Chapter 16:

Why you changed?

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

Stage Seventh, Game - Who's the Best Match? Created by Dr. Agath. He had already told the details about the game and the participants he had chosen. It was really astonishing.

He chose Jon and Ashya for this game saying that they are perfect for it. But when they heard this, they refused to play with each other. Then Dr. Agath says, "Don't be so hard on each other. You should come along and clear this game. Because only you two can play this game. I won't let others play, so you have to Tell me your decision in three minutes."

Germon tries to explain to them, "It's just for an hour, guys."
But still none of them was listening to him. So he's used the dirty way, he whispered to Jon's ear, "I'll buy you all the latest manga, if you play this game with Ashya." He nods and says Okay!.

Then he whispered in Ashya's ear, "If you play this game with Jon, I'll burn all of his manga for you. I know you want to spend time with him like old times before he became like this."

She crushes his legs and says, "Okay! Germon."

Moaning in pain, Germon says, "Go and clear it up, guys. And remember what I said."

Shingo says, "Is it hurting?"

"Of course!" He answers while still in pain.Kyora stammered, "What did you say to them, Germon, that they both agreed to play the game."

"Ah! I've known them for a long time. That's why I just used it," he replied.

On their way to the setup, Jon teases, "I'm doing this only because Germon told me. Otherwise I'm not interested in playing with you."

"It's the same here! And yes don't be the reason for our failure." She answers.

Jon said, "Huh! What did you say?"
"I don't like to repeat either." she answers

Germon was thinking my plan would be in vain, so he shouted from there, "Don't forget what I said. You both know, I'm a man of words."

On hearing this, they stopped fighting. "Finally, you both get reassured. Let's start the game." Dr Agath says.

Kyora asked, "Will they be okay?"

"Yeah! They'll have to do it now after what I've said." Germon answered.

The so-called princess says, "You're all just a child."

As the game began, Jon told Ashya that if you select the medal then do it by seeing a blurry symbol on it because it will be easy. Ashya was the first to go and get the medal. She went, looked at them carefully and chose a medal. She came and put it in that machine. When it shines, It represents the symbol of fire. Now it was Jon's turn to go and find the best match for the fire.

Ashya says, “Must get it!”

He replies, "You don't have to tell!"
Jon goes inside those medal forests looking for what could be the best match for that fire. He saw the one with the horizontal wave sign, he came and without discussing it with Ashya, he put it in the second slot and it showed the worst match.

The second medal was water. Dr. Agath says, "Oh! Fire and water are always two things that don't match, so according to the machine they are the worst and I agree with the machine." He ended it by writing it in his diary.

Ashya came, grabbed his collar and asked, "Why put them inside without telling me?"

Jon did not respond, so she also released the grip and took the medal out of the machine. Before throwing them to the worst side, Dr. Agath says, "If you want, you can still have a best match out of those medals. Just let one be in the slot."

Again Jon went inside the medal forest and brought out a medal. Ashya was shocked, she took a medal from Ashya's hand and placed it on the machine.
The fireworks are then displayed above and the best match is written.

Again Dr. Agath's hand extended, "Fire and Wind are the best match. The wind that mixes in it raises the temperature of the fire."

Ashya says with embarrassment, “Okay! You are the one who messed it up earlier, so of course you will be the one to fix it.”

Jon laughs, "So give me something to eat next time."

On the other hand, Germon and Kyora were talking. She asked, "Will they be okay like this?"

"Don't worry! They know each other very well." Germon replies.

Now Ashya again went to the medal forest and randomly took out a medal. She came, put it in the machine, and when it flashed it showed the symbol of Tora - which in Japanese means Tiger."
Jon was wondering what could be the best match for it, so he went and looked for that particular medal. "It will always be the best match for Tiger, if I'm not mistaken." He says taking that particular medal in his hand.

Before putting it inside the machine, he talks to Ashya whether he should install it or not. She didn't say that much but she said if you know what it is then just put it.

When he put that medal in the machine, it showed the symbol of Ryuu - which in Japanese means dragon. Again Dr. Agath pen moved on, "Ryuu and Tora are always the best rivals in myth. So they can be considered as the best match for them with this title - Ryuutora."

Now ten minutes had passed, Jon and Ashya got two best matches and one worst match. Ashya again came up with a random medal and put it in the first empty slot. Now Jon has to find the best match for that medal - when the medal shines, it shows signs of a needle.

