Chapter 2:

Warm Bitterness

The Premonition Winter Gave Me

                                                                     Several Weeks AgoBookmark here

In a small apartment, a young woman with hair molded gracefully against the back of her neck,  walked like a housewife as she moved from place to place next to a face full of worry. She was looking in the cupboards. She was looking on the shelves. She was looking under the sofa. She was looking between the cushions. She searched the rooms. She even searched inside the furnace but, even so, she did not find the whereabouts of what she so much wanted to find. She placed both hands full of dust before his red cheeks, closing her eyes as a sign of surrender. Anxiety ate her and she could not fix it. 

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The intense rain did not stop its rhythmic fall, resembling crystals breaking with the concrete into thousands of pieces, losing themselves in the hungry city that used it to stand. She bowed her back against a nearby wall, falling to her face to hit her rough knees. The skirt of the uniform fit under her calf, covering a revealing position, while the pink apron she wore over her white blouse wrinkled. Her little bangs covered her red eyes, giving her best not to curse loudly. She opened her lips, but these were sealed automatically. She tried to do it in her head but it did not work either. Frustrated by this mental ineptitude, she shook her head on her knees. She bit her tongue, believing to calm down. Soon he would appear. That was what she wanted to believe.Bookmark here

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Hanae did not think the ringing of the bell would make her get up immediately instead of sliding toward the door as she usually does. Less believed to meet an unknown figure carrying what it drove her crazy the entire afternoon.


Shouting with joy, the cat escaped from the stranger's hands to approach her, growling like a curmudgeon. She puffed lightly on her cheeks, thinking that the cat was ungrateful after spending all the afternoon looking for him. He even came back soaked by the rain.Bookmark here

"Thank you very much for bringing him back home."Bookmark here

"No problem, the address was easy to find thanks to his necklace. It's a special cat, is not it?" The suspicious-looking woman gave a nervous laugh.

"He's very unsociable."Bookmark here

Surprised by her presence, the high school student observes the enigmatic character who had appeared in front of her next to the ungrateful cat. An encounter that was hard to believe due to the uniqueness of the individual. Certainly, a golden hair a little long up her neck was curious but, the cherry on the cake, was that black blob on the top of her hair being a contrast much more intense than white with black. Hanae blinked a lot, not believing what she saw. For a moment she was lost in that coptivating blue from the other girl's eyes, long lashes that generated envy, and a profiled face that marked with beauty the cheekbones of her face with a lovely birthmark on her lower left eye. Still, she could not shake the feeling that she was a suspicious subject after having her clothes mixed with winter and summer. Without forgetting that black stain (yes, for Hanae it was a stain more than another color) in her hair on the blond strands. What intrigued her most was that,  she could not deny that it was not bad for the other girl at all. It definitely fitted her perfectly, even though it made her stand out as an exotic animal. After analyzing it in silence, finally she noticed the scratches on her pale face, which had a high chance of being courtesy of Milky.

"Come in please. My cat has hurt you and the least I can do is offer you something to drink and heal those wounds"  bowing to show respect, Hanae shows her inside.

"There's really no need to do that! Although I do accept that offer to heal the wounds. It kinda hurts a lot" with a nervous laugh, the girl enters the department of the seventeen year old student.

The girl offered her a seat, then goes in search of some alcohol, cotton and a plaster to form a Band-Aid to appease the pain, disinfecting the scratches by the pet that causes her a daily headache. Upon returning from the bathroom with what was necessary, he saw that the mysterious girl watched Milky with intent curiosity. The bandit cat ignored his pain after climbing all the trees in the park to escape, scratching whatever was in front of him. Leaving the implements on the small table in the living room between the floor cushions, she clasped both hands on her hip, stopping.

"This cat…"

"Let me help you"

"Wait, I don't want the wounds to increase in your..." 

But her words were interrupted when the mysteriosu girl managed to hold the cat in her arms, taking him to the cushion, sitting on the floor near the small wooden table.Bookmark here

"...Face."Bookmark here

Hanae kept blinking, incredulous at what she had seen.

"I can not believe it. He never lets himself be grabbed, less embraced. How did you do it?"Bookmark here

Taking the same position as her unexpected guest, she decides to arrange her fringe and begin making preparations to heal the face of her savior.
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"I learned it the bad way" smiling with a touch of nervousness, she pointed the scratches on her face.

"Right!" with a gesture of surprise, Hanae opened her cinnamon eyes to begin the process. After having alcohol in the cotton, she begun disinfecting.

