Chapter 0:

The Prophecy of the Blood Moon

Testament of the Blood Moon

An old Mayan legend told of a prophecy that is said to be the End of HumanityBookmark here

Under the Blood MoonBookmark here

Darkness unfurlsBookmark here

Naught shall remain..Bookmark here

The skies shall open..Bookmark here

Blood spills through the turmoilBookmark here

Screams echo through the nightBookmark here

The Final Crest of the EndBookmark here

This all started around 3 years agoBookmark here

My memories of these moments are vivid and clearBookmark here

Like it was only yesterday, or maybe it was yesterday?Bookmark here

Does that make any sense?Bookmark here

I guess not…Bookmark here

Sometimes I wonder how I got to this point..?Bookmark here

Bound in an endless…Bookmark here

I glared at my past self..Bookmark here

To try and look for the escape..Bookmark here

But found none...Bookmark here

Our final stand ..Bookmark here

Till death do us partBookmark here

This is…..Bookmark here

The Testament of The Blood Moon..Bookmark here

My name is Yamada Katsura Bookmark here

And this is my story…Bookmark here

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