Chapter 48:

Enter The Canyon


We gathered all of the men after my fight. They were men of their words, I'll admit that. We all walked back to camp. It was awkward at first seeing the enemy remove their old armor. Removing their past and dawning the new armor with the Miller Corps patch. They decided to celebrate the end of the Arizona conflict with a party. We all move and groove, dancing to the old NRF soldiers making drum beats with some containers and buckets. I decided to indulge myself and drink some booze. Bookmark here

I'm a really light drinker. Bookmark here

I was on my first glass of wine when I sat down with an NRF soldier. She had nice dreads and a good smile. "It's the Dopeman."Bookmark here

I made myself comfortable. "Yes, It's me. And you are?"Bookmark here

"Call me Mox."Bookmark here

"Nice name. You love the camp?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, It's cool. I love the environment. You people seem alright. Though it will be weird to just..fight for you."Bookmark here

"Why even join the NRF in the first place?"Bookmark here

Mox shrugged. "I liked freedom. I thought the war would be over by now but he kept dragging us. This is the first time in a while I sat down, drank some good stuff. Actually talked."Bookmark here

"Geez, they're strict."Bookmark here

"Maybe that's true. We were a machine though. Getting things done quickly."Bookmark here

I nod and down the rest of the wine. Bookmark here

One glass turns to three. I was gone at that point. I don't remember much, just a lot of dancing, beat playing, and kissing. Who? Good question. Bookmark here

I woke up to a sudden rush of water. I gasp and look up to see an annoyed Kyle. "Rise and shine. Scout team came back." He then walks away, whistling. I look down to see Fisher and Mox next to me, groaning awake. Bookmark here

I hate drinking. Bookmark here

I get some water and walk over to the scout team. The three-man team leans on the table, smoking. "The legend." The leader says. He was covered in blood. He also had a British accent.Bookmark here

"Nice to meet ya," I say. "So what's the deal?"Bookmark here

"I'll keep it short. The area is really enclosed. covered in bodies. It's also impossible for even a three-man team. I'm afraid in order to boost that signal, you'll need one man to do it. Also no guns. If you shoot, the entire tribe will hear. It's better to sneak around." Bookmark here

Kyle and I take in the information. Bookmark here

I raise my hand. "I'll go."Bookmark here

Kyle pats my back. "Not like I can change your mind."Bookmark here

I sober up and grab my ax. I was starting to leave when Fisher grabbed my shoulder. "Dopeman, please come back." He moved to peck me on the lips. I looked shocked.Bookmark here

"Uh...Sure!" I smile and continue my walk over to the entrance of the canyon. it was marked. It had this red mist around it. Bookmark here

I walked in.Bookmark here

Here I come, Sera.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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