Chapter 44:

Mop Them Up


With that piece in hand, the engineers looked at it for a bit. One of them speaks up. "Hm. it's a decent piece. We can bost it, but we need a few days to modify it properly. Bookmark here

Tann nods. "How many days is a few days?"Bookmark here

"It depends, sir. We'll let you know."  Bookmark here

I walk out, letting them talk about the booster. Seeing a recovered Fisher, I walk up to him. We soon walk together. "You doing ok, Dopeman?"Bookmark here

I shake my head. "I'm worried. What if we're too late? What if Sera is..."Bookmark here

Sam put his hand up. "Come on, man. We got this. Say, while I was captured, I got this rumor about a Shaman. They say he speaks to Demons. He understands them. A small group of men left camp that day to hunt for him." Bookmark here

"You tryna cheer me up with tall tales?" I chuckle. "Where is this Shaman? Gives us a good excuse to bust some heads." Bookmark here

"Over at Lake Retals. One of the shack houses they said." Bookmark here

"Sounds like fun. let's do it!"Bookmark here

We tell Tann and he gives us a green light to go. At the same time, A scout team goes out in the opposite direction over in the Grand Canyon. Bookmark here

We have a bit of fun walking over to the lake, playing I spy. Soon we head over to the lake. The lake was black. It seems to also be a target for lightning strikes. I gunt. "That lake looks disgusting."Bookmark here

"Well, welcome to Arizona. This place sucks."Bookmark here

"You could've said that ten years ago even."Bookmark here

We laugh as we head over to the lake house. The NRF made camp around a house. One of them bangs on the door. "We need that information, Shaman! If you don't comply, we're going to use force. Bookmark here

That's our chance. Sam shoots at the doorman while I shoot my AP rounds at the camp. I kill two of the men coming out of the tent. I then drive my shoulder in someone's chest, knocking him down. One tried to get me from behind, But I dodged and cut his throat with my blade. I finish him with my blade. As the last one gets up, Fisher pops him in the head. I gave him a thumbs up. Bookmark here

We walk up the stairs and looked at the door. "Hello? Shaman?" I say. "We're not..."Bookmark here

The door opens. We walk in.Bookmark here

"The DOPEMAN can come. The FISHERMAN can stay."Bookmark here

We looked shocked. How did he know our names? 
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"I'll stay. Good luck, Dopeman."Bookmark here

I'll need it.Bookmark here

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