Ashya seemed to know what the best match could be for this, so she whispered something in Jon's ear. He went to find that medal, in that forest of medals, he was looking carefully. At last he said, "Finally! You came in my hand."
He came back to Ashya, put it in the second empty slot and it symbolised the thread.

"Wow! My decision to choose you two was the right one. In under ten minutes, you've already got the three best matches. Needle and thread are always the best matches because of the stitch work that's being worked on - makes them invincible." He was impressed with them.

With this pace, the two had found six best matches in thirty minutes. The fourth best match was hide-and-seek, someone who keeps everything hidden but also wants someone to find it and who enjoys finding things and when it finds that, they are called the best match. The fifth best match was Pirate-Treasure, for pirates treasure is always something precious and that is what makes them a perfect match for each other. The sixth best match was Hollow and Brimful. There is someone who feels hollowness all the time and Brimful shared some of it with them, they are also the best match.

Now thirty minutes had passed, and Jon and Ashya had to change their positions. On the other hand, Kyora stammers, "They're doing really well!"

Germon replied, "Of course! They are at their best when they are together."

"Oh! She's sleeping." Shingo informs Germon and Kyora. "How many times will she sleep? Then she calls herself a princess." Kyora stammers. Germon was thinking about what Jon had told him and the game resumed.

Now Jon went to randomly select the medal and he returned with one. He put it in the machine, in which the rabbit sign was visible. Ashya thought something, "Hmm! Rabbit. Then I've seen a medal that can be matched."
She went and brought the medal. Jon says, "If you know it's right, put it on."
"Yes!" She answers and inserts it but it shows the worst match. The second medal she bought was that of a snail.
"Sorry! But I forgot to say that there are some matches that have already been discovered. And according to my machine, rabbit and snail are not the best match." He reveals something at the last minute.

Being used to it, they did not say anything and continued the game. This time Jon came with a one medal and when it glows after putting it on the machine, it shows the bow symbol.

Ashya went, "It must be here somewhere. Where did I see that?"

Jon notices that something different is happening to Ashya, as she does not like to be a burden to everyone. After delivering the worst match, she was trying her best to find the best match. He was afraid that she might make a mistake in a hurry. Jon murmured, "Do it calmly!" But he could not speak it out loud.

And by then Ashya had come with a medal and asked him, "Should she insert it?"

Jon saw this and said, "No! That's wrong."

"Huh! How? Can't you see this blurry symbol?" She answers.

Jon says, "But! Still, you look at it carefully."

Ashya did not listen to him and put it in the second slot. Again it showed the worst match.

Then Jon says, "Look! It's a pin, not an arrow."

Ashya went in despair, that is, she went to find the medal of the arrow, not the pin. But how did it happen? Jon was also afraid of the same.

Ashya was muttering a sentence several times, "It's your fault, if you hadn't changed it would never have happened."

She recalled a day when she used to spend time with him under that tree, listening to songs and learning Morse code with him. She always feels something around him at that time. When they passed out of junior high school and were about to go to high school. During the summer holidays she thought they would have fun there. She went to that place but she did not find him there. She looked for him everywhere and tried to call him , even going to the orphanage to see him. He wasn't even there. At last she called Germon, and asked, "Where is he?"

He said that there is an old garage behind the school, they are there. She went there, Germon says, "He's in, don't bother him. He's not even listening to me."

"Why? What is he doing like that?" asked Ashya. Then she heard a loud laugh, she opened the door and went inside. Saw Jon reading some manga and laughing. Ashya said, "Why didn't you come to the tree place? I was waiting!" He wasn't ignoring her, but he was so enthralled in the manga that he couldn't answer. She then comes out and Germon says, "It was my fault."

"How? She asked again.

"Yesterday! We went to buy some new games. Then the shop owner recommended this manga to Jon, he even said no, but still the owner was insisting. So we just bought a manga, after reading that much, he got more addicted, he had to read more. So I bought more for him and now he enjoys reading them, since morning." he tells.
Ashya thought okay, if Jon showed his interest in something then it could only be for a day. So she left him like that. The next day she came again to the same place, even though he was still not there. So she came to the garage to check what he was doing. Then she looked at Germon and he was connecting the TV to the power supply. 

"What are you two doing?" She asked.

Germon replies, "Oh! Jon wanted to see those manga in the anime, because he didn't understand the fight scenes or others."

"So, I'm making this arrangement for him," he finished.

Ashya then left them and went home there, thinking it was okay to let him do whatever he wanted. She let a week go by like this, she felt that by now Jon's mind must have been satisfied with that. But let's see what happens next day.