Chapter 19:

Shingo Look Back On!

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

The game of the fourteenth compartment, the eighth stage by a very scary lady named Aaoya, unfolds. She hanged Jon and the others except the so-called princess because she had fallen asleep again and probably she didn't see her and Shingo who was brave enough to go towards her, so he was out of the danger. She then challenges Shingo at that stage of the game by putting the others at stake. The game had already started, he looked at the four images in the photo frame and he seems to have memorized them as well. Her daughter came to the East Japan Railway Company and was concerned about him and wanted to speak with the chairman but he was not there. In return, she spoke to his assistant, Rasya.Bookmark here

Now the game resumes on the train. The next part begins where an image will randomly appear for fifteen minutes and Shingo has to figure out the code number and put it in the correct order as the code is a four-digit one. So he has to enter carefully which number will be at which place.Bookmark here

Roulette spins and it shows a random image in it. It belonged to a Triceratops that was drinking water from the lake.Bookmark here

He looked at it and was trying to examine how he would be able to get the code out of it. Time also starts.Bookmark here

In his Mind, "Okay! Shingo. The image is of Triceratops drinking water from the lake. He said the safe code is in the number, so we have to find that hidden number and put it in the correct order. First we look here which thing is representing a number."Bookmark here

He kept thinking and seven minutes passed. Then he found something and said, "It's number three!"Bookmark here

Aaoya tries to shake his confidence, so she asks, "Are you sure of your answer? What's the proof?"Bookmark here

"Ha! I knew you'd ask. So the proof is Triceratops has a tri, only from the image of the one that represents a number. And I also found out what order it would be." He laughs and explains.Bookmark here

"Oh! What is that?" she says.Bookmark here

"This number three will be the first code number. Because Triceratops are very old in correspondence to other pics." He says.Bookmark here

Aaoya asks her to come near the safe box and type the code as it was correct.Bookmark here

He went there and wrote three as the first code number.Bookmark here

Germon cheers, "Just keep going like this, Mr. Suzuki!"Bookmark here

"Yeah! Only you can save us. Released us, before I wet my pants in fear of that woman." Jon trembles.Bookmark here

Ashiya said, "Oh! Shut up, you idiot! Try to control yourself. Else I will kick you and you will fall down."Bookmark here

The roulette turned again and the next image appeared which was of an ICU where the pregnant woman's surgery was about to begin.Bookmark here

He was wondering what could be happening here that the number would represent. Thinking after five minutes had passed, Aaoya asked, "What happened this time, last time you did well? Or were you thinking that every image would be the same." Then she laughed, "Haha!"Bookmark here

He ignored it and then seeing the image of that ICU, he remembered something painful.Bookmark here

It was the time when his wife, Nao Suzuki, was also pregnant, and it was time for her surgery. He was called by Dr. Lina to come to the hospital.Bookmark here

Dr. Lina was the best surgeon in that hospital and was Shingo's college friend and his wife's doctor. They both knew each other very well. And today she had some really bad news. Kinda thing, for that she called him.Bookmark here

He arrived at the hospital and entered the Dr.Lina room. They exchanged hi/hello but Dr.Lina said she has no time for that. She gave some paper to him and decided on something. His face got down after hearing that.Bookmark here

He had been permitted to talk with his wife about this. So he entered the ICU room, saw his wife. Nao Suzuki - Being life partner she was his research partner also. The most attractive thing he liked in her was her making a smile while settling her hair. That's what she was doing and then he entered the room with some file in his hand and a down face.Bookmark here

When she looked at him like that, she asked,"What happened,honey? Why are you looking down?"Bookmark here

He sat on the stool and replied,"Nothing, Darling! Just work stress!"Bookmark here

She caught him and said,"I can tell when you are lying or not,Shingo. So tell me what it is? And what is that file?"Bookmark here

"So before coming here, I visited Dr.Lina and she told me about this. That your labor is somewhere wrong and while doing surgery."he says. Because she interrupts,"That we have to choose between mom and baby. I know that, Honey. Whom will you choose?"Bookmark here

Shingo starts crying and says,"I want both of you." Then Nao showed him the Baby in sonogram and said,"Look how pretty he/she is. Don't you want him/her to come out and live a life."Bookmark here

As sobbing, he says,"Yes!"Bookmark here

"You know until now I have lived life really well but not fullest, had a husband like you and will be a nice son/daughter. So promise me you will give that child both of us love and will be a good parent." She says take the file and sign it. By choosing to save the child and suddenly time came to surgery, he had to go out, as everyone started coming in because it was surgery time.Bookmark here

Surgery done but only a child survived and Nao died, Dr. Lina came with that child. She apologized and congrat both by saying,"She gave birth to a baby girl. A lot similar to her."Bookmark here

He was both happy and sad at the time, and he promised that child too that he will become a good parent and fill the hole of not having a mother, saying as if taking into his arms,"You really remind me of her!" Bookmark here

Then he was just looking at the image in frame by thinking of it as just two minute lefts. His eye caught something, which was the sonogram and it was showing twins. He chuckles and says,"The code number is two."Bookmark here

Aaoya asked,"What about order?"Bookmark here

As he remembered the image, except for the triceratops that the clock shop was only looking like from the 1900s and if he saw clearly. Then the instrument in this image was of current generation. So he says,"Two is the fourth code number."Bookmark here

He goes to Safe-box and type the number two on that, it was correct. And says,"I will definitely save those children. Thanks to you Aaoya, make me remember the promise I forgot. I have to get out of here as soon as possible to be there with my daughter."Bookmark here

Another image in the photo frame appeared this time,it was of a boy painting something on the wall.Bookmark here

Shingo knew about this, because he already showed through this and first he tells that order is third, and number is six.Bookmark here

Because the boy was done making the hexagon beside his ongoing painting.Bookmark here

After that he goes there and types the number in third position.Bookmark here

Now just one left, the lady was chewing her nails and was frustrated how he could clear this so easily but she was not allowed to use dirty methods. So she was just hoping he would make a mistake.Bookmark here

So the last image appears in the photo frame, which was of an old clock shop from the 1900s. Shingo knew that the only position left was second. He just figured out a way to get the code number.Bookmark here

He was looking closely but was not able to find anything, so she tempted him,"Oh!what happened, nothing is there."Bookmark here

He replies,"Don't worry. Right now, no one can stop me and I'm very fired up."Bookmark here

Then as some minutes passed, he saw a strange thing which was that all clocks were stopped except the bigger one and it's hour hand was at four. So he got the answers and went to the safe box.Bookmark here

Type four in the second position, it unlocked and he took out the doll.Ripped it and found the key. No chance left for Aaoya to give up, so she ran away from there, releasing Jon and others.Bookmark here

Everyone came down, and ran to the place where Shingo was.They praised and thanked him. Jon was really happy that his pants were not going to get wet, Ashya and Kyora scold him for not repeating this again. Germon was still at that place,looking at the so-called princess sleeping peacefully but he had no chance, so again he carried her on his back.Bookmark here

When they all were going from that place as they know this compartment will soon dispatch and blow up. On the way, Jon saw a crystal bracelet at his leg side, he saw it and then put it in his pocket. Then they moved from there to the next compartment for their another game stage.Bookmark here

Chairman Ryochi and Rongi went to the Well site, where his father and Eiji got to know about the Etsuchi - Another world connected to earth by that well. They were there because Rongi knew where the remaining page of SAKICHI SOUGO Diary was or he had some idea of where it could be.Bookmark here

"So, are you sure it could be here?" Chairman Ryochi says.Bookmark here

Rongi looked at the sky and replied,"Without Any Doubt."Bookmark here

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