"Tch" the other girl closed the sapphire that identifies her as a sign of pain. It had burned her out too much and the would was clearly open. Milky counted on long nails because there was not a toy at home to help her.

"I'm so sorry!"  moving her hands in a reckless way,Hanae continued with the other areas. After finishing, she releases a sigh to close the alcohol and saved the tape that stuck in parts of her face to form a homemade Band-Aid.

"Thank you" happily, the mysterious girl looks down to twist her finger in Milky's tail.

I want to touch it.

"Hmm..." thoughtfully, the student extends her arm, to be repelled violently by her pet. Depressed, a few tiny tears formed in the corner of her eyes. "I think my cat hates me"

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The minutes began to pass, and Hanae invited her some tea as a courtesy. They were sitting, drinking it slowly, chatting a little about the odyssey of catching Milky in the park, how she found the direction easily in the collar and the fact that she had managed to get the cat to carry it all the way. She was a bit jealous because the cat that she had as a pet throughout her life remained sullen at her touch and preferred a complete stranger. The steaming tea was still there, indicating a slow passage of time between the two. Milky huddled once more on the knees of the suspect, while she was lost in that black spot on her blond hair.

"Are you always alone, Manai-san?" Breaking the silence, the boy throws a question while the named had her face resting on her hand, while her elbow was on top of the table.

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"You see ..." when the answer was coming out of her mouth,she took notion that she had been called by her last name by the stranger. Her face paled momentarily, her eyes opening due to the unexpected revelation.
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From where does this girl know me?! She doesn't live in my same building, and I also do not remember someone like back at my school.

"How do you know who I am?" sighing, Hanae demans an explanation.
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"Are not you Manai-san of my same class?" stunned, she closes her eyes fearing she was wrong. "I'm Tachikawa."

A mental image appeared in the mind of Hanae Manai. A parallel between the Kanon Tachikawa who sees every day in class, and the girl she had in front. The contrast with and without the hat was out of this world, especially her carefree attitude compared to the depressive one that she transmitted to her every day. In addition, she could not deny that by not having the hat that covered her stain, on, that face stood out as someone attractive. She was extremely stunned by the revelation.
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"That Tachikawa?" astonished, she asks once again.

"Yes, Tachikawa" she looked away, embarrassed.

"Well, without the hat I did not recognize you. You look much better that way" she smiled with joy, trying to mend her mistake. Distressed by the compliment, Kanon raises her face avoiding a blush at the confession. "You do not give that dark aura like in class."

"Ahaha..." the blond girl laughs nervously. She chooses to point out the stain on her head, explaining. "If I do not use it, this would be seen."

"Are you a delinquent or something?" frowning, Hanae still did not believe that someone so reserved had such an outlandish appearance outside of class time. "I mean, I think you are a natural blond but... that stain..."

"No, no, no!" stunned, Kanon starts to sweat a little while moving her hands frantically in front of her face, avoiding creating a misunderstanding. "I had an accident with my typewriter... and yes, I'm a natural blond due to my mother's side."

"A Typewriter? In these times?"

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"I like the feeling you get while typing. Also I feel much closer than in a computer" she began to laugh with joy at the end, closing her eyes.

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"But  even if it's an accident or not, you wear that hat since we started first year of high school. It's been two whole years" Hanae narrowed her warm cinnamon eyes, considering it suspicious.

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"You see ..." Turning her gaze to a distant horizon, Kanon felt embarrassed by the response she was going to give. Her face was covered in darkness, while Milky yawned on her knees placidly. "I ended up dying the area of ​​the stain."

Is she serious...?

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"What about washing your hair?" With the same look, her eyelashes and eyebrows somewhat lowered by the revelation and surprised by her absurd act, Hanae extends much closer to the blond, incredulous of her actions.

"I did not think of it until after doing it..." remembering that day, Kanon begins to regret her act in a measure of desperation without having thought of a simpler alternative. She fell exhausted on the little table, her face hitting hard against it. Her cotton band-aids cushioned the damage but, Milky jumped at the loud noise.

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"Aaah ... I don't know if you are someone amazing or just idiot" Hanae sighed in defeat, then shakes her face in surrender.

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After not being criticized, Kanon lifts her face, amused by Hanae's reaction. She always shows a sweet act in school, never throwing those expressions before her friends. That was something warm for the girl, while Hanae felt freedom in her heart. She was being as expressive as possible after keeping all her reactions under lock and key at school because of the image that she had unconsciously formed. Both have invisible barriers to cover their true identities, thus avoiding collapse. In that instant, their thoughts merged into one.

