Chapter 37:

The Tournament Of Dogs, Part 4


With my win, It's just Kaos left. I don't know if I'll win, so I have to think of something. I get a three-minute break before the finals. I walk up to Kaos, only to be met by her lackeys. Before they could do anything, Kaos swipes her hand, letting me sit next to her. "Hey, Kaos..." Bookmark here

"No." She says. I think she knows what I was planning on. Bookmark here

"I need that clock. I'm gonna bust us all out of here. All I need is that clock and you'll be free."Bookmark here

She looks at me. "Earn your freedom."Bookmark here

"You don't want to leave?"Bookmark here

"You honestly think you can get out?"Bookmark here

I nod, she could tell I was telling the truth somewhat.Bookmark here

The warden calls the fighters. Kaos sighs and stands. "I'm sorry." She walks off. Damn, looks like I'm doing this the hard way. Bookmark here

I walk into the circle, getting prepared. I have to clear my mind from the rabid crowd and focus just on Kaos. The Warden stands between us, ready to announce. "We have reached the finals! You all know who is this woman is. The former Yakuza, hailing from Japan, KAAAAOSSSS!" Kaos stands still, staring at me. "This guy is a newcomer. The definite rookie of the year, from parts unknown, DOOOPEMAN!" I nod slowly, slightly showing off to the crowd. Bookmark here

Warden signals the fight to start. She keeps a calm stance, I did as well. At the same time, we hit each other in the jaw, we both step back. I immediately attempt a kick but it was caught. She tried to go for a wipe at my other leg like Adam, but I use that leg to kick her right in the head. She lets go but instantly goes at me like she never felt it. I was getting up when she grabbed my head for those knee lifts. She gave me four of them right to the head. As she went for a fifth, I caught it, pushed it down. double punched her in the gut, broke free of her grip, and punched her right in the nose, breaking it for the first time in this tournament. I had no time to think about my busted nose or bleeding lip, I had to charge. I continued the fight, punching her with hard lefts and rights. A final uppercut sends her flying, but she lands on her feet. I didn't expect that, so I wasn't prepared for her to charge at me with her sets of punches. She added in her hard kicks to my ribs. Those kicks almost shattered my ribs on multiple occasions. A hard roundhouse kick sent me to the ground, coughing blood. That was a good one, I could almost felt myself going out. I stand, but she punched me again. And again. And again. I was on my back looking at the sky soon enough after the final hit. Bookmark here

I was dazed, confused.Bookmark here

Once again, I was hurt. I was gonna lose.Bookmark here

It was then where I saw them. Bookmark here

Sera. Fisher. Kyle. Harper. Serena. Carter. Genny. All of my friends telling me the same thing.Bookmark here

"Get up, Dopeman!"Bookmark here

I stumble to my feet, blood all over my face. The crowd goes wild. I slowly shake my head. She was looking at me angrily. We both yell, resorting to just punching. I punch her, she lost some blood, She punched me, I lose some more. I gain an advantage after she losses her balance. I keep hammering her with the right hand, she's wobbly. She catches the hand to make us both fall. We scramble to get on top, taking turns striking each other in the face. She wins the struggle, hitting again and again. In a final act of desperation, I start honing in at her gut. It works, giving me a chance to get on top. I slip, however, landing at her side. I wasn't giving up yet. I latch at her back, wrapping my arms around her neck. I squeeze, refusing to let go. She was driving her elbow at my ribs repeatedly, making me cough up blood. I keep the hold on. In fact, I tighten it. I was fading eventually, the hits were finally getting to me. I couldn't do it, so I let go, passing out. Bookmark here

When I was awake, It was Kaos who was standing. She was holding on by a thread. Once Warden declared her as the winner, she finally fell to the floor, collapsing next to me. She stared at me, panting.Bookmark here

I raise my eyebrows. "Wha...?"
Bookmark here

"Anata wa umaku yatta, Dopeman."Bookmark here

I didn't know what that means, but I nodded. Bookmark here

"You can have the clock..." Kaos then passes out. I look to the sky. closing my eyes. Bookmark here

What. A. Woman. Bookmark here

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Ant Daddy
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