Chapter 18:

Aaoya, Safe and Photoframes!

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

After the compartment had suddenly started dispatching, Jon and his friends who had already cleared the stage, saw that and hurried to the next compartment. From inside that fourteenth compartment, they saw another compartment being dispatched and then blown up in the air and scattered all over in the ground. They all were scared and confused seeing this because it happened for the first time and they did not know about it and no one told them.Bookmark here

The scariest thing that awaited them was behind them. Next up was the game stage setup, which was actually more scary than anything. There were dolls hanging with blood stains on it and a hex pattern on part of their belly. Some were ripped up, some were designed very ghastly and some were really crumpled. Then there was a pair of three lanterns in the shape of a pumpkin at each corner. Because the compartment didn't have a bulb light, it was lit by the fire inside those pumpkin lanterns and the flame wasn't a yellow-orange hue, it was blue, literally making the place atrocious and terrifying.Bookmark here

Then there was a woman who seemed to be about fifty years old or older, sewing a lot of torn dolls around her and at that time she had one in her lap. She was crying or singing lullabies which was really unexpected to tell because of her low voice. But the scariest was his appearance. Her scattered long hair with a low expression on her face with the three cut marks on her both eyes. The scorpion tattoo on his left arm which was scarier than anything. She looked like an appalling person.Bookmark here

Then there was a safe beside her right hand with my child written in Japanese on it. Above it were four photo frames, they were not visible because of the cover on it.Bookmark here

Jon does not like scary things at all, his body starts trembling. So he suddenly grabbed Ashya's hand as she was only beside him and then he hid behind her. When she felt someone touching her hand, she saw who it was and asked, "What are you doing, idiot?"Bookmark here

"Just let me be like that! All that setup and lady, taking my breathing away. I'll be dead if I keep looking at it." He answers by resting his head on her shoulder. Her face turned red and felt embarrassed. She turns away from him and says, "Idiot! Don't embarrass me."Bookmark here

Kyora stammered, "What do you think? Who could she be, Germon?"Bookmark here

Germon did not respond, ignoring Kyora and turning away from her a bit. She didn't say anything about it at all.Bookmark here

"Hey! Hey! Are you awake?" Here he is trying to contact Zhu. "Why do you always disturb my sleep, Germon?" Zhu answers.Bookmark here

He asked, "Tell me what's going on, or at least that woman, what is that?"Bookmark here

Zhu shouts to his mind, "How many times do I have to say I'm not your tool. I'm here to use you, not you to use me. So don't bother me. She looks at the scary thing. After that she sleeps again."Bookmark here

His head starts to ache, caused by Zhu's shouting inside his head, so he grabs his head and replies, "Okay! Do whatever you want. I will figure it out on my own."Bookmark here

Kyora looked at him as he grabbed his head like a headache and stammered." Are you okay, Germon?. Germon replies that he is fine, no need to be concerned about him.Bookmark here

Despite all this, someone was brave enough to step towards the woman. That was Shingo. In his mind, he was saying, "I'm an adult! I can't see those kids getting scared. I have to take responsibility and move on. Only I can face that woman." But he too was trembling a little.Bookmark here

When the woman heard footsteps towards her, she said loudly, "Wait there, you filthy man." That voice gets everyone's attention, so Shingo bravely says, "I'll stop. But please stop scaring those kids." Still he was trembling and sweat was coming out of his head.Bookmark here

Then the woman looked at those four kids behind Shingo and said, "Oh! They're cute! I want them in my collection." A hangar comes over Jon, Ashya, Germon and Kyora, except for the so-called princess, they all hang up. Everyone was astonished as to what had happened to them. Ashya says, "What's the matter with that lady?"Bookmark here

Terrified, Jon said, "I told you to let me be with you but you didn't listen to me. That woman is really scary."Bookmark here

"Shut up! Jon," says Ashya after being irritated by Jon.Bookmark here

Germon told Jon to keep calm and don't say anything or close your eyes.Bookmark here

Shingo saw this and asked the woman, "What did you do to them?"Bookmark here

"Nothing! I just made them my own and now they are my children. And yes, call me Aaoya." She replies.Bookmark here