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                                                               It's as if we had a double life.

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"Manai-san, do you live alone?" Kanon could hear Milky's slight breathing on her legs, indicating that she had fallen asleep.

"My parents work a lot, so much that I haven't seen them at home for a long time. My brother studies at a university a bit away from here and spends most of his time at his girlfriend's house, being closer. Although he always comes to visit me on vacation. I have to take care of everything here."

"Is that why you always come home quickly? I see. So for that reason you always reject invitations from your friends." She placed a finger under her chin, meditating on Hanae's actions.

How does she know that? It must be because when Sonoko comes to invite me somewhere she practically screams all over the place and is super noisy.

"Look who's talking" Hanae answered closing her eyes, sighing.

"I'm sorry" ducking her head for her imprudence, Kanon apologizes for saying something so serious for her, as if it were something obvious due to her innocence.

"No, excuse me!" Now it was Hanae's turn to play with her hands, ashamed for being sarcastic. "I always wanted to respond to someone that way. I think it was the least opportune moment."
Kanon just smiles kindly, knowing from the heart that Hanae did not pretend evil with that little joke that did not go well at all.

"Manai-san, isn't it dangerous?"

Hanae lowered her hands to the skirt of her uniform, playing with her slender fingers in the process. His heart stopped beating for brief moments, creating anxiety in her throat. She felt dry, sensing that even with the tea that was cooling with the passing of the minutes she would be able to get rid of that overwhelming sensation. Her heart was still sunken, releasing a gesture of surprise at the question he knows is obvious, considered and reasonable. Her voice began to come out like a murmur, answering her, instead of dodging it.

"That's why I don't want anyone in the school to find out... That I live alone. The teachers would make a problem and I don't want to bother my parents after they try so hard that so my brother and I can study."

Kanon just did not answer, knowing that she was not in the place to advise her.

"Tell me, Tachikawa. Why do you have a typewriter? You told me it's because you do not like the feel of typing on a computer. Have you thought of pencil to paper?"

"The truth is... I also feel uncomfortable with the sound of a sharpener" she replied covering her ears, imagining the sound. "I prefer a thousand times to use a blade or a small knife to sharpen it."

"What if you used a mechanical pencil?" She suggested.

"I had not thought about it." She placed her hand once more under his chin, questioning why it had not occurred to her.

I honestly do not know what to believe about her way of thinking.

"Are you going to answer my previous question?" Hanae places her chin under her hands, which she had placed on the table to look at Kanon better. She was still impressed with the two shades of color of her hair, occasionally losing herself in it.
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"Actually ..." She lowered her eyes, unsure if she confessed what she really did. After she had opened up with her, she felt she could not lie to Hanae. "I write. I have been writing a story for quite some time."

Yes, Kanon had no choice and told the truth to Hanae. And she bit her cherry lip waiting for the teasing that tormented her in his past while she was in junior high, which is why she started writing.

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                                                              We both keep great secrets.

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"That's amazing!" her shining face illuminated Kanon's paper heart. However, Hanae noticed her shame. "Wait, why are you acting all ashamed about it?"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry."

"But why? I think it's something wonderful."
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Kanon's face had no description at that moment, wanting to catch Hanae's words. Being something impalpable, they escaped in the wind as light whispers that she longed to treasure in a bottle, even in a shell so, when she pasted her ear, she could listen to them every day instead of the waves of the sea.

"It's very shameful" Hanae still did not understand the strange behavior of Kanon regarding her story.

Apparently it is very important to her.

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The incessant ticking of the clock continued, interspersed with Milky's brief breaths. Silence fell with force between them, creating an atmosphere of tension and discomfort. The rain was ceasing, indicating that hours had passed since their arrival and chatting. Kanon twisted her finger in the cat's tail, feeling its softness, imagining that this is how the touch should feel against a fluffy cloud. Hanae watched him, thinking she had committed some sort of imprudence. She coughs slightly, trying to create some kind of noise, touch her tea cup and realize that she was the only one who had not taken a single sip, feeling its coldness. Definitely, time had flowed, and it was not slow as she thought it had been.

"Tachikawa, I think I've stopped you more than necessary. It's getting late." A smile formed at the corner of her mouth.

