Chapter 17:

Warning Notice

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

Class has now ended. Makoto and friends head to the club room but Makoto has to head to the restroom first.Bookmark here

"Dammit I can't even wash my hands properly after using the restroom because of this cast."Bookmark here

Makoto decides to just wash his left hand since he is not able to wash his right. While walking to the club room Makoto feels like someone is following him.Bookmark here

'Is someone following me? Or am I going crazy?' Makoto thought to himself.Bookmark here

-At the club room-Bookmark here

Sakuri, Kota and Aoki are infront of the club door and Sakuri begins to tear up. On the door there is a paper that has a warning. It says, "You have until the end of the day tomorrow to find someone to join, if not the Art Club will disband." Bookmark here

Makoto has arrived and is surprised to see everyone outside of the club.Bookmark here

"What are you guys doing out here?" Makoto asked.Bookmark here

Kota motions toward the paper with the warning.Bookmark here

"What the hell?"Bookmark here

Makoto goes up to the door to read it the paper and his eyes went wide open.Bookmark here

"This school really is something huh? Only one day." Makoto said out loud.Bookmark here

"Hahaha right." Kota laughed at what Makoto said.Bookmark here

Makoto noticed that Sakuri stayed silent and looking down while Aoki is staring at Sakuri with a worried face. Makoto walks next to her and puts his left hand on her head.Bookmark here

"Sakuri-san there's no need for you to cry. There's a chance someone will join if not we're all here to help. I'm here and I will for sure find someone to join, so your precious club wont end. Ok." Makoto said with a smile.Bookmark here

Sakuri starts to feel at ease hearing Makoto's words.Bookmark here

"T-Thank you." Sakuri shyly said.Bookmark here

Makoto grabs the paper and heads into the room and throws it into the trash. Everyone else follows.Bookmark here

"How about we draw something different today. What do you guys think?" Makoto suggested.Bookmark here

"What do you suggest we do?" Aoki asked Makoto.Bookmark here

"Let's draw our own anime based characters." Makoto had sparkly eyes because he was excited thinking how fun his idea was.Bookmark here

"Yes! That sounds like a great idea!" Kota got pumped up too hearing Makoto's suggestion.Bookmark here

"Sakuri-san what do you think?" Makoto asked Sakuri.Bookmark here

"S-Sure it s-sounds like f-fun."Bookmark here

"Wait Makoto how are you going to draw if your hand is broken?" Aoki asked.Bookmark here

"I completely forgot. I guess I'll just have to watch." Makoto said with a sad tone.Bookmark here

Everyone gets their canvases set up and sit down and begin to sketch. Makoto stays standing up just to be able to walk around and see what everyone is drawing.Bookmark here

"Hey Kota let me see yours." Makoto looked over at Kota's drawing.Bookmark here

Makoto is left speechless from how well Kota's drawing is. The drawing is of someone who Makoto thinks looks similar to him with lightning going around him which seems like the character has some sort of lightning powers.Bookmark here

"Kota did you use me as a reference or something? Because it kind of looks like me." Makoto questions Kota.Bookmark here

"No I guess it's just a coincidence. Did you think it was you because secretly it's a fantasy of yours?" Kota said in a teasing way.Bookmark here

"No...shut up. I mean it's cool and I would love to be a character in a anime but-. Ah just forget about it!" Makoto got flustered easily by Kota which made him laugh.Bookmark here

While this is going down Sakuri is getting nervous about her drawing now because of Makoto walking around and is worried about what Makoto will say. Makoto goes to Aoki next and is impressed.Bookmark here

"That looks so cool! Man I wish I could be doing this right now too. I had something in mind too." Makoto started with excitement but slowly became sad from missing out on the fun.Bookmark here

"Maybe another day we can do it again." Aoki said to try and cheer him up.Bookmark here

Makoto then goes to where Sakuri is sitting. He is most curious about her drawing because she is the best artist in his opinion.Bookmark here

"Uh...Sakuri-san is that actually me this time?" Makoto stared in confusion.Bookmark here

Sakuri looked up at Makoto starting to blush and open her mouth but not being able to say anything flustered. Bookmark here

"!" Makoto said with enthusiasm.Bookmark here

"Y-You think s-so?"Bookmark here

"Of course! Kota teased me with his drawing but now I can see how I would look like as an anime character with superpowers and plus drawn with a great artist like yourself." Makoto said joyfully.Bookmark here

Sakuri was left speechless and started to get bright red from the compliments she was receiving from Makoto.Bookmark here

They continued to draw while Makoto would occasionally walk around looking at everyone's drawing but he stayed most of the time watching Sakuri because he was so intrigued. Bookmark here

"Alright it looks like it's time to head home now." Makoto said which caused everyone to stop.Bookmark here

"I'm not done with coloring though." Kota responded back to Makoto.Bookmark here

"You could finish it tomorrow." Aoki said.Bookmark here

 "That's true but it will look nasty since the paint is going to dry up by tomorrow and if I paint over it, it will turn out bad." Kota argued back.Bookmark here

Kota and Aoki began to argue in the background while Makoto stared in disbelief. He grabbed all his stuff and headed out with Sakuri. At the entrance of the school they stop to say goodbye since this is where they separate.Bookmark here

"B-Bye Haku-san see you t-tomorrow." Sakuri said to Makoto.Bookmark here

"Yeah see ya." Makoto said and noticed that Sakuri still seemed down.Bookmark here

Makoto was thinking to himself if Futaba doesn't end up joining the club Makoto will find a way to recruit someone. It is his top priority now so Sakuri can be happy again. Especially because he wants to see her smile again since he thought she looked cute smiling.Bookmark here

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