Chapter 17:

Jon and Ashya!

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

So a week later, she went to that place again, making cookies with her own hands and thought to surprise him then they would spend the day at Tree Sight while eating her cookies. When she reached with the lunch box in her hand, he was still not there.Bookmark here

She angrily leaves from there towards the garage, after reaching there, she said, "What are you doing?" She saw that he was writing something in diary but then he said, "You know, Ashya? I finished these nine anime in one week."Bookmark here

She murmured, "Idiot!" Looking down. Then he saw the lunch box in Ashya's hand and asked what it was. So she says, "It's cookies!"Bookmark here

Then he replies, "Oh! Well. I was planning on watching This Your Lie in April. I was in need of snacks too. Thanks for bringing them."Bookmark here

She doesn't like it at all and feels more frustrated that she did all the hard work making these cookies for him and he didn't even notice that, then she angrily shouts "Go to hell, Dumbass!" And she leaves that lunch box and leaves from there.Bookmark here

Time was passing, Jon was trying to call Ashya by grabbing her shoulder, "Hey! This is not the time to disappear into thoughts. That's how we'll lose the game."Bookmark here

After a few minutes, she jumped out of her mind and said, "Leave me,Jon." Bookmark here

Jon leaves her and asks, "All of a sudden, what happened to you?" Bookmark here

She replied, "None of your business!"Bookmark here

But Jon insisted, "Tell me! Because if you keep going like this we'll lose the game."Bookmark here

Ashya held her voice but when Jon was trying to push her, she finally couldn't control it. Take out all his anger and mushy things. She told him, "You're an idiot! You have no idea how lonely I was when you stopped coming to Tree Sight. Just spent all the time with those animated characters. At some point, you almost made me hate you but I didn't want that." She finally starts crying.Bookmark here

Kyora stammers, "What happened to her?"Bookmark here

Germon says, "Nothing! She just took out what she had held on for a long time."Bookmark here

" What is that?" Kyora stammers.Bookmark here

"It is about why she sometimes gets irritated or hates Jon. Now it's up to Jon how he will deal with it." He repliedBookmark here

Jon understood what she was saying and after learning about the truth, that she had held back for a very long time. He smiled, moved towards her and patted on her head.Bookmark here

She then looked up, saw his face and those eyes caught each other. He said, "Sorry! I never knew this was happening to you and I was so fascinated by the anime at the time, I couldn't see around me and was unable to read what's going on. But you know I loved the cookies you made and I knew it was you who made it. The next day, I went to that place, but you weren't there. I was waiting for you to come. I kept going there and in the end you never came. Of course, after what I did, anyone would have reacted like that. But I promised you, after this train loops over and we get on with our normal lives. We will hang out there again with cookies made by you and I will even praise you if they will be delicious."Bookmark here

"But you know, according to my anime tenfold rule. If a girl doesn't want to hate the guy who caused all those troubles for her, it only means she loves him." He teases.Bookmark here

She heard this, reacted suddenly and kicked his ball and said, "You idiot! Don't embarrass me anymore". He fell down and was moaning in pain. She realised what she had done and came to ask him, "Hey, sorry! Are you okay?"Bookmark here

"Yeah! That was close. I survived by an inch." He replies moaning in pain.Bookmark here

On the other hand, Germon says,"He's never going to change." Kyora also stutters," I already had said that both of them are going to be a good couple in future."Bookmark here

"Wow! That's why guys, I chose you both. You both are perfect for this game and I'm proud of the decision I just made. But please don't forget what position you two are in. It's not time for being romantic. It's just fifteen minutes left or I think it's less than that and you still have to give me two of the best matches." Dr. Agath informed them.Bookmark here

Ashya offered her hand to stand him up and asked Jon if he would be able to play the game further or not. He replies that yes! And went to collect the first random medal. In pain, he was searching inside that forest of medals and he chose one. Came out and put it in the first slot. When it flashes on the machine, it shows the turtle symbol. Before Ashya would go and find the best match for this turtle medal. Jon asked Dr. Agath something, "Can we choose more than one medal?Bookmark here

