Chapter 41:

Saving The Fisherman


With a new boost in morale, we were ready to fight them properly. But, It was time for a raid. A small group of soldiers volunteered to have themselves join in on this raid. It was going to be rough, considering the bulk of the NRF is going to be there. We scouted for a day, getting the information about the whole camp. The camp had about twenty people there. One of the tents held our target. FIsher had a bigger beard and a beaten face. Seems like he was interrogated. It's a bad situation all around. I was in Kyle's tent that night, fixing up my special shells to remake them. "We go in, guns blazing?" I ask. Bookmark here

He nods. "We hit them by surprise. We burn the camp down. We kill them all." Bookmark here

I look over once I got fully stoked. "Hey, Tann. You ok?" Bookmark here

"Honestly? Not really. Being in the middle of all this can be taxing."Bookmark here

"I'm gonna end this quickly. Take a back seat. I'm gonna lead the charge."Bookmark here

He makes a face, but he slowly nods. "I trust you. Don't mess this up, ok?"Bookmark here

"I'm here to kick ass, Tann. Don't worry." Bookmark here

It was morning was gray. The men and women of the NRF woke up early to get breakfast, freshen up, and get ready for the day. They weren't ready for the pipe bomb thrown in the middle of the camp. With the massive explosion dazing and killing some of the people, we charge in, shooting at the half-dressed soldiers scrambling for cover. I was using my SMG to take out the soldiers properly. I switch to my shotgun and charge into the camp, exploding a guard's chest with my slug. I ran to free Fisher. He looked dazed. "D...Dopeman...?" Bookmark here

I helped him up, helping him walk out and through other tents to avoid the battle outside. Eventually, I walk up and near the exit of the camp, but somebody shoots at me. I dodge and help Fisher to cover. I peer my head to see Godhand, taking out a small pocket of Miller Corpsmen with his machete. He ran towards me. I did the same, squeezing my palm to release the blade. We clash metal, facing off. Bookmark here

Godhand grunts. "Yuh a di scum addi earth!"Bookmark here

I push him off. "Die!" I attack, slicing his cheek. He strikes back. Punching me in the face. I avoid his blade. We sword fight for a bit, the struggle was constant, only to have it end with a shot in the arm, thanks to Tann. Godhand retreats, holding his bloodied arm. I nod, thanking him as I pick Fisher up. We leave the battlefield, burning the camp to the ground. For the first time in a while, Miller Corps gained a major victory. Bookmark here

It felt good.Bookmark here

Ant Daddy
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