Chapter 0:

The Beginning - Saki Saiki

The mystery club we created solves the mystery of the math teacher: an artificial cult is under my school

My name is Saki Saiki. I was sent to a high school that is famous for being haunted. However, I don't care about the rumors. I just want to live life as an ordinary high school student.
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I have friends. He is one of my friends. Her name is Kaede. He always invites me home with him, rest together, play together, even sleep together.Bookmark here

I only consider him my only friend. Because I started to be alone since my mother and father died. However, when he entered high school he immediately accompanied me. And always teasing me. In the end he became my best friend.

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A new student named Nendra Kisaki snatched my best friend. He came from Indonesia. He often wears a long-sleeved sweater. Her long hair, bangs that almost covered her right eye, and her long curly fingers attracted me to her. In my opinion, she is quite sweet and beautiful.

Kaede played with him more often. I'm alone again. Even though I have a fiancé, he is in a different class with me. We have been engaged since the 7th grade of middle school.Bookmark here

My father and mother died in an accident when our family went to Grandpa's house. Only me, and my two older brothers survived. Finally, we were taken home by the officers who had arrived after the accident. My three brothers and I live in the house.

My older brother, has graduated from college. My second sister is still in high school. My eldest brother has an inner eye. He even knows that my father and mother died not because of anything related to "ghosts".Bookmark here

After I graduated from middle school, I was sent to the same school as my brother, Karin. Karin, aka my second brother, is now in 3rd grade. That means, he will go straight to college with a scholarship. That means-again, my brother will live alone – find a place to live on her own. And all that's left is me and my brother, who was the first to live in the house we've lived in for years.

I only said my second brother because, he is quite indifferent and wants to live independently. Contrary to my eldest brother, he is too sorry and even too fond of me, his younger sister.Bookmark here

To be honest, our family was initially peaceful and serene. But, after that incident, my youngest brother and I were traumatized. We almost every day never talk or even say hello.

My brother's sweet smile just disappeared. He is now full of regret. However, what can you do? It happened a long time ago and of course the past cannot be repeated.Bookmark here

My eldest brother always tries to improve our family relationship. I agree with him, I don't want to be alone anymore.

Since entering high school, I have been treated by her loneliness – Kaede. I don't want to be lonely anymore.Bookmark here

But, not long after, Nendra, invited me to play together. What for? I'm really tired of feeling lonely... but why? Why, O thief, friend of the people?

He just answered.Bookmark here

"I don't want to see you alone all the time! Please fulfill this selfish wish of mine…” and “I don't want to be called a friend thief anymore!” he seemed to read my mind.

What else can we do? Ugh she's too cute!! In the end, I complied with his request.Bookmark here

Me, Kaede, Nendra and 3 friends went to the school canteen. Then, we brought our own food to the school roof. The six of us ate together.After that, Nendra wanted us to share our thoughts. When it started from Nendra, I was surprised. After hearing Nendra's outpouring of his heart, I felt like being friends with him and wanted to know him more deeply.

When it was my turn, I told her everything from start to finish. Nendra also said that I have to maintain this brotherhood. Because he also has experience. he also hopes that it will not happen again in his life. As if he was me in the future.Bookmark here

When we returned to class, the student council members came to tell us about the creation of a club which is held every 4 years. One class should get only 3 ideas. And Nendra came along with the idea.Bookmark here

He wants to create a mystery club. So, later all members conduct investigations in various haunted places. For those who are cowardly, just help compile a report that has been given by the team that has investigated the place.Bookmark here

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And of course, many want to join. In the end, the idea for a class 10 club that was accepted was a mystery club with 13 members, a traditional game playing club with 9 members, a game club with 10 members, a soccer club with 11 members, an 8-member love and friendship education club and a reading, writing and drawing club with a total of 13 people. Bookmark here

The total students are 64 and that's only the 10th grade out of 2 classes, namely class a and class b.Bookmark here

I'm definitely going with Nendra. Even our seniors couldn't dodge the 10th grade idea. So, we have 18 members. Out of a total of 192 students, the reading, writing and drawing club is the same as our club. It's not like a gathering. Rather, excel. Because there are too few clubs,how many upperclassmen add 3 more clubs. And starting tomorrow we will start the club activities.Bookmark here

At that time... bad things happened...
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