Chapter 46:

Demon's Curse


I wake up to the Shaman staring at me. "The SPIRITS spoke to you." He pulled out the ashes to sniff them. Bookmark here

"Did you make me smoke ashes?"Bookmark here

"YES." Bookmark here

I made a face and sit up. "How long was I out?"Bookmark here

"TIME has no mean in the land of-"Bookmark here

"Cut it before I stuff the spirits down your throat."Bookmark here

"...Twenty minutes."Bookmark here

"Good. Since I passed the test, I need you to answer some questions."Bookmark here

"Speak." Bookmark here

"The Demons, why are they taking so many people away?"Bookmark here

The Shaman throws some ash, humming. "They are sick. They CONSUME the waste of angels, they believe to be something divine. They are WRONG. it makes them sick. it turns to a virus, making them decay from the inside." Bookmark here

I tilt my head. "So they try to sacrifice to get read of the plague."
Bookmark here

He nods.Bookmark here

"How do I stop this?"Bookmark here

"Crush the TRIBE."Bookmark here

I got confused. "What?"Bookmark here

He stays silent. I stand and get up. "How do you know Demon, Shaman?"Bookmark here

"Simple. I just put my faith in the SPIRITS."Bookmark here

"Sure. I'll see you around, pal."Bookmark here

He hums a song and throws more ash. Weird guy. Bookmark here

I walk outside to Fisher. "Got any information?"Bookmark here

"We'll walk and talk."Bookmark here

I explain everything on the way back. As we reach the camp, Fisher grunts. "Bout time something bad happens to him. But there might be more of that sickness in the canyon. Watch yourself."Bookmark here

I gave him a fist bump before walking to Tann's tent to explain everything.Bookmark here

"You're gonna believe a man who smokes ashes?"Bookmark here

"Pretty much."Bookmark here

"...Huh. Well, ignore that. Got word that we found one more pocket of NRF."Bookmark here

"Oh yeah? Then let's go!" I yell.Bookmark here

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