Chapter 47:

End Of An Era


Sera was heavy on my mind. The scouting team had yet to return. To make things worse, My arm blade is getting dull. I sharpen it, using an old stone. It was a sandstorm as well so I couldn't do much. Kyle walks in holding a fire ax. He sits with me. "Something's on your mind?"Bookmark here

"Sera. I'm really worried."Bookmark here

"Listen, Dopeman. If we're too late..."Bookmark here

"I know. It's just nice to think there's a chance she's alive."Bookmark here

"I understand. But there was something else. Just got a memo this morning. From Godhand. He wants to settle the score. For everything."Bookmark here

"Everything?"Bookmark here

"Yup. You win, We can have all of his men. They will pledge under Miller Corps. If he wins, we'll do the opposite." Bookmark here

"Why me? You're the commander, Kyle. I'm just a courier."Bookmark here

"Stop lying to yourself. You're Dopeman. You're the face of this operation. All anybody can talk about is you."Bookmark here

I looked down, remembering all I've done. "I'm pretty cool ain't I?"
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He chuckled and passes me an ax. "Yeah. Now he said weapons only, no guns. If you wanna accept, here."
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I nod. "I won't disappoint." Bookmark here

As he leaves, I get an idea I remember from the advertisements. A certain ax that emits plasma. nab a few wires and lace the live wires with the plasma from old LED lights. It's unstable, but with a shake, It works. With everything set up, I head to bed early. Bookmark here

We were near a sinkhole. A sandstorm was hitting us, I had my face covered. Fisher was next to me, holding my guns while I stared at the enemy, he was holding two machetes the crowd formed a circle, similar to the prison fight. "Remember, this man put you in jail in months.  He's the reason you left." Bookmark here

I hopped in the air and huff to the center. my side yells in joy. Godhand laughs. "Dis is the man. The man who ruined di Miller Corps. This was a mistake."Bookmark here

I shake the fire ax, it pops out a purple light. "Enough talk. I wanna mount your head on a spear." Bookmark here

He shakes his machetes to emit an orange plasma. "Yuh nah guh survive! yuh a guh bi fed tuh di demons!" Bookmark here

He charged with an overhead strike. I block with the ax handle and push him off. I go for a swipe at the midsection, but he moves and cuts my face with his blade. I get a burning slice at my cheek. I roll away, but he was on the attack going for massive swings at my head. I roll out the way as he hits the sand. Godhand jumps over my ax as I attack his legs. I then hop up and attempt to disarm him, he cuts my side. I fall to my knees as he goes to hit my neck. I chop off his right arm as quickly as I can. He yells. I see this as an opportunity to chop at this man like a tree. I cut a leg off. He was on the floor, the NRF quiets as I hear the other side yells out "DOPEMAN! DOPEMAN! DOPEMAN!"Bookmark here

I aim at his neck. He grunts. "Deh will bi more. Yuh cyaan tap freedom." Bookmark here

I chop his head clean off. and picked his head up by his dreads. I raise it to the NRF. "Welcome to Miller Corps! We appreciate your service." Bookmark here

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