Chapter 38:

Freedom Rings


A few weeks go by...Bookmark here

Kaos and I became decent friends. In the heat of battle, we found a bond that couldn't be broken. After Gen smuggled the shotgun shell I needed, I was able to construct the bomb with the broken fragments of the clock. After hours of frustrating wirework and getting the powder in, I finally made the bomb. Our key to freedom.Bookmark here

Carter stares at the bomb. "So, what's the plan? We can't just plant the bomb and run, can't we?"Bookmark here

I shake my head. "I got a plan. But I'll need Kaos to help us out."Bookmark here

I summoned Kaos to our cell. She sits and quietly looks at me, wondering what we're gonna do. Bookmark here

Gen looks over. "Um, hi." Bookmark here

Kaos slightly does a wave. Carter laughs. Bookmark here

"Ok, now. Here's the plan." I kneeled. giving a rough image of the prison with a shiv. "I want Carter and Gen on the ground. I want em spreading the good news, make sure we get those boys riled up. Meanwhile, I'll be with Kaos sneaking into the prison to open the jail doors and getting your equipment. When those doors are open, You two run in the yard and bomb that wall, We'll show you the equipment, and then we run. Any questions?"Bookmark here

They all shake their heads. Kaos stands and leaves, and we all head to bed early, wanting to get it done early. Bookmark here

It was the afternoon, we were all in the yard, looking at how the people moved. of course, it was red sky. It was April. Godhand and a good chunk of his force were gone. With my shiv in hand, We ran into the restricted area, ending all the guards we saw. Kaos broke necks and choked them out and I shanked them or ram their heads into the wall. We finally reached the storeroom. I looked for Carter's old armor and Gen's rifle. Kaos wore her gear, consisting of body armor, and loose combat pants. I also got my stuff back on. It fit like it always did. When I got my sand cape on, Kaos looked at it. "It's blank."Bookmark here

I nod. "Yeah, that a problem?"Bookmark here

"Give it." She cracks open a can of white paint that was used to paint the walls and proceeded to paint on my cape. It had Japanese letters. "Dopeman." She says, answering the question I had in my head. Bookmark here

"Thanks. Now, let's get to work."Bookmark here

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