Chapter 16:

An Invitation To Join

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

"Why would you want me to join the same club as you?"Bookmark here

"You want to make up for everything you bullied Sakuri-san for right?"Bookmark here

"Yes, but how will that do it?"Bookmark here

"Well you see the Art Club is actually close to being disbanded because we are short of one member and the club is very special to Sakuri-san from what I have seen. So if you could; if you joined you could help Sakuri-san keep her club and repay for what you've done."Bookmark here

Futaba stares at Makoto in deep thought wondering what she should do.Bookmark here

"So, what do you say?" Makoto puts his hand up for a handshake for Futaba to shake.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry...I don't know about this. Let me think about it." Futaba tells Makoto and leaves Makoto hanging. Bookmark here

Makoto stares in confusion as Futaba leaves. He quickly puts away his hand to get rid of the embarrassment of being left hanging.Bookmark here

"Damn...I thought that would work."Bookmark here

"Ahem!" The nurse coughed to get the attention of Makoto who had been left sitting waiting for their conversation to end.Bookmark here

"Oh I'm sorry. I totally forgot I was at the nurse's office." Makoto quickly went over to the nurse.Bookmark here

"What brings you here today?"Bookmark here

"Uh...w-well I punched something hard and as you can see my hand is bruised and it hurts a lot."Bookmark here

Makoto could not say what actually happened because he would then get in trouble for punching someone.Bookmark here

"Okay let me take a look."Bookmark here

The nurse goes to work and inspects Makoto's hand to see the problems.Bookmark here

"Well it looks like you definitely broke it. I can't tell exactly where so you're going to have to go to a doctor and will probably have to wear a cast."Bookmark here

"Damn...that sucks." Makoto was disappointed to hear that he broke his hand.Bookmark here

"Here is an ice pack and I'll have to put this temporary cast on you for the time being."Bookmark here

Makoto holds his hand out for the nurse so she can put the cast on him. Now Makoto has to head back to class while wearing a cast and is embarrassed about it.Bookmark here

" did I even punch Kaneko-san that caused me to break my own hand?"Bookmark here

Makoto made it to the classroom and heads in. Everyone looks at Makoto and notices his cast. Sakuri is the most worried one and is troubled to see the state that Makoto is in.Bookmark here

"Hello, Haku-san glad to see you're back." The teacher noticed Makoto had came back.Bookmark here

Makoto sits down on his seat and accidentally bumps his hand on his desk which caused him to feel a sharp pain in his hand.Bookmark here

"I guess that cast means you really did break it." Kota had turned around to speak with Makoto.Bookmark here

"Yeah I did. The nurse said I still need to go see a doctor to fully diagnose my injury."Bookmark here

"That sucks." Kota said.Bookmark here

"Tell me about it." Makoto said while accidentally laying his chin on top of his broken hand which caused him to feel the pain again.Bookmark here

The class goes on while Makoto is having trouble writing down notes since he can't use his dominant hand. He tries writing with his left hand but it just looks like scribbles.Bookmark here

"Hey Makoto, you don't need to worry about writing down notes. I can give you a copy of mine." Kota had suggested a favor.Bookmark here

"Really! Thank you Kota!" Makoto said while having stars in his eyes now knowing he can depend on Kota for his notes.Bookmark here

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