Chapter 42:

Future Shock


I watched Fisher recover slowly. He was beaten and not given anything to feed or drink for a few days. I rested with Kyle, using our downtime to drink water and talk about whatever. Bookmark here

"Ever got a name for your kid?" I ask while we sit around a campfire. Bookmark here

"I was thinking something like Grant. Or Kim if it's a girl." Bookmark here

"What about Dopeman?"Bookmark here

He laughed. "I don't think so, but good try." Bookmark here

I laugh back. "You ever thought about being a father. It must be crazy to think about that! A little you."Bookmark here

"In the middle of a war? Not exactly a good environment to have one. She hasn't heard from me in months, almost a year. I feel so bad for having her miss me for so long."Bookmark here

"Maybe when we get back, you can ask to take a leave. You went toe to toe with Desert Demons and the NRF. That deserves some downtime." Bookmark here

"If we get back." 
Bookmark here

I pat his back. "Don't talk like that."Bookmark here

The next day, I walk into the medical tent to see Fisher in bed, weakly recovering. "It's Dopeman..." He coughs. "I missed you. I thought I lost two friends." Bookmark here

I walked up to him, holding his hand. Bookmark here

He squeezed it, humming. "You got bigger. Hotter too."Bookmark here

I laugh a bit. "Thanks, man. I'm glad you're ok. I'm going to find Sera. Somewhere..." I don't even know where she even is.Bookmark here

He nodded. "So, where have you been this entire time?"Bookmark here

"Prison. I got captured, like you. What were you questioned about?"Bookmark here

"Hm. No wonder why you look tougher. I was just questioned about the location of our HQ. Naturally, I told them to piss off." IBookmark here

I nod. "Good stuff, my boy. I'll let you recover, I gotta see what Tann has in store next."Bookmark here

"You do that. Good luck kiss?" He joked.Bookmark here

I playfully roll my eyes and blew him a kiss as I walked out. Bookmark here

I found Tann loading up a rifle. "Dopeman." Bookmark here

"Oh, how I missed you saying that. Give me the rundown. What's the plan?"Bookmark here

"Ah. I do always say that." He smirked. "Well, today we're gonna raid a park. Roach Mountain National Park. Home to Desert Demons and a piece of tech we need to boost the signal. all we need to do is to charge in, secure the item, and leave."  Bookmark here

I nod, loading up my Demon Killers. "Sounds like fun. I'm in."Bookmark here

This was a two-man op, so we just hiked over to the park. We made it over there in about two hours. I look at the ruined gates, littered with tribal signs and drawings. "They can draw now?" I commented. Bookmark here

"They're getting smarter."Bookmark here

"Doesn't matter. They can still die all the same."Bookmark here

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