Chapter 0:

Boogeyman Murderer


It started when I met a strange boy, who nearly electrocuted me in the woods, eating a T-Rex carcass.Bookmark here

I don’t know where he got the fire.Bookmark here

He looked strange, his eyes didn’t have a crease, his skin was light, almost yellow. Bookmark here

In contrast, my skin is rust-colored, I have long eyelashes with a crease.Bookmark here

His clothes were nice, they weren’t cut up and filled with holes like mine, they were white and crisp looking.Bookmark here

“What’s your name?” I asked him.Bookmark here

He made a noise, then said “I am Damon.”Bookmark here

So he speaks English.Bookmark here

“Are you from the Land of Darkness?” That’s all I could come up with.Bookmark here

We’re not supposed to go into the Land of Darkness.Bookmark here

“Land of darkness?” He asked.Bookmark here

“Your hair isn’t colored,” I said, shifting the subject ever so slightly.Bookmark here

“Colored hair?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, y’know, when something significant happens you dye your hair?”Bookmark here

“Dye!?” The boy jumped back and got into a battle stance.Bookmark here

Electricity generated around him.Bookmark here

“What are you?” I asked.Bookmark here

“I am Damon!” He said.Bookmark here

“Well Damon, I won’t hurt you, please calm down… Are you a boogeyman?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Boogeymen eat kids, I eat boogeymen. There’s never any boogeyman seen, my fault.” He told me.Bookmark here

“You should go with me to the village. Darklind.” I told him.Bookmark here

He did.Bookmark here

“Why your hair not colored?” Damon asked me.Bookmark here

“I’m a rebel,” I answered.Bookmark here

“Ooo.” He was impressed.Bookmark here



Karma Leto
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