Kanon looked up, losing herself in her surroundings. It was a large apartment for just one person, feeling the echoes of loneliness on every corner that crossed into her memory. Hanae walking in such a place shook him, especially after sharing a pleasant moment at the table. A table where Hanae would dine alone tonight. She shifted her eyes briefly to the kitchen that lay behind them, as well as the only cutlery in the dishwasher. Her heart hurt. It hurt that the warmth she transmits is lost. It got lost in Hanae's hands, finally coming up with a detail she had overlooked. In their phalanges there were band-aids. Many. When they were in classes, they had never been seen before, less wounds on her fingers. She analyzed her situation, reaching a conclusion.

"I can be late today. Also, I feel that if I move, Milky would attack me for waking him up." She pointed to the cat in her lap, who was still in the world of dreams.

"Then you would stay for dinner, although I do not have much to offer you. I have leftovers from yesterday's dinner, I hope it's enough for two people" Hanae stood up, preparing to go to the kitchen.

"I ate something on the way, don't worry about me" her sentence stopped her in her tracks, Hanae arranging her bangs when she took her off guard. She noticed Kanon'ss straight back, which made her feel an emptiness in her stomach. It was close, but at the same time distant.

And that gave her a pain difficult to explain.Bookmark here

"Oh ,I see..."

The farewell of both came faster than expected. After briefly chatting about the classes, learning that Kanon Tachikawa is not a suspicious person for always walking with that hat that covered an absurd mistake due to an impulse attack, she realized that she was an ordinary person, charming and judged wrongly in the eyes of others. Milky woke up when Hanae washed her bowl, indicating that it was time to say goodbye. They approached the door, talking that it was a relief that it stopped raining. Seeing Kanon leave, leaving her alone in the department, made her notice that it was the first time that, after much, she shared a dinner with someone.

As much as it was only me who ate.


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The next day, Kanon did not imagine that, after looking out the window of the school corridor, lost in the characteristic smell of winter, she would run into Hanae, who was standing next to her, facing her.

"Tachikawa" she was looking at the ground just as she turned to look at her.

"Oh, Manai-san, did something happen?"

Weird, we had never spoken at school. Is she okay?

Kanon noticed Hanae's hands, her suspicions of yesterday increasing, confirming his conclusion.

"Milky wants to see you" she turned her cinnamon eyes towards the window, observing in her reflection the hat of the blond that everyone saw as nonexistent.


"All day he scratches the door and always cuddles in the cushion you used yesterday, purring like crazy ... the neighbors complain a lot about the noise. They say it makes more scandal than a dog."

"Is it really okay for me to go?" Incredulous, Kanon points that out.

"Yes. Also... " An eternal silence took hold of both of them, she lost herself in the words that were about to come out, making them go astray and cursing eternally not having a way to catch them forever. "... I want to read your story."

                                                                       Present Time

After arriving at her locker and changing her shoes, Kanon did not care if she made excessive noises while struggling to take them off. The bag with her notebooks, notes and other study implements jumped on her shoulder, while her winter uniform gave her warmth. Frightened, she looked at the distant digital clock hanging on the exit. After seeing that it indicated that it was close to five o'clock, she paled again when she remembered that Hanae, however peaceful she was in school, became an ordinary person at home with occasionally hurtful words and a difficult mood to define. After finishing, she started running once more, sweating in spurts. Her forehead was crying due to her velocity and sweat, looking everywhere if it was a good idea what she was thinking. When dhe noticed that there was no one on the coast, she tried to take a shortcut behind the educational institution and, in order to do so, began to undress when the jacket was removed, revealing the white shirt. SHe took the knot off her ribbon,  floating with every reckless step she took. Finally, she takes off her hat, revealing her dyed hair of two colors, blond and black. Kanon reached the fence that separated her from her freedom and climbed it with skill and agility.

However, she encountered an unwanted presence.

When jumping to the sidewalk, a girl who knew through observations, since she visited Hanae constantly, watched her after doing her acrobatics. Her lavender hair was swaying in the wind, her amber eyes shining behind her glasses. Her breath was cut after seeing an unknown and attractive figure, while she was frightened to death to be seen with her true appearance. After hitting the ground, she started running after avoiding falling on top of her.

"The cat!" She shouted as he disappeared.

"The cat?" The new girl was confused, loneliness remained as she meditated on those words, believing that it was some code. Be that as it may, she did not know there was such a handsome and unusual girl in school. "I wonder what year she's in..."


