Chapter 1:

Vol. I Prologue: Good Morning ♡

Limerence Aestus

A door opened inside a small room in the midst of the night. 

Thanks to her powers, Ichigo could move without being noticed. This was common for her, but every time she used it, she couldn't help but to be reminded of a ghost. Moving silently, doing whatever she pleased, she loved her job. Of course, thanks to their nature if you were to ask any other succubus they would tell  you the same. But something was different for Ichigo, even in the midst of her kind, her sexual drive was exceptionally high. On the other hand, thanks to that, she had become one of the top succubus, she was the pride and joy of the boss.

Unlike ghosts, she was able to touch anything she wanted. Just like the door just now, and just like the clothes she took off from the boy who remained asleep. 

Who was this boy? It didn't matter to her. This was part of her job, so she saw it as just another "customer."  

A sweet scent surrounded her as she climbed up on top of tonight's toy. Even with her weight on top, he remained asleep but his expression had changed to one of lust, the "special" dream had started. 

Ichigo didn't have the need to wear clothes in her succubus form. Her large, heavy breasts pressed against the boy's chest as she gave him a tight embrace. Her long legs wrapped around his as she met his lips with her own, immediately forcing her tongue inside and meeting him with a kiss. 

Her favorite part of the job was that she had total control. 

The long haired succubus continuously tasted the boy. She closed her eyes, licking his tongue all over with hers. 

It wasn't enough. This wasn't nearly enough to satisfy her. 

Without breaking the kiss, the tip of her long, pointy tail wrapped around the boy's exposed cock which immediately hardened with her touch. Now she could finally have a proper meal. 

Ichigo let go of the kiss, letting a trail of saliva break and fall on top of her tits. Licking her lips in anticipation, Ichigo began to lower herself. She let go out of boy and instead began swaying her tail from side to said like an innocent, happy puppy. She used one hand to remove a strand of pink hair from her face and tuck it behind her ear. Ichigo moved closer, pressing her lips against the tip of the hard cock. After giving it a kiss, she proceeded to use her tongue, licking it up and down like a lollipop before taking it all inside her mouth. 

If any other of her succubus teammates had been here their reaction would have been the same "No way, that's too big!" but for Ichigo it wasn't big enough. Taking something like this in was no problem at all. She forced all the length of the boy's member all the way in, and then she began to use her tongue to lick it all over. She started moving her head up and down in perfect rhythm as she took it in. Feeling him inside her and with the pre-cum that was already started to smear her tongue, she  was heating up even more. 

Ichigo slowly slid one of her hands down her curvy body, ready to touch her precious spot as she sped up the pace, fucking the boy with her mouth alone. 

Unfortunately,  just as she was about to start pleasing herself, a stream of hot cum was released into her mouth all at once. Ichigo gasped, she took shot after shot of hot semen before gulping it all in one go. Once it stopped, she pulled her mouth away and stared at the boy with a disappointed look.  

❣ ❣ ❣

Morning was here again. Ichigo let out a sigh as she woke up inside her own room. She was woken up by the sound of a loud alarm she had stopped at least four times now. The only reason she was awake was because of the sun rays hitting her face from outside the window. 

A girl with long messy black hair yawned and stretched out her arms. She sat on her bed and reached for her glasses. 

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

The sound of the alarm started again. As usual, instead of ending the alarm she chose the option for it to ring in five more minutes by mistake.

"Shut up already!!" 

In a whim, Ichigo slammed the phone with all of her force against the wall. The alarm came to a stop, sure, but the realization of what she did  only came a few seconds later.

An angry yell woke up all of the neighbors as Ichigo lamented her own actions. 

It was the start of another long day.  

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