Chapter 43:

Tourist Trap


We broke down the old gate, walking into the overgrown park. It's the first time I've ever seen green like this in a while. I readied my shotgun, looking around at the old park. "So, what's the device we're even looking for?"Bookmark here

Kyle was leading the way, rifle in hand. "The tool looks like a small piece of metal. The employees there would use these to contact each other across Arizona. The combination of our modifications and the height of the canyon should boost the signal just enough to reach HQ. In theory."Bookmark here

"In theory?"
Bookmark here

"I know, I know. We don't have a lot of options left. We don't have the supplies to just walk back. The helicopters are gone. With your help, we can get out of here in one piece."Bookmark here

I agreed. As we reached the visitor's center, I noticed the markings of the Demons. It was almost like a story. A tale of their upbringing, their evolution. At the center, the front has a shrine. It must be their god. "We're heading into a place of worship," Tann commented. Bookmark here

I chuckled. "Just don't blow it up this time."Bookmark here

"Ha. No promises." Bookmark here

We step inside to see a room full of corpses. Their hearts are cut open. the people were marked, the floors were marked, and the walls were also messy. I shake my head. "They're sacrificing people." Bookmark here

Kyle looked in disbelief. "These all look fresh. From Miller Corps and NRF. Bookmark here

I looked around. It was piles of humans. "I knew they sacrificed, but this much?"Bookmark here

"We got a study that says they sacrificed in times of danger. We purposely sabotaged a tribe, and they took our decoys for sacrifice to their gods. We saved them, of course. If they're taking this many people, it must be bad. Real bad." Bookmark here

Something clicked in my head as I checked a body. "Wait, you said that the day Sera disappeared she was fighting Demons, right?" Bookmark here

"Yeah..."Bookmark here

I hit the table in frustration. I needed to get into that canyon. Now. Bookmark here

As I see the exit, I suddenly see Demons bust down the door. Some had bows, and they shoot arrows at us. We dive into the cover, shooting at the creatures. I use my Demon Killers to shoot at their bodies apart. Kyle popped at the monsters, also killing them. We ran when we saw an opening, pushing through the lizards to run down the trail. We shot at them as we sprinted. We eventually found the Saki Center. We kicked in the door and slammed it, using the old vending machine. I look around. "Cover me. I'll find the thing." Kyle nods and aims at the cracking door. He shoots at the Demons trying to destroy the entrance. I run into an employee break room. I see old Desert Demon bodies, decaying quickly. I also see a huge danger mark. I wish I could read Demon. I traveled through the bodies, finding boxes. I found supplies to keep, but no device. I eventually found the boosters. They were all destroyed. I rooted through to find the only one that didn't damage. I took that with the supplies and ran out to see Kyle stabbing and shooting the men. I threw my flashbang to stun them, picking Kyle up and running through the emergency trail. We eventually got far away from the park. I set down the box, panting. Bookmark here

Kyle looked at the box. "Did you..."Bookmark here

I pulled out the booster. "Yeah."Bookmark here

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