Chapter 1:



“Where have you been?” My mother greeted me.Bookmark here

“I-”Bookmark here

“You’re 12. You can't stay out after dark Nathan! We have no Shepherd, what if it happens to you and something happens to you-- we won't have another for 1,000 years! That’ll leave us without a Shepherd for the next great evil from the land of darkness!” My mother yelled.Bookmark here

“Not like anything happens.” I shrugged.Bookmark here

“You know how it goes, every 100 years a great evil shall befall the world!” She yelled again.Bookmark here

Tattus showed up, “bro c’mon, almost time.'' He was like an older brother.Bookmark here

Tattus is a gray pather as well, that’s how we got so close, I practice the gray path, life through moderation- the true nature of an average human.Bookmark here

As I was on the gray path, I naturally didn’t build power as fast as others--Bookmark here

I’m not a Shepherd.Bookmark here

If I was, the low power and ridiculous power would cancel each other out.Bookmark here

Shepherds get their powers from a deity who created the universe, then left us with the power to shape it, and that over the years the power has dissipated, manifesting itself greatly into one person at a time, while moderately aiding others.Bookmark here

It’d be nice to be powerful.Bookmark here

I want power, but I know that the dark path is dangerous.Bookmark here

Light powers are measured by difficulty.Bookmark here

Lightsiders value effort and trainingBookmark here

Dark powers are measured in rarityBookmark here

Darksiders value possessions and strengthBookmark here

But Tattus and I are in the middle of all of that.Bookmark here

We train, but I also use raw strength and weaponry.Bookmark here

I have a Khopesh.Bookmark here

A Khopesh is a sickle-like sword, with a curve that could be used to trap an opponent's arm, or to pull an opponent's shield out of the way. Bookmark here

Mine is a bloodiron Khepesh. Bloodiron Weapons are weapons forged with melted bone and cooled in blood. They are rumored to become stronger based on how many things they kill.Bookmark here

I’d love a stillroot Weapon. Stillroot weapons are weapons made from the wood of Stillroot tree. They are unbreakable, and help with the development of the soul.Bookmark here

Divine Gold weapons are considered myths, but were used by great warriors of old. They hold power that almost rival a Shepherd’s.Bookmark here

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