Chapter 20:

Diary of Sakichi Sougo - Remaining Page!

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

The day had come for Chairman Ryochi to know everything in his father's diary. Then he must find a way to save those passengers from it. This time, Rongi Knew about the rest of the pages whereabouts, so he is with him this time. Both are at that place now.Bookmark here

Tired and looking around, Chairman Ryochi tempted him, "Is the page here buried in the ground or has it returned to its original shape and has become a tree again?"Bookmark here

"It was a great joke, but I can't laugh at it. I brought you here to show you the well." Rongi replied.Bookmark here

Walking a little further, when he saw clearly, Chairman Ryochi was shocked to see the well being destroyed, "What is this? What happened here?"Bookmark here

"Yeah! I don't know, but your dad, Chairman Sakichi, suddenly ordered it to be destroyed, so I want to know too what happened in the next story," Rongi says.Bookmark here

"Is the page debris or inside the debris?" Chairman Ryochi jokes again.Bookmark here

"Haha! I don't want to laugh, but you did it on purpose," laughs Rongi. Then he ordered him to go somewhere else with him.Bookmark here

They came to a nearby tavern and it was the same tavern where Sakichi and the rest of the people used to stay. "Where are we at?" asked Chairman Ryochi after watching the tavern. It was a very old tavern, so it was closed.Bookmark here

Rongi walks in and says, " Don't Question, Follow me!"Bookmark here

They approached a room whose door was broken, and entered. Rongi opens the drawer, and pulls out the rest of the page.Bookmark here

Chairman Ryochi looked at it but was sceptical, "How do you know it was there?"Bookmark here

"Don't ask questions, just read this. It's a first priority for all of us, isn't it." He replied, came towards him and gave the pages to Chairman Ryochi.Bookmark here

Rongi and Chairman Ryochi both sat down with their legs crossed. He begins by reading, "But everything as we know it comes at a price. What price comes in exchange for Etsuchi Mystery ? Let's see."Bookmark here

After that, it had been four years. All was going well, with Etsuchi getting a chance to get his crystal by capturing the spot where the hotspots were, be it me or sometimes Eiji. And our work at Etsuchi to build the rail lines and trains was finally done. Beryuu wanted to thank us in that world by partying and showing off his celebrations.Bookmark here

Before that day...Bookmark here

"It was really a long and tiring job, Mr. Sougo." Tsukasa says.Bookmark here

"Don't say that, it was fun too! Right, Eiji?" Sakichi answerBookmark here

Eiji's attention was elsewhere, but when he heard his name, he replied, "Yeah! More than that we got to know about another world, which was really startling!"Bookmark here

The next day we were all about to leave for a party in another world. We were very happy about this. Me, Eiji, Tsukasa and people who knew about it went there. The first thing we had to do was the opening ceremony of the train called - Ichiryu.Bookmark here

When we entered the palace, we were all greeted by its fragrant and rare flower, namely – Pelis. Which can be called the union of rose, lotus and hyacinth in our world. The way they had made that garland of Pelis was astonishing.Bookmark here

Everyone was there from His Majesty Beryuu, Budoshi to His Majesty's daughter. She was young but looked gorgeous. With other subordinates like Mr.Zel, Reina and all Game hosts.Bookmark here

His Majesty praised, "You all have done a great job bringing this wonderful system into our world. We will always be grateful to you, Mr. Sakichi."Bookmark here

"I did it because I couldn't stand to see this world as it was." Sakichi answers.Bookmark here

The first was next to the station and starting palace, we all went there and cut the ribbon. And the train starts with many of Etsuchi's people inside them. They were all happy.Bookmark here

His Majesty Beryuu and I were separated from the others in the heritage room inside the palace. Seeing the sight of this world, everyone who was boarding the train. Eiji was also involved in that because of his newfound friendship with Budoshi. They have started getting along much better now than their first meeting.Bookmark here

I hope they were all enjoying it, because I wasn't there. That's why I'm not writing about it at all. But I'm writing what I heard from Eiji and Tsukasa. They say that he saw a flying dolphin outside from the train which was really surprising.Bookmark here

Beryuu, on the other hand, was showing about the heritage of the world and the history of the world that remained on the wall. It's all about how it came to be and the relationship with the Akiyama clan. Then we talked about many things. He didn't stop thanking me.Bookmark here

"What do I give you here as a king, in return for your work. Whatever you have done for this world." He says.Bookmark here

"What do I say? I don't like to take things from work that I do with all my heart. But there's one thing I want to know and then there's one thing I need."Bookmark here

Beryuu laughs, "Oh! In the end, you need two things. Go ahead, first tell me what you want to know."Bookmark here

"So that staff of yours, there's actually a dragon inside it or it was only a threat?" Sakichi asked.Bookmark here

Beryuu answered,"Oh! this staff,yeah it's true that a dragon is inside of it. Let me tell you about our ruling system. To rule in this world we need to tame a dragon and if someone has to become a king, he/she has to defeat the current king dragon by their dragon."Bookmark here

