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BY L. MOONLIGHTBookmark here


Niijigoku-shi, Japan, 2121 AD…Bookmark here

I stared dumbfounded at the large white building in front of me. I had bumped into Kii when I was once again walking without watching where I was going, and she insisted on taking me here.Bookmark here

“Ibarra-san,” I asked, turning to look at Kii, “What is this place?”Bookmark here

Kii looked at me with a look implying she thought I was stupid. “It’s the Mayor’s office.” she bluntly informed me.Bookmark here

“You guys have a mayor?” I asked inquisitively. “I thought only certain Japanese cities had those?”Bookmark here

Kii folded her arms and sighed. “This IS a ‘certain Japanese city’, ningen.” the oni pointed out.Bookmark here

“Is the Mayor,” I began, “A youkai too?”Bookmark here

Kii nodded, grabbing my hand with her own robotic one and leading me up the steps to the building’s opening. “Of course he is,” she said, “Now come on, let’s go in and say ‘hi’ to him!”Bookmark here

I raised an eyebrow as Kii and I entered the giant office. “You want me to meet Niijigoku’s MAYOR?!” I stammered. “Wait, so are you friends with the guy, or something?”Bookmark here

Kii let go of my hand as we arrived outside a door. “Here we are!”Bookmark here

Shichou-san’s OfficeBookmark here

“Ok, Ibarra-san,” I said, “Would you mind telling me why we’re here?”Bookmark here

Kii put her hands on her hips and shook her horned head. “You agreed to help Rie-chan and I, didn’t you?” she asked, causing me to nod. “If you’re going to help us protect Niijigoku City, you’ll need to get the Mayor’s approval!”Bookmark here

“Oh,” I smiled, “So you and Satou-san got this Mayor’s permission to fight bad guys, then?”Bookmark here

Kii glanced to a side and covered her mouth with her hand. “I’d prefer not to comment on that.” she meekly said.Bookmark here

So, I thought, I guess oni really can’t tell lies? Although with a response like that, Kii may as well have told me that they hadn’t.Bookmark here

“I mean,” Kii stammered, regaining her composure, “It’s not like Mayor Issun DISAPPROVES of what we’re doing, or anything. But-”Bookmark here

SLAM!Bookmark here

Kii was interrupted as the Mayor’s office door swung open, banging the oni against the wall, being just about stopped by her breasts mere inches away from smacking her right in the face.Bookmark here

“Excuse me,” the short man who had stepped out of the Mayor’s office said, looking up at me, “Who might you be?”Bookmark here

“Oh, uh…” I fumbled around before offering my hand down to the boy, “I’m You Tachibana. Uh… I mean, ‘I’m Tachibana You!’ Who are you?”Bookmark here

The small man stared at me for a few seconds, before shaking my hand and laughing. “I’m Issun Enma,” he said, “Niijigoku’s mayor. I take it you’re new in town?”Bookmark here

“Ah!” I exclaimed, bowing before the man who was apparently the Mayor. “Forgive my intrusion, shichou-san. I’m here because… Well, I don’t really know, but I’m sure Iba-”*Bookmark here

Enma and I jumped out of the way of the office door as Kii pushed it off her body and back into its closed position. “What the Hell is wrong with you?!” the oni barked, “Who just slams a door on some-” She looked down at Enma and bowed. “Oh, shichou-san, I didn’t see you there! Ahehe…” Kii nervously laughed.Bookmark here

“Ibarra-san…” the mayor sighed, “I might have known. Still protecting the streets and townsfolk, I hope?”Bookmark here

“You can count on me!” Kii beamed, putting her metal hand on her heart. “You have my word as an oni!”Bookmark here

I turned to Kii and shot a glance downward towards Enma. “Would you mind telling Issun-san and I why you brought me here, exactly?” I asked.Bookmark here

“The Three Sacred Treasures.” Kii said.Bookmark here

Enma folded his arms. “You’re not going to try taking the Uchide no Kozuchi or Sun Arrow again, are you, Ibarra-san?”Bookmark here

“Of course not!” Kii scowled, “I just want to show Tachibana-san here what it is that this town’s enemies are usually after!” Kii placed her silver hand on my shoulder. “He wants to join Rie-chan and I in protecting the town, right, Tachibana-san?”Bookmark here

“Y-Yes!” I nodded, “It would be my honor to keep Niijigoku safe while collecting research for my thesis!” I responded.Bookmark here

“I’d really prefer that you guys left this sort of thing to Finnegan-san and the rest of the police force…” Enma muttered, opening the office door once again and gesturing us to head inside. “But I suppose I can’t deny that the work that you and Satou-san do does wonders for the townspeople.” he admitted. “And it’s certainly better than what you and Shino-san used to-”Bookmark here

Kii grabbed the mayor by his collar and lifted his face up to hers. “How dare you?” she asked surprisingly calmly, lowering her head and bathing her eyes in shadow. “Talking ill of someone who isn’t alive to defend herself… You’re sick, shichou-san.”Bookmark here