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Hanae was lying on the sofa in her apartment while watching a boring TV show. The sound of false laughter was not funny, ignoring the miserliness of Milky  in the cushion that Kanon uses certain days of the week and every Saturday. Somewhat irritated by the purring of the cat, she closes her eyes with a sigh. Today she also had to help in the Student Council, causing that she could not do what she asked the blond girl to do. She gathered her knees on the seat, looking at the clock in the living room. A noise of keys pulled her out of her thoughts when just the program had become slightly interesting.

"You're late" was the first thing that escaped her lips to see that it was after six o'clock.

"You told me about the offer late, Manaii-san!" She complained like a child, closing her eyes after being reprimanded for something he was not to blame for. She entered the room, observing how Hanae was immersed in the program, constantly changing expressions. She left the bag with the order in the kitchen, and then sat on the cushion that the cat used. After seeing it, the little animal climbed on her legs. "I could only get two cans for Milky. I also bought him a toy."

"Mmh," she said in response, the brightness of the television being reflected in her cinnamon eyes.

Every time she comes she brings something new for Milky. It seems as if there was a baby at home with so many toys around the room.

"Did you had to help in the Council again?" Caressing the pet, who was only docile to her no matter how hard Hanae trained and tried to make her equal to Kanon, she chooses to ask.

"Occasionally they need extra hands. Also, Sonoko is my friend" she replies, her mouth being crushed by her knees.

"That's right! Speaking of Sonoko..." Kanon opened the buttons of her blouse a bit to give herself a little air. Wearing the winter uniform tormented her, especially when running. "... I ran into her when I went out to do your message. She ended up seeing me like this."

Disappointed in her action, the blond lowered her face. For her part, Hanae slowly turns her face, imagining the scene. Especially the reaction of her enamored friend.

"Uwaa ... that's unpleasant" Hanae trembled a little, then turned off the TV and went to her cushion, in front of Kanon.

"Fortunately she did not recognize me. That would be a problem" letting out a carefree laugh, Kanon takes a sip of a drink she had bought at a nearby Starbucks. The heat was overwhelming, so much that she took it in a hurry. 

Hanae looked at him, especially the liquid.
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"And mine?"

That question caught Kanon off guard, causing her face to turn white. A thought tormented her head.

I did not think about that! Manai-san is going to get mad!

And she wanted to avoid that at all costs.

"H-Here" Kanon extends her drink, which Hanae accepts without a doubt. She sighed in relief, happy to have avoided a catastrophe.


However, the face of dissatisfaction on Hanae's face made her doubt her action after finishing her first sip with the straw.

"What is this?" She raised an eyebrow, then tilted her face. The ice cubes of the drink rocked with their movement. "A latté?"

"Y-Yes" Kanon hesitated when giving her answer.

"I don't like it." She returned the drink, trying to remove that bitter taste from her tongue. She stood up, to momentarily withdraw from the room. "The next time order a juice."

Kanon remained with the iced coffee in hand, her face tilting to the side closing her sapphire eyes as he was grateful to be alive after having given her something that was not to Hanae's liking. He chose to make a mental note.

I will consider it for next time.
Oblivious to what was happening on the other side, Hanae leaned back against a wall in the corridor, covering her face with both hands. Letting herself be carried to the ground, she buried his head, noticing what had just happened between them. She did not know if she was taking it very seriously, or maybe she was frustrated by the way Kanon had passed it as trivial. Maybe she was reading very between lines. That tormented her, her paper heart beating like it never had.

"I can't believe it. We drank from the same sorbet. She is clueless and fool"

Does it count as an indirect?

Definitely, the fool who was in the next room, was lost in her action to take it lightly, still drinking from the same straw with ease. She opted to stop drinking and looked towards the place to which she had disappeared. Milky purred on her torso, while the light of the place went straight to her hair dyed black. She sighed, closing her eyes once more, and drinking again.

Latté's are nice.

"She's taking a long time, don't you think so Milky?"

After saying it, Hanae appears calmer, her face freshly washed. She sat down, noticing that the girl with two-colored hair had finished her coffee. Remembering the bitter taste caused Hanae a very strange mixture of sensations inside. She shook her face slightly, as she took her chores out of her purse. Kanon imitated her and, in a matter of minutes, start doing her homework.

Surprisingly, for Hanae, Kanon was a disaster in certain subjects.

"Tachikawa, what is your weakest subject?"

"Japanese" smiling, she answers without feeling embarrassed by failing in her native language.

"It must be a joke" Hanae could not contain another question. "What's your grade there?"


