Chapter 50:

King Of The Demons, Part 2


I follow the small dude into the eastern path. On the way to the prisoner camp, we see a small group of Demons. We hid behind a rock, scouting out the four monsters. Once again, the Demons had spears and plenty of armor on their bodies. I look over to the Ant. "You need a weapon. We're gonna attack those dudes over there."Bookmark here

 He made a face. "And how would we do that? Not like I have a weapon now."Bookmark here

I pick up a medium-sized rock and hand it to him. "Good luck!" I charge into the man, lugging my ax into its neck. The other one runs after and bashes the Demon in the head with the sharp rock, making the other fall with a massive gash in its head. The short fellow would then got up and charged the other monster, mounting him and bashing its head in ruthlessly. Seems like he was attempting to get his anger out. One was trying to stab the man in the back, but I was able to prevent it by chopping at the leg. It gushed green as it fell, and I finished it off with a swing to the dome. Once all the creatures fell dead, I grab a spear. "Here's your weapon. You're welcome."  Bookmark here

He grabbed the spear and slowly inspected it, checking how sharp it was. "This might be enough." Bookmark here

I noticed the bodies are unlooted. "Pick up the armor, too."Bookmark here

"Ew, you expect me to put that on? That's weird." Bookmark here

I pass him the armor. "Beggars can't be choosers."Bookmark here

Ant reluctantly equipped the pieces, getting ready for the battle ahead of us.Bookmark here

 We went into the eastern side, seeing the prisons a lot more. Eventually, I see the trail of prisons, men and women held captive, waiting for sacrifice. Of course, these people are no longer alive. They were brutally stabbed. It was a blood bath in those cells. The inside of the cells had markers. I assume it means danger or something.  "These people are dead..." I mumbled, horrified of the events on this trail.Bookmark here

"Yup," Ant says. "These are just the ones who resisted. They tried to rebel just like you, and it ended in failure."Bookmark here

I shook my head, angered by the sight of more of the dead in this cruel place. "How did you end up at the front?"Bookmark here

"Uhh...I guess they didn't consider me worthy? I don't know. Nor do I care. Shh! My boys are in those cells."Bookmark here

I see a lot of my former opponents in cells, waiting. In my sights, I see the Samurai behind bars, walking. He looked on with anger. I see a lot of Demons guarding the area. I saw enough. "Here's the plan. We go in, kill, open up the cells, and have them run. Sound good?"Bookmark here

He noded. Bookmark here

"It's showtime!" I run down the trail, kicking up the plasma and cutting a head clean off. I move out of the way of the two spears from two Demons and break them with my feet. I drive my ax in one of their chests and kill the other with a blade in its neck. My face got stained with green as I pulled away. I retrieved my ax as three more came up to me. I trusted the spear tipped end into the monster's stomach, I get stabbed in my right arm by one. The other comes from behind, but I pull that spear up, jump to kick the one behind me, and shanked the beast on my right in the throat multiple times. It dropped dead. I gave it a kick for good measure. I looked over, seeing Mobly doing his thing once he freed his friend.Bookmark here

The Ant drove his spear right in his throat and the Samurai picked up a club to bash a lizard's head in. They're a good duo, fighting and killing plenty of the Demons. They take turns cutting down the opponents as quickly as possible. I run and use the distractions as an opportunity to free the rest of the prisoners there. It soon turns to a full-on riot, with the prisoners brawling with the Desert Demons. So much for the quiet approach. It was so loud, it had to echo the entire canyon. I join the fight, using my ax to claim some heads myself. I was cutting and getting cut myself in the heavy contest of the brawl. After the fight, I see all the prisoners, arming themselves with the corpses of their enemies. I climb up to a platform to see one last cell. I break it open to see another man, sitting down. He was weak, so I helped him up. "Geez, how long you've been in there?"
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"Months." He simply answers. He had a bit of a gruff voice to him. He was older, of course.Bookmark here

"Geez...How did you survive for so long?"Bookmark here

The stranger coughs and grabs a stick for help. His face was hidden with a hood. "They forget us sometimes. They just throw raw meat at us. These monsters keep no records or tapes. They just take and kill."Bookmark here

I sigh as he limps around. "Say, did you happen to see a blonde girl around here?"Bookmark here

He shakes his head. "Your best chances are the western trail, but that's all I know. But there will be a lot of resistance over there. Especially after what you did here."Bookmark here

I walk to the edge, seeing the masses of prisoners. All of them were angry and confused about what to do. They didn't want to run into the unknown again. "I'm gonna need help. YO!" Bookmark here

The prisoners turn to me. I put my hands out. "I'm not gonna lie to you, This is dangerous. You can leave, wander the desert till the hunger gets ya, or you can take revenge on these monsters! You can RISE UP! BECOME THE DEMON SLAYERS!"Bookmark here

The men yell, putting their weapons up to pledge their arms to me. "DOPEMAN! DOPEMAN! DOPEMAN!"Bookmark here

"Good! Now...LET'S BUST SOME HEADS!"Bookmark here

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