Chapter 45:

Shaman's Trial


I walked through the old lake house. The chipped wood, the fading environment. I felt this odd sensation. I was leaving this world almost. I walked into a room, it had a man with ragged clothes. He had different color irises. One is green and the other is brown. He had tattoos similar to the Demon markings I saw back at the park. He turns to me. "The DOPEMAN." He had a deep booming voice. It was almost inhuman. "Sit."Bookmark here

I slowly sit down. "How do you know my name?" Bookmark here

"The SPIRITS." Bookmark here

"And what are these spirits? Bookmark here

"The SPIRITS are the SPIRITS."  
Bookmark here

I roll my eyes. "As long as these spirits can help me."Bookmark here

Shaman shakes his head. "I require a TEST. The RIGHTEOUS men desire to CONTROL the SPIRITS. Will you do the same?"Bookmark here

"No. All I need is their help. I'll take your test. What is it, algebra or something?"Bookmark here

He laughed. "Comedy from the DOPEMAN. The SPIRITS told your story. A tale of a man who sold the POISON to your hometown. It filled you with a head of guilt and a heart of loneliness. Now you want to redeem yourself by DELIVERING items."Bookmark here

"Uh...Yeah. So what's this test?"Bookmark here

Shaman hands me this pipe. I hold it in my hand and look at the object. It looked familiar. There's no way it could be what I think it is...Bookmark here

"You sold the POISON to your town, but have you ever tasted the POISON?" He asked. Bookmark here

I knew it. It's crack. He spiked it too. Laced it with something. Hopefully, it won't kill me. I grab his lighter and smoked. As I coughed the smoke, I felt...Bookmark here

Wrong.Bookmark here

The room started to fall apart. Bookmark here

Shaman laughs and chants something. He was performing some rituals. I look around to see a gray void, almost cloud-like. It was storming, lightning and thunder. I stand. I look down to see my lack of weapons. All I got is my arm blade. Desert Demons pop from the ground suddenly, ready to strike. They had eyes of flame. The skin of lava. I started running. Running far away. I trip and fall. As I get up, I see my mother. Bookmark here

"What's wrong?" She asked me. "I thought you forgot everything? I thought you went to church? I thought you forgave yourself?"Bookmark here

You're not real. Bookmark here

"I'm very real, [READACTED]. Oops! I said your name. You're the Dopeman now right."Bookmark here

You left me. You made me like this.Bookmark here

"You left me to fend for myself. Your own mother. Shame on you-"Bookmark here

Don't say my name. Bookmark here

"What? Still on that, boy? Nobody cares about you. You're the Dopeman. that's it."Bookmark here

I'm more than that. Bookmark here

"Then what are you?"Bookmark here

I...I am...Bookmark here

"What? What?" Bookmark here

I suddenly see my mother's face melt into another Desert Demon. I squeeze my palm and cut its head off. I bled lava. I start chopping and killing all I could. I was going mad. But I had to. I had to keep it pushing. As the bodies around me start to decay. I felt weak. Bookmark here

I fall to my knees. Bookmark here

With all this, I still feel ok. I'm ok. I hear the news and the tears around me, but it doesn't affect me. Bookmark here

I'm gon be alright. Bookmark here

Why?Bookmark here

Because I am Dopeman.Bookmark here

The room started to reform. I pass out. Bookmark here

I think I beat the trial. I hope. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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