"I repeat, I don't know if you're amazing or just an idiot." surrendering, Hanae started to revise Kanon's homework, calling her attention to the way she wrote the kanjis. "Hey, how can you write well this and not the other, when they mean exactly same?"

"I like the design of this but not the other one, that's why I can't learn it."

"You're just like a spoiled little girl..." the brunette did not know what another surprise Kanon Tachikawa would have prepared for her. "Then, which is your strongest subject?"

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"You're kidding me, right?"

As if it were something simple, Kanon takes the last exam out of a notebook, with no desire to show off, or anything like that. She wanted Hanae to believe her, and show her that she was not lying. After seeing the ninety-eight note, she was impressed. The blond with touches of black in her hair walked in her smiling world, proud of her only student achievement. That was how the rest of the afternoon went by, with Milky yawning sleepily on the girl's legs. The pencils rang against the sheets, while they exchanged words briefly, helping each other. Kanon was impressed by Hanae's wisdom and high grades. Taking care of her house and having such a high average was already admirable to her

"Right, Manai-san. Thank you for returning the inks to my typewriter" she said while looking at what was in her notebook.

"That happens to you for forgetting them the other day. You bought them on the way home when you saw them on sale and you finally left them here. You should be more careful" Hanae said earnestly, also absorbed in her work." Did you get any progress?"

"Only by hand. As I forgot the new ink I could not replace it."

"You brought it?" 

Closing her notebook, indicating that she had finished her part, she lost herself again in that black spot that captivated her. Kanon kept her head down, engaged in her homework.Bookmark here

"Yes" when looking up, there is a brief exchange between sapphire and cinnamon. "After all, that one time I forgot, you almost killed me."

"Ahaha ... ha ..." Hanae wished to erase from her mind how she got angry since the story had been very good last time and, the next day, she had forgotten it, leaving her hanging by a thread.

With the student implements on the table, Kanon makes some space while pulling out her writings. The brunette runs to her side, pulling the cushion. Shoulder to shoulder,  more together than ever, the blonde blushes because of the shame of having someone reading a very personal story for her, especially with her present. Hanae immersed herself in the short reading, recording each sentence in her mind.

"Today no more wounds were formed in me, since Kae's warmth is comforting. I still feel that sharp sensation, causing pain but, my heart thanks that is not as often as before. Every time I learn something new, especially her attitude, smile and how it is more natural. Her light is warm, and I want her to feel it too, instead of transmitting it to me alone. Therefore, I try to give it back to her little by little."

"Kaori is a very interesting character" she gave her a smile full of warmth, directing her face towards Kanon, exchanging looks in silence.

"I'm happy to receive your opinions. You don't know how much, Manai-san" imitating her, both radiate a light in Hanae's apartment. The voices of crows in the distance reminded her that it was late, the winter sun cheating at dusk in later hours. "Well, I think it's time to go. Thank you very much for receiving me."

The action that Hanae performed took both of them off guard, Milky even leaving them in solitude when jumping from Kanon's legs. Her thin hands held tightly to the end of the sleeve of her long-sleeved blouse. The blond girl did not say a word, while her face was lost in her bangs.  Hanae crushed her tiny lip, biting lightly with her lower teeth.

"Tachikawa. Don't you want to stay for dinner?"

Before saying her answer, she observed those fingers that never went unnoticed by her. The Band-Aids were still there, causing Kanon to squint, unable to comprehend the feeling of dissatisfaction it caused inside.

"Only if you let me help you" she placed her right hand on her hair, Hanae raising her face to observe her charisma when rubbing it off. "I would not like to take advantage of it."

Stopping suddenly, Hanae stuns Kanon. A semblance full of energy, vitality, light and harmony that spread in her home was enough to feel special to be the only one who saw her with these real emotions. It extends from her hand, Kanon receiving it, the warmth between them being comforting. The brunette smiles showing her teeth, while pulling her towards the kitchen. Hanae puts on the apron with which she found her for the first time in the apartment, reminding her of that special day. Before the labors could be divided, Kanon offered to cut the vegetables for the stew, which Hanae appreciated. Everything proceeds with total normality, forming a gentle aura between the two girls in the lonely apartment, next to the cat that licked between his legs.

The time of the farewell came hours later but, what emptied the most of Hanae's heart, was the lack of another presence in her home. Sitting on the table they share, her eyes are lost in the darkness of the night, drowining in a vessel of stars, while Milky played with the new toy that Kanon had brought him today.

Warmth is something that leaves you a sweet feeling inside. So why do I feel it so bitter right now?

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Tiziano M.
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