they'll have to put me on leave," stated Max.
Bookmark here

"Ah, the higher ups are killer like that. I understand that all too well. If not for my amazing specialist, I would have be in the same boat as you."Bookmark here

"Well anyway, Harold. As nice as it is to talk with you, this alleyway is not a fun place to stay in. That, and I have to prepare for my class tomorrow."Bookmark here

"Class?" Truman asked.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'm a school teacher," stated Max.Bookmark here

"And not just any," stated Harold. "My son, Justice, is a student in his class."Bookmark here

"So Mr. S. here has a teaching job plus the villain business?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, it's common for heroes and villains to have a job outside of that. Take Psyche for instance. I believe that his actual job is some sort of actor."Bookmark here

Something then clicked in Truman's head. He suddenly remembered Manny and then thought about the villain, Psychedelic. He realized that they have the same build and similar face structure. "I had no idea what I was getting into, becoming a superhero intern..."Bookmark here

"I apologize for not explaining all of this to you, Truman. If you have mixed feelings about this you can take a longer break if you need. Or if you're truly disappointed in Clash City's façade then we can stop your internship if you'd like."Bookmark here

Truman then pondered to himself for a good while before speaking again. "Actually, Mr. Goodman, even though the heroes and villains of Clash City turned out to be a big act, I realize that you work even harder than I had thought with it being an actual job. And because of that, I'm even more inspired than I was before. I want to continue working for you, Mr. Goodman, and see what I can learn. Maybe I can find a job where I can dedicate my all into by interning for you. Heck, maybe I can get into the hero business in the future."Bookmark here

Harold laughed as he heard Truman's feelings about the subject. "Then let me ask you this one more time, Truman."Bookmark here

"Ask me what?"Bookmark here

"Truman Civil, would you like to become my intern and learn what you can about the superhero business?"Bookmark here

Truman smiled back at Harold, as he saw Harold extend his hand out towards him. Truman quickly reached for the superhero's hand and said, "Yes, Mr. Goodman. I would love to become your intern."Bookmark here

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