"Now there are only two dragons left due to the rampage of one berserk dragon. The dragon inside my staff is very controlled, calm and he already had made a habit of living through crystal. Otherwise originally, dragons of this world need to eat the human brain to be alive. One dragon is with Rimuryu - my daughter. Because someday she is going to be Queen of this world." He finished.Bookmark here

Sakichi understood then he asked,"What happened to the berserk dragon? Is he alive?"Bookmark here

"Yeah! But sealed by ancestors, and if he is released, he will directly attack your world because of his long awaited appetite. If someone wants to unseal him, he/she has to feed him two hundred human brains. But don't worry, I won't let that happen." He answered.Bookmark here

Sakichi sighed,"Then it's good, otherwise I would have got a heartache. So the thing I want is to wipe out the memories of this world from my workers except me and Eiji as we will be Hotspot."Bookmark here

Beryuu agrees on that, so before leaving for our world. Rimuryu had the power to erase the memories of the timeline. She erased the memories of working and knowing about this world from everyone except me and Eiji.Bookmark here

After that we leave from there and again we get back to our daily lives.Bookmark here

Until I woke up that day and read that news. After several weeks of this party, when I woke up in my room, I made the coffee by hand and grabbed the newspaper and read the headline. It was very much surprising, the headline was that people are missing around that Well.Bookmark here

I was thinking what it could be, but as I knew about our world. I thought they could be some gangster or kidnapper who will soon get caught by the police.Bookmark here

Two month passed, I was doing my paperwork then one policeman came by the name Kennosuke Shuuya. He slammed his hand on my desk and rudely asked,"Do you know anything about the people missing around that Well?"Bookmark here

I was confused about what he was talking about then he told me that people are still missing whenever they go near that well or someone takes them there.Bookmark here

He warned me that last time my company was the one to be found near it. If we are behind this or if we know something, then spit it out.Bookmark here

I told him to leave it to me because I knew about the mystery of that well but not about how people are missing. But still I told him to leave, he left from there.Bookmark here

At night I went to that Well place and I hid behind the tree to see how people were missing or who's making them disappear from there. Then I saw someone in a cloak and behind one person was chained and unconscious. She looked like Eiji daughters, and looked like he/she was taking her to the portal of another world.Bookmark here

I couldn't control myself, so I ran and stopped him/her. He got furious and we had a brawl. When I removed his cloak from him, I was surprised to see someone who I knew very well - Eiji. I asked him what are you doing?Bookmark here

He told me just one thing which was coming from his mouth constantly. My words and work are just for Etsuchi King!Bookmark here

I was not getting anything, then a hologram came in front of me through Eiji's hand. Someone was saying something, he/she was also in a cloak.Bookmark here

It says,"Please don't get in the way of my subordinate! My plan to awaken that dragon won't fail. For that, Eiji is doing a great work by already giving me sixty-three human brains and until now they have all been eaten by dragons, it just needs one thirty seven more and then he will be mine and I will rule in both worlds."Bookmark here

I really tremble when I hear all this. But I asked,"When did you manipulate him? Why only Eiji?"Bookmark here

"From the party day! So please get away from this. Because you made other people's memories wiped out, that's why only you and Eiji were left, who knew about the Etsuchi. That time, Eiji was very near to me, so I made him my slave. One more thing, your friend Eiji is not going to listen to anything, even if you insist then I will order him to jump in well directly. And he will die" It says.Bookmark here

I was scared and didn't know what to do, so I let him go. When I reached home, I was crying in my room because why couldn't I save Eiji? I should have gone to Etsuchi and inform Beryuu but I wasn't able to do anything in the end.Bookmark here

But then I made a decision to destroy it. Yeah! You would have been thinking how. So when I was in the heritage room with His Majesty.I was reading a history book about Etsuchi and the Akiyama clan. And I got to know about the way to destroy a well, which was by the energy of a crystal.Bookmark here

Early in the morning, I asked Tsukasa to make a bomb using the remaining crystal which was in the Hotspot machine. He was questioning but I told him it's important so please. Then I destroy that machine. When it gets ready, I myself implant it all inside Well and then I destroy it. I was happy that I saved this world from that dragon but sad that Eiji was still there until now he would be eaten with his daughter.Bookmark here

Regret of not being able to save him, I still have or I will always have.Bookmark here

Rongi interrupted,"Then how is this connected to the missing train, if the well is destroyed now."Bookmark here

"Wait! Still there is one more paragraph." Chairman Ryochi says.Bookmark here

"The reason I'm writing this book is because this ain't over yet. That dragon still needs one hundred thirty five human brains. They will come until he's alive - the grandson of Eiji, because he is the only survivor of the Akiyama clan. When Eiji and his mother both get inside another world and never come. He was alone at home crying waiting for his mom. I was the only one who knew what happened to his Mom and Grandpa, so I went there and then I left him outside of the orphanage. It was raining. If this happens in the future, like something starts missing, then it's due to the presence of this boy at that place. Whenever the Etsuchi capture a place to make humans play games, that place gets invisible or gets into another dimension.In the end,I never get to know who was behind the plan of awakening that dragon and what happened in Etsuchi. But I know it will unfold and I think I won't be there."Bookmark here

" Who can be that,Boy?" Chairman Ryochi thinks.Bookmark here

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