Chapter 39:

The Breakout


With two more guards dead, It's time to press the button to release the prisoners. "Let's go!" I yell after letting the cell doors release. Before I left, I saw a map. Now I know where I can go. I could the commotion already, with two guards deciding to stop us. Time to show them what I'm made of. I release my arm blade after moving out of the way of a cane attack. I stab him right in the back. I felt amazing. I'm really back. Kaos strong arms the other and pops him in the face with a personalized pistol. I run with her to the outside seeing the prisoners fight each other, setting fires. The lighting and thunder strike as the sky turns crimson. I look around. The bomb should've gone off by now-Bookmark here

BOOM!Bookmark here

Nevermind. Once I see Carter and Genny I pass them their gear and they quickly equip it, watching the chaos unfold. The prisoners scramble to leave, the guards keep the war effort going. Even killing a few to not have them escape. We all charge into battle, weapons in hand. Bookmark here

I load up my classic shotgun and start popping. I pulled out my SMG and started spraying at whatever I could. I then started removing heads with my arm blade, chopping at everything. Carter was using his strength, throwing men everywhere. He punched so hard, the riot helmets cracked. His armor made him stronger than ever. Genny was quick, rolling and popping helmets off with her rifle. When they got too close, she pulled out one of her many shivs to shank the men to put them back in line. Kaos had her pistol and katana. The pistol was customized like a dragon, and the katana had flowers all over it. She had blood all over her, but she enjoyed being able to use her weapons again. Once we cleared the men, It was finally time to go. As we reached the hole, Warden hopped from the walls. Carter ran to punch him down, but he dodged it and punched him harder. Warden had an Exo Suit, so It knocked him down hard. We all ran, but it was too late. he let loose a sword of energy and stabbed him right in the neck. "CARTER!!!" Genny screamed as we reached him, but he pushed us all back with a non-lethal blast. Bookmark here

I stood up, looking at the body. I wanted to be mad, get back to that place, But I couldn't. I remained...Bookmark here

Emotionless. Bookmark here

In one swift motion, I ran toward Warden, dodging all that he could give me. I chopped his arm off and kicked him to the floor, he was screaming. Genny in a fit of rage ran from behind and watched her stab the man over and over again. It was a brutal sight to see such a fit of violence. Bookmark here

For the first time in almost a decade, Kaos and Genny experienced the new world. They looked at the landscape, breathing in the air of freedom. For Gen, it was bitter-sweet. Her longtime friend was so close to seeing this view of sick beauty. We carried his body and buried it a few yards from the prison. After a few moments of silence, I opened my map. I ripped part of the Arizona map and gave the rest to those two. Bookmark here

"So, what's next?" I ask.Bookmark here

"H-hey...Genny." Kaos says. Bookmark here

She wiped her eyes. "Yeah?"Bookmark here

"Can we travel, together?"Bookmark here

"Sure, Kaos. No problem."Bookmark here

I smile and hug the both of them, seeing those two off. Bookmark here

Great. Now, it's time to find my friends. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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