Shingo gets furious, he moves a bit and says, "They're not your kids. You have no right to have them."Bookmark here

"Oh! Then you'll get in my way. But first tell me, who are you?" She tempts him.Bookmark here

Then she said, "You don't look like their parents, not at all. So why are you interfering with it?"Bookmark here

He laughs, and replies, "Even though I'm not their parent. I'm the only adult with them, it's my duty to take care of them and protect them. That's what I'm doing here, even if I have to face you."Bookmark here

"Oh! So you're saying you'll save them from me. Do you have that guts?" she taunts him again.Bookmark here

He thought, looked at them with scary faces on them and they were hanging over then he replied, "Of course! No one can do this except me."Bookmark here

"Then I have the perfect game for you on my mind. Clear that up and save those four kids from me." She challenged him.Bookmark here

He accepted that it was then while hanging over there,Germon that he wondered why she said four means we are five, then he saw that the so-called princess fell asleep again. He started suspecting why she didn't see her.Bookmark here

She goes on to explain the game, "So the game is that you have to get the code for this safe box and unlock it. My precious doll is inside it and the key to open this box's exit is in it."Bookmark here

"How do I get the safe-box code?" He asked.Bookmark here

"In that roulette I have a total of four photo frames on them, each with some images. You'll have to figure out the code by examining those images. I'll show you all the pictures at once for five minutes. After that this roulette will spin and Will show any of the images randomly. On the spot you have to find out the code from the photo and put it in the correct order, for this you will have fifteen minutes. In total for the whole game an hour." She finished explaining. Bookmark here

"So you're ready." She asked hesitantly. He replies, "Yes!" Hanging from there, everyone also cheers him.Bookmark here

According to Game, the four images in the photo frame will be visible at a time, so that exactly happened. Shingo was looking at them carefully and was memorizing them before five minutes passed. The first image in the photo frame was of an old clock shop. The second image in the photo frame was of an ICU, where surgery of a pregnant lady was going to start. The third image in the photo frame was of a triceratops drinking the water from Lake. The fourth image in the photo frame was of a boy who was painting on the street walls.Bookmark here

After five minutes, Shingo was without any doubt that he memorized them very well and he said to Aaoya that to continue the game by showing the next part.Bookmark here

At Ikebukuro Airport Station, around evening five o'clock when the plane landed, a girl came in a reddish blazer with navy pants , running outside with a bag on her back and called for a taxi. When the taxi came,she immediately told him to take her to the East Japan Railway Company.Bookmark here

After half an hour,the taxi reached the East Japan Railway Company. She gets out of the taxi, pay the fare. Then she goes to the receptionist and asks about the chairman, saying that she wants to meet him. It's urgent. Receptionist says he's not here, but if it's urgent she can talk with his Assistant Rasya.Bookmark here

She said okay!. In the Assistant Room, Rasya was doing paperwork then someone knocked, she was allowed to come in. That Girl comes and starts saying very fastly without even taking a single breath,"That where is my father." Bookmark here

Rasya said to take a breath, sat down and then told me. She sat and introduced,"I'm Yua Suzuki, I was abroad for my study and then I saw this news of this train which completely vanished from track. And then I remembered my dad was on that train. When I talked last time,he told me about that. He is a very sensitive person and he is all I have left."Bookmark here

Rasya understands the problem and says that the Chairman is already on the investigation and soon he will find a way to save everyone including your father.Bookmark here

"How much time will it take?" Yua askedBookmark here

"Can't say? But we have to be patient and believe in the Chairman." she answersBookmark here

Yua says," Okay! Then I will be here until he comes back!"Bookmark here

"I don't know, I should say or not. But you shouldn't leave your studies and be here like this. Your dad won't be happy!" she says.Bookmark here

"You are right! But still I will apply for some holiday and stay here for a while." Yua says.Bookmark here

Rasya said okay! What suits you. Then Yua leaves from there. Coming Outside she said,"Hope you are okay,Dad!" Bookmark here

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