Dr Agath said ok! Let me think. But Jon said in the middle that we don't have that much time, so a little early.Bookmark here

Then he allows them to do so but only once. He whispered in Ashya's ear, "Go and find something related to speed."Bookmark here

She understood and went to the forest of medals, like Jon mentioned, to find medals and then she saw two medals that could fit. She picked them up, came out and showed them to Jon. He looked at them carefully and picked the one in his left hand and it could have been the best match for that turtle medal.Bookmark here

He tells Ashya that this is what you have to put and then she puts it in the other slot. It fires fireworks on the screen and shows the best match. Now only ten minutes are left and there is one best match also left. Dr. Agath wrote in his diary that, "Turtles and jets are the best match that can balance while living together and teach each other about their virtues. And live happily ever after." Bookmark here

During the search for a medal, Ashya shares with Jon what she saw in that forest of medals. She thinks they might as well be the best match and they also have similar types like Turtle and Jet. Jon confirmed, "Are you sure? It'll work." She replies, "Yes! Without a doubt."Bookmark here

He goes and picks up the medal mentioned by Ashya. She went too and picked the medal quickly, choosing the best match for Jon Picked. Then both of them put the medal together in the machine but it was showing nothing. After a minute, it pops up and shows the best match. The medal they chose was of bird-metal, which Dr. Agath had already found. Ashya becomes excited that they approved of the game together, so she hugs Jon. After that she felt embarrassed and turned away from him.Bookmark here

Before they celebrated more,Dr.Agath asked,"I already had found that match."Bookmark here

Jon heard this and replied,"But you didn't say anything about this. You just asked for the best match from this forest of medals."Bookmark here

"It was your fault. To put them inside it." Ashya also says.Bookmark here

Dr.Agath,"Yeah! I think you two are right. And you two did a good job."Bookmark here

Everyone else came there and praised both of them for clearing the game. Dr.Agath also was happy that his decision was correct of choosing them and leaves from there after getting his result with tears in his eyes.Bookmark here

Ashya then asked Jon what Germon told him that he agreed to play the game with her. He was about to tell the truth, but Germon closed his mouth with his hands at the last moment. Take him to the corner and say, "Man! I don't want to feel her anger. So don't spit it out for anything."Bookmark here

"Whatever! I don't care. But as you said you have to buy me all the latest manga once we get out of this situation." Jon says.Bookmark here

Behind both of them there was a vex glare, which was of Ashya. She heard everything and shouted at Germon, "Oh! So you said that to convince him so that he could play with me. I won't talk to you until you apologize properly."Bookmark here

Then suddenly the compartment started rumbling and everyone saw that it was dispatching along with the previous compartment. Before this compartment is even dispatched, they run to the next compartment. Germon came back, again put the princess on his back and ran for the next compartment.Bookmark here

When they entered the fourteenth compartment, they saw that fifteenth compartment get dispatched and blown up. They all sigh as they get safe.Bookmark here

Shingo asked,"Did this happen the first time or always?"Bookmark here

Germon answers,"No! This is the first time we are seeing this."Bookmark here

They all were afraid also, as they heard the rumbling of the compartment. So-called princess woke up but Germon was smart at that time, he already put her down when they arrived in the next compartment.Bookmark here

She saw the compartment getting destroyed and when she turned. She saw something very scary on everyone's back, she shouted in fear.Bookmark here

Everyone listened to it, then Ashya asked,"What happened to you now?"Bookmark here

First time she answers by leaving her attitude,"You all see what is behind." Bookmark here

They all turned back and saw what the so-called princess saw. There were dolls hanging on with a blood stain on it, a lady on the surface sewing the doll. On her back, there was a safe. Above it was a photo frame. She seemed to be crying when sewing that doll. Around her were many dolls, some broken and stained.Bookmark here

Germon says,"What the hell is this?"Bookmark here

In that, Jon says,"It's not about what! Who the hell is she?" His leg was shivering. As he doesn't like scary stuff.Bookmark here

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