Chapter 49:

King Of The Demons, Part 1


The Grand Canyon National Park. An Arizona tourist attraction. It used to be miles of beautiful landscapes. Now it's a death trap. The origin of the Desert Demons. It was haunting. For the first time, I was worried about the future. It's too late now, I need to push in.Bookmark here

As I stepped into the rocky canyon, the red mist gets worse. It's the bodies of humans and Demons. They've been killing so many people so frequently in this packed environment, the blood is almost in the air. They've really made the Canyon their own home. The walls and floors are marked with tribal signals. Looks like art, stories, warnings. As I advanced, the bodies pile up more and more. The ages varied from bones to just cut open. It's a sickening experience. Is Sera among those bodies...?  I sneak up to one of the piles, tossing the bodies aside and looking at their disfigured faces. Miller Corps, NRF, and some prisoners from the breakout were here. I wonder how many they caught. I don't see Sera, so I set the corpses down and resumed my sneaking.Bookmark here

I also see bars in carved-out sections of the canyon. It's a prison. The two were empty, so no saving them this time. I kept on the trail, l walking with my ax. I sneak by, seeing two Demons walk towards me. I hide behind a rock. I waited till they got past me, then I realized my plasma and threw the ax at one. It hit the Demon dead. As it fell, I ran to the other one with my arm blade but it caught my wrist. It threw me to the ground. The Demon tried to end the fight early with a spear thrust. I rolled to my right and stabbed it in the arm. It gushed green as it pulled out. It was quick, stabbing me in the leg, giving me great pain. They must have a high pain tolerance. I bled a bit, but I toughed it out as I ran to my ax. I blocked the spear with the handle. I roll my ax to drive it into its neck. The green blood spills out. I start to chop at his side, making deeper cuts. I eventually split him in half. it started raining green. I sigh. Bookmark here

I then grabbed the two spears and broke the sticks and removed the ropes holding the speartips. I tied the points around the end of my ax, making a thrusting end for it. Gives me some new options. I do a few thrusts to test it out. I like it. Bookmark here

I could test my new modification on more Demons coming up on me. I decided to keep the fight up with two more monsters. I thrust my spear end into one of their bodies, ruining their guts with my weapon. I blocked the other spear attack with the body of the one I attacked. I kicked my spear ax off to knock them both down. One of them stands up, however. It grabbed both of the spears to attack me. I move out of the way out of multiple attacks. I spin and kick the monster in the chest, making it fall to the floor. I finish one off with the ax slam, smashing the face in. I then turn to finish the other with my bladed arm. I pulled it off, sighing. These are some tough beasts.Bookmark here

I learned some new things about these people, that's for sure. They have a high pain tolerance and have a lot of blood inside them. my clothes already have a high mix of green and red. The path was getting more narrow, with the rocks surrounding me. I squeeze through the rocks, leading into another open area. There are three paths: the northern path, western path, and eastern path. I look to the sky past the mist. The sky was red once again, lightning hitting and the sky twisting at the northern path. There was a mountain-like peak at the north. I found my target. I pulled out my hand radio. I checked the booster. I hoped it worked. However, I was curious to see how many people they got captured. I started to sneak then I hear something human. "Psst! Dopeman!!" I turn to see some strange man, captured. He was tied to a pole. "Dopeman! Help!"Bookmark here

I turn and got closer. It was Ant. This just gets better and better.Bookmark here

 I walk up to him, chuckling. "What a surprise. Hello, Ant."Bookmark here

He scoffed. "Can you let me down?! Why are you just looking at me?!" Bookmark here

"I mean, It's a little funny."Bookmark here

"No, it's not! now let me down!!"Bookmark here

I inspected the thing that hung the dude. It wasn't trapped, so I shrugged and cut him down. He fell and hit the ground with a thud. I cut him free fully. He stood up and grabbed my shirt. Bookmark here

"Listen, Dopeman. The rest of the people needs help!"Bookmark here

I looked confused. "Like, the rest of your crew is here? What happened here?"
Bookmark here

"After the breakout, we were all lost as hell. We ain't grab a map so we wandered right into the hands of the Desert Demons. It was bad. Some of us got taken to be sacrificed. I'm so pissed! I can't wait to get my hands on them!" He shakes his body a bit in anger.Bookmark here

"Huh. Well, I think you need to think this through. You're not gonna kill all of them all by yourself."Bookmark here

"That's why I have you! You're gonna help me! Come on! I need this!"Bookmark here

I put my hands up. "Don't guilt-trip me...Fine. I'll help you. Just make it quick, I'm looking for somebody."Bookmark here

"Who?" He asked. Bookmark here

"A woman. Blonde hair. Has a lot of muscle. Know who that is?" Bookmark here

The small man shakes his head. "No. I've been out here for a while."Bookmark here

I start to follow the Ant. "And where are the other prisoners?"Bookmark here

"The Eastern path, come on!" Bookmark here

Guess we're on a rescue mission now. Bookmark here

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