“Ah, I-I’m so sorry, Ibarra-san. I should know better than that.” Enma apologized as Kii let go of him. “And I’m sorry to Shino-san too.” Enma pulled a footstool out from under his mayoral desk and pushed it in front of a vault door. “Feast your eyes, Tachibana You-san!” he declared, unlocking the oversized safe and standing back as the door opened. “I give you… Niijigoku’s Three Sacred Treasures!”Bookmark here

I squinted at the dark inside of the vault as the motion-sensing lights slowly illuminated over the heads of Kii, Enma and I. Encased in three glass boxes in front of me were a mallet, a flask and an arrow.Bookmark here

“What are these?” I asked, looking over to Kii and Enma.Bookmark here

Enma walked over to each case one-by-one, explaining what each of the objects were. “This is Uchide no Kozuchi.” he said, placing a hand as high as he could reach on the podium below the glass box containing the mallet. “Anything tapped by this mallet will grow or shrink to whatever size the wielder desires.” he explained, before walking over to the middle podium and placing his hand on it. “This bottle,” he began, looking up at the case containing the flask, “It was once filled with ochimizu, but after an encounter with…” Enma glanced over to Kii, before looking back to the flask, “A few hoodlums… All that’s left is a single drop.”Bookmark here

“What’s ‘ochimizu’?” I asked, walking over to the center podium and examining the encased flask.Bookmark here

“Don’t touch that!” Enma blurted out, pushing me away by my legs. “You’ll set off the security alarm! Do you want Finnegan-san to come down here and arrest you?!”Bookmark here

“N-No, I’m sorry!” I bowed.Bookmark here

“Ochimizu is a special water that grants eternal life to whoever drinks it,” Mayor Enma explained, walking over to the final Treasure. “And this is the Sun Arrow, a powerful weapon capable of shooting down even the stars.”Bookmark here

“That’s the one that most of the youkai attacking the town are after.” Kii butted in. “So, ningen,” Kii turned towards me, “Do you really think you have what it takes to help us prevent these artifacts from being stolen, or to prevent Niijigoku’s adversaries from committing any other heinous acts, for that matter?”Bookmark here

I nodded. “I can give you knowledge,” I said, “Like, if you’re fighting a youkai and you don’t know what they can do… You can count on me! I know all about youkai!” I looked down at Enma. “Like you, shichou-san, you’re a kobito, right?” I asked, “I can tell by your height.”**Bookmark here

Enma smiled up at me. “Not bad, kid. Ibarra-san, where’d you find this guy? He seems to know a lot about us youkai. That’s unusual for a human from outside of the city.”Bookmark here

“I just sort of bumped into him.” Kii muttered. “Alright, Tachibana-san, you’re hired. Now run along to Niijigoku University and tell Rie-chan to meet me outside this building for patrol.”Bookmark here

“Roger!” I saluted, running out of the vault. “Later, Ibarra-san!”Bookmark here

“He’s certainly determined…” Enma smiled, “And he seems to have a great deal of respect for youkai too.”Bookmark here

“Oh, please!” Kii snapped, “He just wants to make sure his dumb thesis is up to code…” Kii walked off to leave the Mayor’s office, pausing as she reached his office door. “Hey, shinchou-san… Did you hear about the… incident last night?” she asked.Bookmark here

“The ookami ningen attack?” Mayor Enma asked. “I didn’t want to mention it in front of that human boy, but…”Bookmark here

“It’s Yamata no Orochi.” Kii blankly stated. “They’re back for revenge! That’s gotta be it, right?”Bookmark here

“Let’s not jump to conclusions, Ibarra-san…” Enma said, walking up to Kii and wrapping his arms around her left leg. “Why would Yamata no Orochi kill a young man like Yagi-san?”Bookmark here

“They’re trying to draw me out.” Kii sighed, “They must’ve found out somehow that I’m Niijigoku’s protector now.”Bookmark here

“You’re being ridiculous!” Enma shouted, “Ibarra-san, calm down! Since when do Yamata no Orochi even have an ookami ningen among their ranks?!”Bookmark here

“Tiangou-ouji.” Kii said, “He’s an ookami otoko, right?”Bookmark here

“Tiangou-ouji disappeared, remember?” Enma sighed. “Ibarra-san, you’re over-thinking things. This murderer is probably just some sick independent criminal.”Bookmark here

“I hope you’re right…” Kii muttered, leaving the office and slamming the door behind her.Bookmark here

———Bookmark here

As I walked around looking for Niijigoku University, I thought that maybe I was getting in too deep. Was I really willing to put myself in danger to complete my thesis? I shook my head. This isn’t just about my thesis anymore, I thought, I’ll make friends with Ibarra Kii in no time! If I had known back then how my time in Niijigoku would end… What the cost for finishing my thesis would be… Maybe I would’ve reconsidered? Although, in the end, I did make friends with Kii Ibarra. But I’ll get to that part when I get to it…Bookmark here


*Shinchou-san – A title for a mayorBookmark here

**Kobito – Literally “small person”, kobito are mythical creatures which resemble very small humans
Bookmark here

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